Michael Jackson concerts delayed

I just received a very scary text from my nephew stating how the first few dates of Michael Jackson’s concert this summer have been postponed until March 2010. This was most alarming as I have VIP tickets for the opening night on July 8th!

Luckily he wasn’t quite right. The dates on the 1oth, 12th and 14th of July have been moved to 2010, but the opening concert on July 8th has been rescheduled to July 13th, which is still the first night.

The details of the date changes are as follows:

8 July – moved to 13 July, 2009
10 July – moved to 1 March, 2010
12 July – moved to 3 March, 2010
14 July – moved to 6 March, 2010

Good job I hadn’t booked any travel arrangements or accommodation yet either!

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One thought on “Michael Jackson concerts delayed”

  1. That’s rather unfortunate! I imagine many thousands of people had already planned their summer vacations in London during one of the four opening nights, and many probably booked their flights and accommodations and will be out money because of this. I feel really bad for the people who had planned on going to the other three July dates, because they now have to wait seemingly forever to go and the weather won’t be nearly as good. Also, the people who purposely bought tickets for his ‘final’ show now won’t be at the final one since the other three will take place afterwards. Sorry.

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