Scott Newham still drives a gay Saxo

Today I received an email from Scott Newham regarding this post. Seems Scott’s girlfriend found the post when Googling his name. I’m not surprised when you see that my site ranks #1 in Google for Scott Newham.

The reason for all of this fun was a couple of years ago (I think, was it that long?) Scott pasted my contact details into the forum of a Saxo website and solicited everyone there to phone me up and threaten me, which they did. Very entertaining it was as well.

I guess Scott didn’t realise I’d be able to find him based on his post, and expose what he did. Here’s Scott’s email from today.

From:Scott Newham <>
Subject: RE: Response to post blog entry dated October 10th, 2007

Hi Daz,

I can understand how you can still feel bitter about the events that occurred last year however I thought that maybe everyone had buried the hatchet on those issues.

However I was alerted by my girlfriend as to a website that appeared when she typed my name into google.

You seem to have made some incriminating allegations against me which are completely untrue. Apart from posting your readily available personal information up on a public website, I never once acted upon this information and called you, let alone threaten you. I’m not sure where you’re unfounded allegations have risen from?

I would like to discuss this issue in person as I’m sure you are aware that what you are doing is defamation of character which is illegal and therefore amounts to libel.

I look forward to hearing your reply.


Hmm, I don’t believe anything is unfounded at all, he even admits in the email that he pasted my contact details up on a public forum. He doesn’t state that he then asked others to phone me though. Luckily I do have a copy of the thread, I make a point of doing this sort of thing.

I then received this email within 10 minutes:

From: Craig Armstrong <>
Subject: Scott Newham

I would suggest you join to justify your comments made about Scott and his saxo. I for one can vouch that a) Scott is not a chav, b) his car has been suitably modified for track use adn c) you appear to be giving him a hard time for no reason whatsoever.

I think you need to grow up, stop being so unnecessarily abusive and at least go part wat to justifying your claims. Unless you have evidence of any of the claims made against Scott I would suggest you remove your abusive comments or risk facing legal action against you and your website.

Most Sincerely


So now I’m being threatened with legal action. As the ground they are stood on is somewhat shaky I’ll not hold my breath over that. What I have said about Scott is true, he does drive a gay Saxo. In my opinion it is gay, and my opinion cannot be challenged in court my Scally friend.

So, in summary, if you don’t want your name plastered over a website and to rank #1 in Google for a search on your name, don’t post my contact details and ask people to crank call me. It pisses me off.

If however someone would like to crank call me now, go for your guns. I have a great podcast section on this website just waiting for your call.

Darren Jamieson

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