Police Donut Cams

I just heard on the radio that police are to have donut cams strapped to their heads when they visit claims of domestic violence.

That’s sure to work.

They mentioned one report where a woman claimed her ex-husband broke into her house and stole her keys, so the plods showed up with cameras strapped to their heads to investigate. The theory is with cameras collating evidence there’s a higher chance of conviction.

Now, my ex broke into my house a few months back and stole my keys, and no police showed up with donut cams strapped to their heads. In fact, they didn’t even show up at all as they couldn’t be arsed.

I think this camera on the head idea isn’t really going to work, they have to leave the station canteen before any evidence can be collected… and that just ain’t gonna happen.

Darren Jamieson

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