See Ricky Hatton live in Vegas for $1,200

On Saturday December 8th Manchester’s own Ricky Hatton is going to beat the living snot out of latest US hype Floyd Mayweather Jr in Las Vegas. For months now this fight has been hyped up on UK TV, press and even in Manchester itself, but how the hell can we get to see it live in Vegas.

I’ve found a website offering tickets to the fight, but they’re starting at $1,200 each! usually specialise in Theatre tickets, but also sell tickets to loads of different events from concerts to WWE Wrestling events, and of course major Heavyweight boxing matches.

Personally this seems like a lot to pay for a ticket to see Ricky Hatton knock some guy around for a few minutes, but if you’re desperate to see the fight live, these guys have tickets.

The reason I was looking at their site however was from an Internet Marketing perspective.

One thing I found funny in a not so funny sort of way was their obvious use of key phrases for SEO. They’ve blatantly been reading up on SEO, or had an SEO company involved. The homepage at the moment features 11 examples of the phrase ‘Trans-Siberian Orchestra’ and 5 of those are text links!

That’s some over use of a key phrase.

I hope they don’t get penalised for spam because of that lot.

Darren Jamieson

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