Scouser’s Keyboard

As Man UTD failed so boringly to win the FA Cup, and with the impending Champions League final this Wednesday featuring Liverpool, it was inevitable there’d be a little Manc humour headed my way this week.

This little gem came from my own girlfriend! Bloody Mancs.

Funny though, the Scouser’s keyboard:

Scouse Keyboard

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One thought on “Scouser’s Keyboard”

  1. I just had a search for my creation and it’s still going well. Incase you’re interested, I created the “Scouser Keyboard” in 1996 as an in-work joke to a sales man who was from liverpool. I based the keyboard on what I heard on the Harry Enfield show.

    The mad thing is that I didn’t realise it would become so largely spread on the internet. It was one of the first popular forwarded pieces of material.

    Stupidly, I never put my name on it because I just sent it to a company friend.

    Madness, but cool that it still makes people laugh 🙂

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