My ads have stopped on Yahoo!

I just received the following email alleging to be from Yahoo!, claiming my ads have stopped displaying and asking me to log in to check it out.

Funny, cos I don’t and have never advertised on Yahoo!

I regularly receive similar spam emails for eBay and PayPal, but this is the first Yahoo! email of this nature. If anyone else has received one, don’t click on the links, they’re not exactly genuine.

Dear Advertiser,

Account Notification: Account .Yahoo! Inc. [20674324322] has stopped
displaying ads at this time because the account balance has reached

For more information regarding this alert, please log into your account at:
and click the “View All” link in the Alerts panel.
For additional help,
please visit our Help Center.

Your Partners at Yahoo! Search Marketing

Failure to login and update your information may lead in deactivating
you account.

Please do not respond directly to this email, as we are unable to receive
replies at this address.

To contact Yahoo! Customer Support, please log into your account at
and click the Customer Support link in the upper right of the page.

On a side note, is this my first Internet marketing related post for months? I think it might be. I’m in danger of getting all relevant on this blog.

Normal service will be resumed soon enough… where did I put that voice recorder software for my phone?

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