RSA Fraud investigator phones me

Well well well. Seems my blog has reached RSA, about sodding time to be honest. If they saw the stats for this blog they’d have phoned earlier, cos I’m actually getting traffic by people searching Google for things like ‘Direct Line’ and ‘Royal Sun Alliance’.

Hey, my job is SEO after all!

Seems now that Brian McNamara wants to see the car, and says they’ll fix the thing. You can hear this podcast below. Apologies for the sound interference, I was in the car at the time.

Notice how I asked him several times to confirm he’d fix the car? Not sure if they know I record all my conversations, but when he reads this he’ll know for certain… I do.

Of course Sarah Bryant’s earlier claim that RSA would do nothing can be heard now as well below. We don’t like her, she’s not very helpful.

Naturally I don’t actually believe what Brian says, as I’ve been conned by Insurance companies before. I’ll treat him very cautiously, they’re all out to serve themselves at the end of the day, but we’ll see where this all leads.

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