Mr Daz trys to break into his own house

This is the one you’ve been waiting for. This is the video of me breaking into my house, or at least trying to. When I found out that my ex-wife’s father had changed the locks on MY HOUSE I drove down to get the new keys from him. Naturally the twat hid inside his house and refused to come out, so after phoning the police I made my way to my house to try and break in.

I wasn’t very good at it, not cut out for burglary. I guess if I were from Cwmbran it would have come as second nature, but I’m not, I’m from Rhiwderin.

Anyway, the police eventually did turn up and showed they don’t actually know the law. They said they’d arrest me for breach of the peace, but as the official description on ‘Breach of the Peace‘ shows, I wasn’t at all. Had they arrested me for that it would have been wrongful arrest, but I do believe they would have done it anyway.

So, sit back and watch the video Starring me, PC Merrick, my neighbours and filmed by Tony Dicker.

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5 thoughts on “Mr Daz trys to break into his own house”

  1. [..YouTube..] well said, the police now are only gov puppets use to collect taxes for their corrupt system, and as for the csa, i feel sorry for the people that work there.

  2. [..YouTube..] breached is caused by the people who changed the locks! the police are to quick to use breach of peace to arrest people.i hope you sued them

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