Pirates Dinner Adventure in Orlando

When I was in Florida last October I attended a ‘Pirates Dinner Adventure’, as I’d wanted to try out one of the themed dinner events I’d heard so much about. The show was actually free, for reasons I won’t go into, otherwise I may have opted for one of the other dinner themed nights I’d seen advertised such as the murder mystery dinners or the comedy dinner shows.

Anyhow, the Pirates Dinner Show it was, located just off I-Drive in Orlando. The dinner was situated in a building decked out like a pirate ship in the middle of a row of buildings – it looked as though the ship had been dropped there during a hurricane storm (of which there has been a few in Orlando).

So, the building was impressive – and when we got inside we were greeted by pirates, English naval officers and what can only be described as wenches, carrying out an elaborate play that involved sword fights, rope swings and battles. The area where you ate your dinner was located around a giant lagoon, in the middle of the building, where sat another pirate ship – this time a full ship, on the water. It was visually very impressive.


Why am I gushing about this when I usually complain? Well, here comes the complaint. The dinner and show was free, and the dinner included 1 drink – a ‘lite’ beer, as the Americans call it. When it came to ordering more drinks… well, let’s just say that London prices have nothing on this. One lager, and a Coors at that, plus a cocktail came to roughly $29. At the exchange rate at the time, that was around £20… for TWO drinks!

I’ve never paid so much for a drink in my life, AND it was a crap, lite beer.

Next time I’ll try the murder mystery.

Darren Jamieson

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