ranks #2 in Google for Chris Moat

Would you look at this. My quest to rank in Google for the name of the MD for Direct Line Insurance, Chris Moat is almost complete. now ranks in and at #2 for ‘Chris Moat’, prompting loads of angry Direct Line Insurance customers to find my site and leave their comments.

We should be #1 very soon. Ah, the simple pleasures of SEO.

Direct Line Google

I look forward to Direct Line Insurance themselves getting in touch with their thoughts.

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2 thoughts on “ ranks #2 in Google for Chris Moat”

  1. In addition to getting Chris Moat on the #1 page of google, I would like to bombard Mr Moat with emails.

    Anyone, have any idea of his email address? Then we can pester him until he starts giving his customers what they are due!!!!

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