Road Tax for caravans

This may be contentious (like I care about that) but I’ve been giving this some thought lately; often while stuck behind a caravan on the motorway or stuck in a queue caused by a caravan that’s toppled over. Why aren’t caravans subject to road tax?

They’re huge things and they cause more obstruction on the roads than any other vehicle. Furthermore, most caravaners have no idea how to actually tow a caravan, swerving out without looking in their oversized mirrors and hogging the middle lane. They’re a danger on the roads and should be either taxed, or made illegal.


Now I realise a lot of people wouldn’t want caravans to be made illegal, but the caravans of today are so large that when they’re towed by most cars they’re snaking all over the road; they shouldn’t be on the road at all. Older caravans that are fairly small aren’t so much of a problem, but 25 ft plus caravans are just downright dangerous.

The least the government could do is to make caravans subject to road tax. It would generate more revenue for the UK and if it got one, just one, caravan off the road it would be worth it.

Road tax for caravans; the campaign starts here!

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8 thoughts on “Road Tax for caravans”

  1. The campaign started a long time ago just I could never be arsed to do anything about it.

    The caravan club boasts over 800,000 members with no doubt a lot of other caravan users not being members. Now taxing these phewkers at say 50 quid a pop would pay for a lot of nurses and firemen.

    The key issue though is safety. You can always get them on that one. Caravans owners leave the bloody things sat on the drive all winter, perform no maintenance on them and come easter they drag them out and try towing them down the motorway at 60+mph. Their owners then behave all suprised when the wheel bearings seize causing their caravan to explode all over the motorway. One easter Saturday a few years back driving to Devon I passed 5 of the bloody things on their backs with their wheels in the air. Road tax and MOT inspections for caravans. Do it now Gordon.

  2. Not more tax please without conditiions, just more best practice.

    Many caravanners take just one or perhaps two journies per year to their chosen site – going nowhere until their return. Why should they pay the same as others who spend their lives touring or trailing one behind a commercial vehicle.

    I strongly believe that users should not be on the road during peak periods and for the convenience of other road users should time weekday journeys to between 8pm and 8am only, surely a small concession to our congested roads..This applies also to the larger motor caravans.

    I have myself been looking to purchase a caravan and agree that it is now very difficult to find compact new vans either by weight or size as everyone seems to want to take the proverbial kitchen sink as well as the fixed bed, and full bathroom, replicating life at home in a foreign field so to speak. .

    There is probably a case for taking a special test to prove competance, perhaps in the form of the Advance Drivers test where the emphasis is on anticipation and awareness often lacking in part time caravanners.

  3. never mind the caravans…….tax pushbikes….they are
    slower and take up much more room than a caravan!!!!!

  4. Wow, u are a cabbage! There are CARS out there that pay no road tax because of low exhaust emissions, so how can u tax a vehicle with no engine at all? Considering the fact any tow vehicle is usually that large it pays more than enough tax in the firstplace! I say get arrogant car drivers off the road. Driving is a luxury not a right, be thankful u can even get on the roads at all next time you’re crying because someone is slowing you down, think of the times you slow someone else down. dick

  5. Thats all thats needed is the same mind set for caravanners as you do motor cyclists be patient. But I do agree that there should be a compulsary type MOT for any caravan over 5 years old.

  6. tax all touring vans plus mot
    then we can have more nurses etc. out of the money so these old vans can cause a accident and we got the nurses there to look after them
    ANYWAY most caravans on the road are pulled by people with a mobility car (cannot work BUT can push and pull a van in to position) they say there are no jobs around why not train some people to go around and spy on these people thier pay would be paid for out of the stopped benifits these thieves are getting

  7. I am absolutely amazed at the fools who keep jerking on about paying more tax……………..basicaly they are very self centred me me me people! i would just like to say that if they was;nt stuck behind a caravan they would proberly be speeding an causing havoc !!!
    many familys who take thier holidays in caravans have to pay all the taxes that go with this country possibly many times in a season, you moaners possibly go to spain mabe twice a season and give thier monies to foriegn countries how about taxing holidays abroard a lot more you proberbly don;t even know what half of brittian looks like.

  8. @deanofrank – Whether us people who like to holiday abroad actually know what Britain looks like or not, one thing is for sure, we know how to fucking spell Britain.

    Kinda pisses on your own argument when you can’t even spell the name of the country in which you live, doesn’t it?

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