Michael Jackson Tickets go on sale on Friday

It was announced last week that Michael Jackson would perform again in the UK, for what he claims is the last time ever. Tickets for the shows go on sale on Friday, and Michael will be performing 10 shows at London’s O2 Arena, which only holds around 20,000 people.

That’s just 200,000 people able to see him, and apparently 300,000 people have already registered their interest in seeing his tour.

Now, I’m glad that a lot of people want to see Michael Jackson, they should, he’s the best entertainer there has ever been, but what I’m getting a little annoyed about this last week, since his announcement, is all of the ‘fair-weather fans’ that have cropped up; people who say they love Michael, and want to see him, yet have never been to any of his concerts or bought any of his albums.

These are the same people who questioned his guilt during his two trials, and still question his guilt now. Some people are even boasting how they’ll buy tickets and sell them on eBay.

I have to say I’m really pissed off at this, as someone who has seen both the Dangerous and History tours, and even travelled to Prague to see him, the prospect of not getting tickets because of some ‘shallow hal’ person who has a vague curiosity in seeing Michael Jackson makes me livid.

There should be some sort of criteria for getting Michael Jackson tickets, such as having to have attended at least two prior MJ concerts, or owning the Spanish 12” single ‘Todo Mi Amor Eres Tu’.

Michael Jackson’s last ever tour in the UK is for Michael Jackson fans, not the sort of people I’ve heard in the last few days.

Darren Jamieson

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