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Being a flash git I, just like my flatmate, have 2 cars. I have a Toyota Celica T-Sport and the much blogged about BMW Z3. My flatmate has a Landrover Freelander and a work’s car, a Skoda Octavia. Sadly our flat has 2 allocated parking spaces, causing much annoyance for the neighbours, particularly the nerdy, bearded, headset wearing chap who asked why I kept parking on the road when we had spaces inside our complex.

Cheeky sod.

Obviously parking spaces are at a premium, but being in Manchester there is a solution in the shape of This could save a lot of heart ache from annoyed neighbours, clamped cars or, as we get in Didsbury every week; smashed windows from chavs stealing Sat Navs and car stereos.

What Parklet does is allow you to look for car spaces and garages in any of the major cities, such as Manchester and London, for rent or purchase. A quick look around my local area finds loads of options for me to rent a parking space from around £50 per month, which is considerably cheaper than a car park wanted to charge me in Cardiff Bay last year.

Of course, another angle to this site is, if unlike me, you don’t have your own private car pool but do have a space going spare you could earn some extra cash by renting it out.

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