My reply to the CSA

You may have seen my video animation for the phone call I made to the Child Support Agency last week. If not, watch it now. They eventually sent me the information that went missing some time ago, and I have replied to them. However, as the CSA are know (and have admitted) to losing information rather than rely on them getting the letter I have just sent and processing it correctly I will communicate it here now.

After all they read this blog, evidently, and this also serves as proof that I have replied to them… again.

Post Handling Section
2 Weston Road
CW98 1ZR

Thank you for finally sending the documents to my correct address. I can see from your notes that you either did not receive my last reply, have lost my last reply or simply have ignored my last reply.
I will recap the important aspects for you now.

  • I do not travel down to Wales for work reasons. I travel down to Wales on a 400 mile round trip to see my children. I do not do Freelance work which requires me to be in Wales. Mrs Jamieson has lied in saying these are the reasons for me making the journey. Why do you take things I say and treat them as suspect but take her advice as fact?
  • I have not seen my children since June as Hayley has refused to let me see them. She had refused me probably because she thinks she’ll get more money from me in child support if I’m not paying for petrol to go and see them. I am still willing to, and want to see my children.
  • I resent being ordered to pay money for children I am refused access to by their mother purely because she wants more money. Maybe you could request she makes the children available for me to see as I will continue to make myself available to see them on weekends. This means I will continue to incur the travel costs and will continue to attempt to see my children. I have messages from Mrs Jamieson saying that I will not see them however.I am not an absent father as you seem to make out. I am someone who dearly wants to be a part of his children’s lives but is being completely cut out for the financial selfishness of their mother.
  • The £190 loan repayment is for my BMW Z3 and her Honda Civic. I am paying the bank loan for both of our cars. If you refuse to deduct this, or at least part of this money, from the amount of money I am supposed to pay then can I have the car from her that I am paying for? I could sell it and pay off half the current debt.
  • I didn’t enter the mortgage details into the variations report because Steve Gibson stated in March that I should be able to claim for expenses as a result of my working in Manchester. You have refused to let me do this, so I must instead claim for the mortgage payment. The house is jointly owned and I have been paying the £650 per month on my own since we split in July 2006. As I am paying her half of the mortgage, £325, I cannot also pay her extra money on top of that.

    I did ask her if she would allow me to rent the property some months ago (which I have recorded as a phone call) so I could pay the mortgage and give her the money you wanted me to. She refused. As a result of her unreasonable behaviour I have still been paying the mortgage on our house solely.My solicitor can confirm with you if you wish that upon the sale of the property to me Mrs Jamieson will receive £14,100. I WILL NOT forward any documents to you as you have demonstrated so effectively this last 11 months that you cannot be trusted with any documents. You might lose them, dispose of them or even post them to someone else.

    Mrs Jamieson changed the locks on the property recently so I couldn’t even enter it. It stands empty and has done for some considerable time, with me paying for it. I recently ceased the mortgage payments when you threatened to take money from my employer, but before I complete the purchase I will of course have to make those payments in arrears.

  • I’m not going to fill out the variations document again as you have everything in my last document, sent to you in March. I will add the mortgage costs so you can take those into consideration.Once the sale of the property has gone through to me I can start paying Mrs Jamieson the 25% of my income that you requested in January 07. I hope this will go through in the next few weeks.Please understand that I am not in arrears due to payments already made for her share of the mortgage.

I look forward to hearing from you once again. My address is at the top of this letter; take care when writing it down.


Darren Jamieson

So let’s see if they get that, or lose it as they seem to do regularly.

Darren Jamieson, aka MrDaz, is the Technical Director and co-founder of Engage Web and has been working online in a career spanning two decades. His first website was built in 1998 and is still live today.

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20 thoughts on “My reply to the CSA”

  1. i have experience of this agency myself – did you actually read the variation information? i think you may be in for a suprise when it comes to mortgage payments – if they take them into account, they don’t come off your assesment, a small percentage of your income is allowed instead – travel costs are a pittance, and is instead of the 2shared care2 allowance of 1 7th per night – a variation is more trouble than it is worth – anyway, not to worry though, if you have been paying towards the upkeep of your own child, this will be adjusted off your arrears, and you have been paying haven’t you?

  2. I did read the variations document, yeah. There is a section in there for mortgage payments from which both parents benefit. That’s what I filled in. It’s for a house that neither of us lives in you see?

  3. you want them to take payments for a house neither of you live into, and can both profit from into consideration?

    I might not agree with much the CSA do – but why the hell should you get that? it’s not like paying that mortgage is even helping to put a roof over your kids head – sell it, then you will be able to afford to look after your kid.

    and what has maintanance got to do with access to your children? if you can’t see them, they should starve?

    I am pretty sure looking at the track record of the CSA they are well used to dealing with angry people.

  4. Sell the house? That’s an idea. Wish I’d thought of that. No wait, I did, but my ex-wife refused.

    She refused to let me sell it and refused to let me rent it. She just wanted me to pay her half of it, forever, until such a time as she could take her 60%.

    Incidentally my children aren’t starving my friend. They’ve had the £6,500 my ex wife defrauded Direct Line insurance out of, the several thousand my ex-wife cleared from their savings accounts, the money she’s made by taking and selling my property from the house AND the benefit Cwmbran single mother’s get given to them.

    There’s no starvation going on here buddy. Incidentally, it’s kids, plural. I have three children. At least I think I do, it was a while since I last did a head count.

    Do you know what it’s like not seeing your children for 6 months? Having an ex-wife intent on bankrupting you? Having the CSA trying to take money you don’t have?

    Perhaps you could come up with some suggestions for how I could pay a mortgage on a house I cannot rent or sell? The same as I have been paying a loan the last year on a car that I couldn’t use or sell, again because of the same vindictive woman who’d defrauded the Insurance company.

    I’m all ears pal.

  5. first, I am definatly not your freind or pal – I don’t know you.
    second – your asking for free advise on your finances – try legal aid.
    how do your 3 children feel about all this – no, I really don’t want to know.
    why don’t you ask the CSA to take you to court, get a compulsory purchase on the property no one wants, then take the maintanance out of that?

    my only other suggestion – and don’t forget this is free advice – if you are all ears, join the circus.

  6. My friend I didn’t ask for free advice, if I did I’d ask it from someone who could at least spell ‘advice’. You offered your worthless opinion for the world to read and I thank you for that.

  7. I slept with a girl 6 times when she “fel”…pregnant….she didnt know the child was mine,…as she was knob jockeying around the estate…but king sperm here drew the short straw..i had to accept fatherhood..he was mine…i spent a total of £7509…on making here flee bitten house liveable for my first child…i worked 7 days a week …when i had put the last curtain up…plugged the new tv in..(please note i couldnt live there due to benifit fraud…..6 years later,,,,i have paid £20000 c.s.a……………..she has a new boyfriend,..changed my sons name…told my son i had DIED…AND HAD ME ARRESTED ,…I CAN NO LONGER SEE HIM AND I PAY £70 A WEEK…C.S.A….IF YOU ARE READING THIS..>>>YOU MIGHT SAY ITS WHAT THE LAW STATES,,..BUT MY GOD THIS IS WRONG….IN THE EYES OF TRUTH MAY YOU ALL ROT IN HELL….

  8. let’s put this into perspective, every child has a right to see thier mother & father regardless of the financial situation, if parents cannot come to an agreement then get it into court ASAP.
    I have been through the same crappy process of CSA messing me about, ex wife refuses access etc but trust me when I say go through the courts, get a contact order in place and send it to the CSA. Hope it all turns out well for you Mr Daz as I know how you feel not seeing your kids, it’s crap.

  9. I have Just had a letter off the CSA And its my
    first week where my they are taking money from me and its £300 a week this including my £10,000 arrears.
    This was from a relationship 15yrs ago where i was 17 and she was 24, and yes i got stictched up and it was consieved when i broke up but stupid me on havieing a drink went back now and again, although
    Im certain iwasnt the only one going there. I was 17 and daft.
    But now im 33 and soon to be a dad with with my girlfriend and recently moved into a house.
    But the payments they are taking out of my wages
    are gonna cripple me and i think i m ight lose the house, great start to an unborn child.
    I really dont know what to do.
    Im currently in the process of having the DNA test done
    and if i am the dad, then i will pay.
    Anyone have any idea how long it is to get the DNA test done?
    I know i’ve been at fault and had bad advice when i was younger, but this is a hard pill to swallow.
    ps. i have no contact with the mother or the child in 15 yrs.

  10. My ex partner has just told me that she is using my CSA money, her other 2 children’s CSA money, child benefit and tax credit money to buy the house we shared.

    She kicked me out 2 weeks after telling me she was pregnant. I have since met her other children’s father and he says the same happened to him.

    Before you reply, the mortgage company has accepted the loan based on her P60 and benefit letters.

    Good to know the 3k+ a year will be going on a loan and not my son’s food, clothes, heating bills, toys etc.

    Her brother works for the CSA and keeps her up to date with any developments in the area plus benefit advice. They also discuss my (and her other ex’s) case via text and email, even though CSA staff are not allowed to work on cases where they know the parents involved.

    I have limited access to my son and as she would recieve a drop in CSA if I had him overnight (and therefore a drop in mortgage money!)…I am therefore only allowed to have him during the day supervised by her.

    I am now sitting in a small, rented flat whilst she has kept the house, kids, car, £2k sofa and plasma’s (paid for in cash 50/50) etc etc.

    The guy I spoke to on the phone from the CSA said I may as well go bankrupt.

    Cheers buddy…

    It’s all wrong.

  11. Just stumbled on this site Daz, very interesting reading. I have never aired my views like this before, but what I say might be of interest to someone out there. First of all my lovely ex-wife walked out on me on Father’s Day 11 years ago. On the day she walked out on me I found out that she had been having an affair with someone she had been working with (a pen-pushing army accountant). As someone who once said to me “I’ll cut off your bollocks if I ever find you’ve been having an affair!” this was pretty hypocritical, so I filed for divorce. The divorce was uncontested and she went off to live with said army waller. We had two children together that she left behind with me, but only for a week. Like the earlier writer (Dan) I soon found out how conniving ex-partners can be, because she crawled back to ask if she could take the kids because she knew I was struggling financially to pay the mortgage, keep my job etc, etc… The worst decision I ever made was to let her have the kids, hindsight is great isn’t it? Within a few months I was homeless as she came back to claim the house as ‘parent with care’ when the relationship ended with army bloke. The house was sold off eventually when she found yet another bloke to shack up with. The CSA immediately became involved and harassed me at every turn. I left my job to go back into full time education at 40 years of age. In the last ten years I got through an Access Course to higher education, three years doing a BA (hons) in English and History and finally another three years in nursing studies so that I am now a qualified psychiatric nurse. I worked part time to help fund my studies all through that time, but when I got my first full time nursing position the CSA hit me with a sledgehammer! £500 PER MONTH on DEO, and a statement that said I owed £23000 in arrears! To cut a very long story short, I contacted my local MP giving him details of my circumstances. He in turn wrote to the CSA asking them to look at my case again (as they had just laughed at me down the phone). I received a grudging apology as to the way they had treated me, but still they tried to put the blame on me for not communicating to them when I started courses and what employment I was in etc. Let me give you some free advice. You can write to the Data Protection Service and request all your files for free, I did, and I found ALL the correspondence that I had sent to the CSA date stamped by them. Came in handy when providing ammunition aginst them. After nearly five months last year they informed me that they had done fifteen different assessments on me based on all the information that I had to research myself (and verified by them), so that my maintenance arrears were reduced from £23000 to £3700. My daughter has just turned 18 and she is now no longer on the register (my son came off two years ago, but I was still paying £385 a month). The CSA say that I would have to pay £286 a month for just over another year to pay the arrears off. I’ve not owned a house since that marriage failed. I’ve been in constant debt and struggled to keep my sanity together. My daughter hasn’t spoken to me for over two years now because she thinks I didn’t do enough for her, but my son still sees me and seems to understand better what I have had to go through. I am one of those ‘soft targets’ that the media don’t ever hear about. My ex-wife remarried this year to the second bloke she met all those years ago. Both work full time and have two cars and a nice house and have done since being together. Yet it was me that ultimately got hammered. I can understand the fathers for justice stuff, although I’ve never really seen myself as like that. I’ve re-married myself, still rent, still can’t afford to buy, got absolutely no savings whatsoever, and a new partner that has had to put up with my ex-wife through the machinations of the CSA. By the way, my ex-wife insisted that I had a vasectomy after my second child was born! So she did cut my bollocks off in a manner of speaking!!! My advice is to fight them with everything you can. I never intended NOT to pay for my children, but I never expected to be subjected to humiliation, nervous breakdown, continuous debt and much, much more besides. My mother is delving into her life investments so that the final arrears can be paid off and all my wage will be mine by the end of this year. Thanks Mum. Sorry for the long ramble, but I just had to get that off my chest.

  12. Just came across this site by accident. CSA are currently trying to sting me with the 40% of my salary rule. I don’t know how, where, when etc. But I intend to fight this. Sick to death of feeling like a victim, exactly how I have felt ever since I came across these evil ‘people’. Good post Richard. Can you give advice on what info etc I should and can obtain for ammo against CSA?

  13. Cheers, these buggers are snapping at my heals now for a child my ex must have carried for 11 months if he is mine, though to be fair, as we still lived together and her drug habits were shared anyone who fell victim to her cooking god only knows.

    It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out, I’m not presently working, just getting over a long period of illness (CFS/M.E), just getting back on my feet ready to go back to work, then “THWACK”. I don’t believe the money the CSA get is evenly or fairly spent so I will resent paying them a penny.

  14. OK, God, some bloody awful stories on here. But, just so you know that not ALL woman are money hungry nymphos, who have kids for cash.
    I had my child alone, after my other half decided to go off with another woman. Didnt bother to tell me, just disappeared one day, along with all of MY hard earned savings from the two jobs I took in order to be able to buy nice things for my little darling when he arrived.
    My poor child spent the first three years of his life in and out of hospital an absent daddy, well still absent.
    When I eventually tracked him down due to benefit agencys saying I had to, and after he had stopped his tyrade of abuse toward me that my child was not his, (impossible as he was the first and only to that time) and I got him to court (before CSA) I was awarded £10 pounds a week, not that I ever saw it. The fact that I could prove he had emptied the saving account didnt come into it, but his lies about paying for all the baby things prams, clothes etc did!! But to add insult to injury the benefits agency that forced me into this, even though I had other priorities at the time, took that £10 from me regardless and I had to prove I had not received any money from him!!
    Then the CSA came along, just in time for me going back to work now my son was well recovered (even though I was no better off financially). And, due to his lies and his lying boss, awarded me £5.50 a week, even though he was earning in excess of £500 a week! Wow I have allowed this man to drag my name through the mud, put me through sheer hell once again, for a fiver.
    They did, however, order him to pay £5000 pounds in arrears as by this time my son was 7 yrs old, but at £2.50 a week!!! My son is well over 18 now, a strapping lad who has done me proud. But he will be approx 45 when the arrears are paid, and I, well I will most likely will be dead from all the worry.
    You know I do feel very sorry for those that have been treat badly by the CSA but I do think some people whinge way too much!. IMHO

  15. Interesting reading. I feel a whole lot for anybody dealing with the CSA. This branch of government have more power and are more ruthless than any of our government bodies/agencies.

    I have my own bitter story to tell. 8 years and assessed as 0.00 get a proper job and a life and a girlfriend and now i cant even afford to get to work. the only reason i can go this month is cos my employers refused to pay. but thats all. they cant do it again. i cant afford to get to work, so jobless. at a time like this. but the economy picks up i’ll be way past “prime employment material”

    Stoopid bitch and stooppid CSA. if i could have kept my job i could pay something at least, but this way i lose contact with littlun (regular for over 8 years) and my job. why are people still being forced to stay on old rate of CSA?? Really cruel. just as i was starting to get somewhere and pay of my other debts. on the new rate 35.00. on the old rate 64.00 week.

    i’m fucked. contemplating suicide.

  16. ok, so nearly a month on. the company had to pay the £394.00 (which is the 272.00 assessment plus arrears) which left me 700.00 to pay rent , council tax, elecric food water etc.. and to try to get work.

    still not had any news about the departure form i filled in.
    just had a meeting with director today who has been a real star in trying to negotiate and make them see sense. but to little avail. He willingly took on these people, (and we all know the stress involved in that)

    He just found out the departure form will only see about 5.00 reduction for fuel expenses per week. 20 per month IF they agree.

    so we have now had to discuss how my exiting from the company will work. we have to do this correctly or i will tons of arrears and no benefits.

    The possible (likely) outcome will be this.
    I’ll have no car, so the contact visits to my son will cease.
    I’ll have no job (unless i get very lucky) and potentially no benefits .. so potentially losing my housing association i bed flat.

    how can any of this be fair? or right? i’m never going to be rich in my job (18k pa) , but at least i was in work.
    now i won’t see my son, ans she wont bring him to me (they moved 35 miles away, 140 miles per weekend) she wont get any money and we’ll all be worse off.

    can’t anybody do ANYTHING? please, anybody with any ideas, or anything.. please help!

  17. i do feel srry for dads bein gtaken the piss out of, aome of the stories are real harsh!!

    but to the mother moaning that she was dragged to court to claim csa otherwise she wouldnt get her benefits…boo for you, money grabbin benefit scrounger! its your ex paying his tax’ thats keepin you on benefits!!

    that £10 a week would go in your pocket if you went out and worked, the reason they take the £10 is to half justify all the free rent/council tax/child benefit etc!!

    now back to the fathers, i have never been in any trouble with the csa as i made my claim under the new rules and my ex co operated fully to my relief!

    a solictor once told me the only way to get through to csa is to harrass them, send letters every week, phone regularly, email, use theyre website for contact. anything at all just stalk them, because they will get fed up of your whining an sort your case just t get rid of you.

    i know his is probably no help bt the only reason the csa get on your case is because your ex has gone to them, not the oher way round- csa do not contact you if the mother does not want them too.

    so in my opinion the best thing to do asap is form a good communication with your ex nd hope for a decent arrangement

  18. Well some really bad stories going on here. I feel for you all I really do.

    My ex stopped me seeing my children for 2 years, and has demanded money from the CSA informing me that I owe thousands in arrears.

    Now I fought tooth and nail to get access to my kids via the courts and all the time she is demanding money.

    I really hate the CSA, they are idiots with broken computers.

    I had a call threatening me with all sorts, courts etc and informed me they would take money directly from my wage.

    Well news to them is a don’t own a bank account and pay my national insurance and tax drectly, So they have no way of tracing my money.

    I have my kids over at the weekend and spend £300-500 a weekend on them as if I gave her money she would spend it on herself.

    She does not want to work, just take my hard earned money for herself to enjoy a night out and I am not funding her lifestyle.

    My kids will get anything they want and if she wants something for my children she can buy it and bill me for it.

    Thats the way forward, so you know your kids are getting your money not the gready mothers.

  19. Just had the wonderful pleasure of reducing one of the CSA’s staff to tears as i8nformed with great thanks from their team leader at the Midlands branch!
    when the team leader made such comment, I responded “GOOD”, how about my childs tears for the times I have been unable to provide for him during shared care due to deductions of earnings by CSA….
    I have told them that I look forward to NF4J’s protest march on their offices and demand a fair assessment for both NRP and PWC and a stop to the abuse of my child by abusing his rights to financial support by myself during shared care arrangements..
    I told them that they hide behind a badge “for the welfare of children” when in truth they act for the welfare of the government as they are not helpful to either PWC or NRP.. but are only recovering benefits for the treasury…. this is not supporting the child!!!

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