Pub Quiz, nerd style

This evening I’ll be going to the (not so) local pub for the pub quiz. A quiz that when I last went we finished dead last. This time however is going to be different as I aim to cheat like a Mexican.

I’ll be taking my Ipaq Smartphone and ensuring that Team Google wins the day.

Now I wouldn’t normally cheat you understand, but when we finished dead last before it wasn’t due to our intellectual superiors defeating us, or because anyone else cheated, it was because the quiz focused on the topical subjects of TV, which pop star was shagging who and what happened on the last series of Big Brother.

You know, useless shit.

I resented losing to someone who managed to spell every single word on their sheet incorrectly. It was a bloody embarrassment. This time will be different.

Though I imagine I’ll just get pissed and forget to Google anything.

Darren Jamieson

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