Now I’ve annoyed the Gypsies

You may remember when my car was stolen from the Hillcroft garage in Langstone, Newport, I put up a post calling the garage ‘thieving gypsy bastards‘. It was a comical post highlighting my anger at the garage and how my car was stolen from them, with the keys, and their ‘end of year accounts’, making the whole thing look very suspicious.

Very suspicious indeed.

Well, I’ve now had a complaint for my use of the term ‘thieving gypsy bastards’, from the Thames Valley Gypsy Association. The complaint reads:

From: Joseph G. Jones []
Subject: Unpleasant remark

Please remove the term “Thieving gypsy bastards” from your website, as a community we find the term offensive.

If you wish to call the garage names feel free, but please leave us out of it.

Besides which it makes you seem like a racist.


Joseph G. Jones
Thames Valley Gypsy Association

Joseph found my website because I rank on the first page of Google for the term ‘Thieving Gypsy Bastards’. This site tends to rank for most phrases it uses, and will no doubt rank again for the term for this particular blog post.

However, as you can see while the original post does rank for ‘thieving gypsy bastards’ it doesn’t actually have a go at gypsies at all. It’s referencing the garage and the fact that my car was stolen from there. If I were to remove the post, my site would no longer rank for the term and more, anti-gypsy posts would rank in Google in its place.

Therefor, my post being there is helping.

Plus, the term ‘thieving gypsy bastards’ doesn’t reference gypsies at all, it’s a reference to a comic strip in Viz, which is infamous and even has its own Wikipedia page. An extract from the page reads:

The comic got in trouble with the United Nations after featuring a strip called ‘The Thieving Gypsy Bastards’; unbeknownst to the Viz editorial team at the time, Gypsies are regarded as a race under UK law and thus the comic was guilty of racism. During the resultant court case, UK newspaper The Sun ran a story revealing that the principal Roma man who initiated the action against them was in fact also being tried for, and was later found guilty of, handling stolen property.


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7 thoughts on “Now I’ve annoyed the Gypsies”

  1. I think your term ‘Thieving Gypsy Bastards’ is seriously offensive.

    ‘Robbing Gypsy Bastards’ is much better 🙂

  2. “I’m also victim to some of the worst luck in the world, and I tend to Blog about all of it here.”

    It seems to me you get the luck you deserve. The letter the gypsy group wrote to you was extremely polite and reasonable and you responded like an arsehole. (No offence intended towards arseholes of course). 🙂

  3. How a bunch of theivin bastards like this now have their own ethnic minority is beyond me. These fuckers are theivin bastards – fact! Every bastard breath they breath is a lie. I have absolutely no issues with law abiding rate payers who are registered to pay tax and work, however none of the words i’ve just used can be aligned to the gypo scum that ruin the communities they infest. Rats do less damage than these bastards. I have the unfortunate job of having to interact with this lot when on the rare occasion they get nicked doing wrong and I truely believe that they should all be microchipped as it’s the only way to identify exactly the person your speaking to. If this offends i really don’t give a monkey’s piss as those theivin romany bastards offend fucking society, daily without a 2 fingered fuck regard for anyone else.

  4. i thought mcdougal made about as much sense as the slack-jawed fool he probably is. i also think dave is a bit of a tool also. i don’t think you should have problems with gypies but concentrate more on the idiots who comment on your blog. (which is a chuckle fair play)

    incidentally all the gypies i have met have been thouroughly unpleasant and two went as far as to almost kill me in their silly scrap metal van!

  5. Using “the Sun ran a story” and Wikipedia as though they provide some validity is rather laughable and merely suggests an abscence of critical thinking abilities. There is here a lot of evidence, both in your blog and in respondants comments, of the extent to which people take a minute peice of media propoganda exposing the behaviours of a few individuals from a minority group and use it as though it relates to all members of that group. This is quite simply ignorant and irresponsible. As for Mc Dougal? not even worth wasting breath on that.
    Sorry – should I apologize for; being articulate,polite, having a first class honours degree, always having paid taxes, or is it quicker simply to apologize for not fitting into your ill-conceived characature of what we are?

  6. Haha. First Class Honours degree and can’t spell caricature – brilliant !
    Moron Pikey lover!

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