My CAT scan is booked for next Friday

As I mentioned last week, I need a CAT scan on my spine for potential surgery to remove the steel rod I have in my back that is supposed to keep my spine straight(er). That scan has been booked (rather quickly) for next Friday, 23rd. This is all becoming quite real now as once I’ve had the scan and spoken to the surgeon (not sure if that will be on the same day) they say it will be within 18 weeks to have the surgery (if of course it’s deemed necessary, which the surgeon said it most probably would be).

This means I could be going in to have my spine operated on within 20 weeks… not something I’m feeling too chuffed about, and not the way I wanted to spend the year.

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4 thoughts on “My CAT scan is booked for next Friday”

  1. Pros and cons I guess.
    Getting a better back now and sorting it out vs. the pain you’ll be in.
    Is there anything major you wanted to do – perhaps you could book it around stuff, if not then do it quick matey else you’ll have to do it later when there could be something you want to do.
    Regardless, good luck 🙂

  2. Nothing I want to do that doesn’t involve being able to walk more than a hundred yards without going down in agony 🙁

    I need to get it done soon as and suffer the weeks and months of pain to be able to move on (though this was all supposed to have been fixed 19 years ago).

    Thanks for the support!

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