My house will be repossessed on January 21st

I had made an agreement with my ex-wife (through our solicitors of course, she won’t speak to me) to purchase her share of the house for £14,100. This means I get the house and the items within it, plus I keep my BMW (not that it’s drivable anyway) and my wife gets £14,100, keeps her car and I continue to pay the loan on both cars.

The deal was agreed. Simple.

I had to raise the mortgage within 14 days, which thanks to Lloyds TSB and the C&G I managed to do that. Everything should have run smoothly you’d think? Then she got greedy.

Her solicitor drafted the financial settlement and added in 3 extra points that I had to agree to.

I wouldn’t post any further mentions to her on the Internet

Well that’s that one broken already, so you can see where I’m going with this. Plus I’ve had far more important and intelligent people than her and her solicitor try to stop me posting on this, and other websites in my cannon. They’ve all failed, without exception.

I wouldn’t suggest to Direct Line that they pursue my ex-wife for the money she defrauded from them for my car

Hmmm… as I’m actually pursuing Direct Line myself for compensation because their original offer of £200 compensation to me was unacceptable, I can’t promise this one. She knew what she was doing when she claimed on a car that wasn’t hers, if they chase her for the money good luck to them. They do so with my blessing, and where necessary, my assistance.

If Direct Line demand she pays back the money, I will agree to pay half of it

You have got to be fucking kidding me?

She defrauded them out of the money for my car, when I was still paying for it. They gave her £6,500 for a car she didn’t own and then they demanded I surrender the car to them because she’d spent the money and they saw me as the only way they’d get the money back. I paid £190 per month for over a year on a car I couldn’t use or sell, that’s over £2,000 I’ll never get back because of her fraud; now she wants me to pay off her debt?

No fucking way. She knew what she was doing. She committed fraud, she can pay it back. As a result of her money grabbing it looks like the deal for me to buy the house is off and now the property will be repossessed at the hearing on January 21st.

Could I do any more? Would anyone pay her debt for her in my situation?

I honestly can’t believe the cheek of it. What do you think?

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