Revenue and Customs lose 25 Million people’s bank details

In an amazing show of incompetence I thought I’d never see reached by any Government agency, the HM Revenue and Customs have gone and made the CSA and the other morons out there look positively professional.

They’ve managed to lose the details, including names, addresses AND bank details for ALL 25 Million people claiming child benefit in the UK. That’s 25 Million people who’s bank account details are in the hands of shit knows who right now, and I could even be one of them!

How did this major fuck up happen? Simple, some bright twat posted a CD with these details on to another department, and it got, how shall we say, lost. Was it recorded? No, of course not. What was the response when they realised it had gone missing? Why, they went and posted another one!

For fuck’s sake. What a cock sucker.

From the BBC.

In an emergency statement to MPs, Mr Darling apologised for what he described as an “extremely serious failure on the part of HMRC to protect sensitive personal data entrusted to it in breach of its own guidelines”.

MPs gasped as Mr Darling told them: “The missing information contains details of all Child Benefit recipients: records for 25 million individuals and 7.25 million families. “

Unbelievable eh?

It’s hardly surprising though is it? One excuse given today was that too much pressure was put on the already strained HMRC as they’d had job cuts recently. They’ve been asked to perform the impossible, was the bullshit I heard on Radio 5.

Asked to perform the impossible???

“I say, could you try awfully hard NOT to lose the bank account details of 25 Million people?”

…That’s Impossible I say! I’m under too much pressure!!!

Fucking wankers.

Don’t worry mind because the CD, they say, was password protected. I can imagine the level of complexity involved in the choice of password from someone stupid enough to post the bank details of 25 Million people. Let me have 3 guesses now at that password:

  1. password
  2. childbenefit
  3. 123456

That last one is the kind of password an idiot would have on his luggage. If you’ve ‘found’ this CD and are having trouble ‘cracking’ it, try one of those 3 passwords. I’m sure you’ll have success.

Fucking idiots.

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One thought on “Revenue and Customs lose 25 Million people’s bank details”

  1. This didn’t surprise me at all. I remember reading about it and thinking that it was bound to happen sometime. With so much technology floating around it was an accident waiting to happen. They don’t even know how these details got lost!

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