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I recently raged about coding an old ASP website I’d built a while back and how it was it a pain in the ass. I mentioned how now that I’ve discovered PHP my life is no longer filled with unfathomable error messages from Microsoft and gaping wide security holes. ’tis all true.

However even in PHP you need a little help once in a while, which is why this code tips website,, seemingly run by HAL is a great site to add to your bookmarks.

Talk in Code

Featuring advice and code samples for PHP, JavaScript and MySQL this site has answers to questions you’d otherwise spend hours looking for. Sadly there isn’t much in the way of ASP advice on there, but probably the best ASP advice is “don’t”.

Darren Jamieson

Darren Jamieson, aka MrDaz, is the Technical Director and co-founder of Engage Web and has been working online in a career spanning two decades. His first website was built in 1998 and is still live today.

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