Robbie Fowler in Pizza Express

I received this photo from about:blank‘s Jase a few weeks back, taken in Pizza Express in Cardiff Bay. If you ignore the Ginger Jase in the middle of the frame and instead concentrate on the chap to the left, you’ll notice former Liverpool legend and now Cardiff striker Robbie Fowler, sticking rigorously to his fitness regime of a double mighty meaty with extra cheese.

Actually, I don’t know what he was eating, so I can’t say he was scoffing pizza – but it’s just typical that as soon as I leave Cardiff, God moves there. Had I still been at Black Sheep I’d have been there in Pizza Express and would have met the touch line snorting Fowler myself.


Robbie Fowler

See the way Robbie professionally shields his face from the efforts of our clumsy photographer? Genius.

Darren Jamieson

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