Royal Sun Alliance enter the fray

Strap yourselves in, the quest to sort out my stolen car is heating up.

I was given the insurance details for Royal Sun Alliance (who are the insurer for the Hillcroft Garage) by Churchgate Insurance (who are the insurance broker for the Hillcroft Garage). I still need to get my locks changed on the car as the theives have the key, and some items were stolen as well. Churchgate were supposed to have passed all this onto RSA back in November.

Guess what? RSA had no idea about any of this. There’s a surprise. After speaking to their claims department I was passed onto Motor Liablity Claims, and then onto Commercial Claims, and then onto the Total Loss Unit. Fun and games had by all.

The Total Loss Unit said they’d post my documents back to me, and arrange an engineer to look at getting the locks changed on the car, and also find out if the ‘brand new’ engine they paid for, and BMW supplied was actually fitted in the car. I have my doubts there you see.

However, I then had a call back saying to phone the original claims number, back where I started from, because they were the only ones who could handle the claim. Seems the buck has been passed through every department of RSA before eventually coming full circle.

I am now waiting for a call back again to see what they are going to do, all the while sitting on a car I can neither tax, insure or sell.

I think this will go on for some months yet, if it gets to July it’ll be a full year!

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