Joke Museum is a domain I’ve had for some years, and have never bothered to actually do anything with… until now.

It’s not finished yet, and should be going live later this week – but hopefully will become something of a success. It’s based on the old viral model, whereby users submit their own content and vote on what they think the best jokes are. It’ll have all the usual features such as ‘send to a friend’ and although it’ll be competing in a very competitive market it should do well.

The new Mr Daz Blog

I thought it was about time I added a blog to this website.

I intend to update this with new projects, ventures and of course tidbits of information and wisdom that some may find useful for web design, development, search engine optimisation and various Internet related projects.

I’ve never been shy of voicing my opinions, so sharing my knowledge with the world will come as second nature.

So much anger, so little time