Royal Mail stole my post


I returned home after 2 weeks a while back to find a card through my door from the Royal Mail. I’d missed a recorded delivery packet. Probably a DVD I thought as I get sent DVDs regularly because of WhatDVD.Net.

I popped down to the collection depot on the Saturday morning, the only day I’m able to do it, to collect my mystery packet. Guess what? It wasn’t there.

Seems because it had been over a week they’d returned it to the sender, only a further check on the records showed that the sender’s address wasn’t on the packet. So where is my parcel I asked? The Royal Fail employee gleefully told me that the parcel was sent to Belfast where undeliverable items are opened in an effort to find where to send them.

But my address was on it, how could it be undeliverable??? If it’s important enough to be recorded, why not actually deliver it?
He said that’s their procedure.

What a fuck up. I have no idea what the item was, or who sent it – I only know it’s gone. I imagine it was a DVD, and has no doubt now been stolen by a Royal Mail retard.

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5 thoughts on “Royal Mail stole my post”

  1. Your obviously the retard. Basically you had a recorded delivery, nobody was there to sign for it. The item was left to be collected by yourself for the normal 2 weeks. This had past and the item is returned to sender..reason..”not called for”
    if there is no return address it is opened to find any proof of the sender. it does NOT get forward to you..again! It is then killed off completely as all procedures were follwed.
    the person didnt come to collect it in time.
    every attempt was made to return to sender

    So before having your rant get your facts right first instead of moaning with..”my address was on it, how can it be un-deliverable”


  2. Hi Jack, nice to hear from you… even though you are a bit of a moron.

    The item wasn’t left for two weeks, it was one week before they returned it to the sender (as I stated above, read more carefully).

    You’re obviously a Royal Mail worker, I can tell because you failed to read what I had written correctly (a requirement for working with the Royal Mail) and you think the idiocy of sending a package to Belfast to determine what to do with it, branding it as ‘undeliverable’, when it has an address on it is perfectly fine.

    So you can’t read what’s in front of you and you’re supporting the destruction of post instead of delivering it. You could be Post Master General.

  3. Delivery was attempted…next step return to sender.

    Now back to watching my FREE dvd..oh joy

  4. Mr Daz, i agree with you.. i think jack’s a complete retard, probably works with royal mail..

  5. I feel sorry for your loss. I long for the day that Royal Mail closes its doors for good. It is surly the last of the dinosaur enterprises, one that should have gone with the closure of British Steal (Correct spelling) back in the 80’s. There must be a mountain of ‘undeliverables’ sitting in some random warehouse, with them my new £500 mobile phone that I purchased on the 2nd of January 2011 and 16 day later I’m still waiting. I suspect Royal Mail have sent it to Nigeria for a tidy profit..

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