Mr Daz phones the police: The Video

You’ve waited a long time for this, and the wait is finally over. Presenting the video of when I telephoned the police from outside the house of my ex wife’s father in an effort to get them off their arse and actually come out to retrieve my property, as they said they would do a week before.

This was originally posted some time back as a podcast, but now you can actually watch the full motion video of the event.

This video will be followed shortly by the main event of me attempting to break into my house with a crowbar and then having to deal with the police, who did eventually turn up.

That’s for later though, for now, watch the video. If you like it, post a comment or share it with friends!

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One thought on “Mr Daz phones the police: The Video”

  1. [..YouTube..] This is just a taster, the full video of me breaking into my house later that evening, and with the police turning up while I wield a crowbar will be uploaded soon.

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