RSA say they’ll fix my car, FINALLY!

Still waiting for Zoe Banks to get back to me about my car, I decided to email her today. She was supposed to be contacting the Hillcroft garage to ask the question I’d raised last November when my car was partially repaired: had the car been recovered with the keys?

If you’ll remember, RSA have insisted they won’t replace the lockset on the car because they think it was.

Hey Zoe, the clock is ticking, unlike my car. I would dearly like to know if RSA are going to be bothered fixing it this year, or should I make plans for the 18 month anniversary in January 2008?

I could send you a cake?

I wonder too if should pursue a claim against RSA for the cost of a replacement car for the last year and a half as it’s down to your incompetence that my car is off the road?

Amazing she replied, though didn’t comment on whether she’d spoken to the garage or not.

Dear Mr Jamieson,

With regards to your recent Emails I write to confirm the offer in final settlement of your claim.

I propose to organise recovery of your car to a repairing garage of your choice, I will then arrange for them to estimate the car and agree details with one of Royal and Sun Alliance’s Engineers. This will allow for the work can be undertaken without further delay. I understand the repairs outstanding to the vehicle are to the aerial, the rear bumper and the replacement of the key and locks.

Please confirm that you are happy for me to proceed on this basis, and provide details of your chosen repairer to including name, address and contact number for the Bodyshop Manager.

Yours Sincerely

Zoe Banks
Customer Service Leader

So they’re finally going to pick the car up and get it fixed AND change the lockset? I wonder why it took 16 months for this to happen? I won’t get excited just yet as I’ve had false promises before from RSA and Direct Line. I’ll wait until the car is dropped off at my house in Manchester, fixed, before I draw a line under this one.

Darren Jamieson

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