RSA fuck up again

For those of you eagerly awaiting for an update on my stolen car (and I’ve had emails requesting info) here’s the latest.

Direct Line insist they were not at fault, and their offer of 200 quid remains their final offer. Naturally that’s going to the financial ombudsman now.

RSA have replied and offered to fix the car and pay for the stolen items, some 13 months after the car was nicked. BUT they won’t pay for a new lock set because they said the car was recovered with the keys in the ignition.

Was it???

I never had them back, which is why I had to give the spare key to the garage to pick my car up. If the original keys were recovered with the car, where are they?

Maybe they could tell me?

I’ll be replying to RSA and instructing them to return my keys, if they say they were recovered, and if not to pay for the sodding locks to be changed like they should have done last September.

They also asked for all blogs to come off this site that talk about them. If they weren’t so consistently incompetent I would, but people really need to know about this shit.

Darren Jamieson

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