My reply to the CSA

You may have seen my video animation for the phone call I made to the Child Support Agency last week. If not, watch it now. They eventually sent me the information that went missing some time ago, and I have replied to them. However, as the CSA are know (and have admitted) to losing information rather than rely on them getting the letter I have just sent and processing it correctly I will communicate it here now.

After all they read this blog, evidently, and this also serves as proof that I have replied to them… again.

Post Handling Section
2 Weston Road
CW98 1ZR

Thank you for finally sending the documents to my correct address. I can see from your notes that you either did not receive my last reply, have lost my last reply or simply have ignored my last reply.
I will recap the important aspects for you now.

  • I do not travel down to Wales for work reasons. I travel down to Wales on a 400 mile round trip to see my children. I do not do Freelance work which requires me to be in Wales. Mrs Jamieson has lied in saying these are the reasons for me making the journey. Why do you take things I say and treat them as suspect but take her advice as fact?
  • I have not seen my children since June as Hayley has refused to let me see them. She had refused me probably because she thinks she’ll get more money from me in child support if I’m not paying for petrol to go and see them. I am still willing to, and want to see my children.
  • I resent being ordered to pay money for children I am refused access to by their mother purely because she wants more money. Maybe you could request she makes the children available for me to see as I will continue to make myself available to see them on weekends. This means I will continue to incur the travel costs and will continue to attempt to see my children. I have messages from Mrs Jamieson saying that I will not see them however.I am not an absent father as you seem to make out. I am someone who dearly wants to be a part of his children’s lives but is being completely cut out for the financial selfishness of their mother.
  • The £190 loan repayment is for my BMW Z3 and her Honda Civic. I am paying the bank loan for both of our cars. If you refuse to deduct this, or at least part of this money, from the amount of money I am supposed to pay then can I have the car from her that I am paying for? I could sell it and pay off half the current debt.
  • I didn’t enter the mortgage details into the variations report because Steve Gibson stated in March that I should be able to claim for expenses as a result of my working in Manchester. You have refused to let me do this, so I must instead claim for the mortgage payment. The house is jointly owned and I have been paying the £650 per month on my own since we split in July 2006. As I am paying her half of the mortgage, £325, I cannot also pay her extra money on top of that.

    I did ask her if she would allow me to rent the property some months ago (which I have recorded as a phone call) so I could pay the mortgage and give her the money you wanted me to. She refused. As a result of her unreasonable behaviour I have still been paying the mortgage on our house solely.My solicitor can confirm with you if you wish that upon the sale of the property to me Mrs Jamieson will receive £14,100. I WILL NOT forward any documents to you as you have demonstrated so effectively this last 11 months that you cannot be trusted with any documents. You might lose them, dispose of them or even post them to someone else.

    Mrs Jamieson changed the locks on the property recently so I couldn’t even enter it. It stands empty and has done for some considerable time, with me paying for it. I recently ceased the mortgage payments when you threatened to take money from my employer, but before I complete the purchase I will of course have to make those payments in arrears.

  • I’m not going to fill out the variations document again as you have everything in my last document, sent to you in March. I will add the mortgage costs so you can take those into consideration.Once the sale of the property has gone through to me I can start paying Mrs Jamieson the 25% of my income that you requested in January 07. I hope this will go through in the next few weeks.Please understand that I am not in arrears due to payments already made for her share of the mortgage.

I look forward to hearing from you once again. My address is at the top of this letter; take care when writing it down.


Darren Jamieson

So let’s see if they get that, or lose it as they seem to do regularly.

Darren Jamieson

Darren Jamieson, aka MrDaz, is the Technical Director and co-founder of Engage Web and has been working online in a career spanning two decades. His first website was built in 1998 and is still live today.

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