Royal British Legion thanks Manchester United for Season long silence for Remembrance Day

The Royal British Legion today thanked football club Manchester United for their fans’ dedication to making Old Trafford a place of solitude for the entire season in aid of Remembrance Day. Where other football teams made do with just a ‘two minutes’ silence, Manchester United knew they could go one better and host a whole season of silence at their ground.


United’s fans have behaved in an exemplary manner all season in upholding the silence, not uttering a single word during United’s home games. Sir Alex Ferguson paid tribute to his team’s fans in making Old Trafford a Theatre of Silence by saying:

Our fans have been great. They haven’t uttered a sound all season, even when we were losing to Sunderland and needed their support. They stayed silent and just watched.

Former United player and ambassador to football, David Beckham, added:

Yeah like, er, it’s great that the fans are so into Remembrance of the Daleks. It’s one of Brooklyn’s favourite Doctor Who episodes, mine too. It’s ace.

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