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Those who know me will know that I can be fairly superficial, but I choose to look upon that as having good taste. For example, I’ve wanted to own a decent desk from which to work for years, as I’ve always made do with cheaper, flat-pack rubbish (usually from Argos). There’s nothing worse than your entire desk shaking when the printer is running, knowing that the screws are working themselves loose with every pass of the printer cartridge.

I have looked for a decent pedestal desk a few times, trying new furniture shops mainly, but haven’t found anything that I like. It has to be old, preferably Victorian, and come with a suitably regal captain’s chair – although I know from trying them out that captains’ chairs aren’t that comfortable.

I’m going to start looking again soon, so that I can get rid of my latest flat-pack job from Argos, and will be starting with eBay and antique dealers around my local area, such as Manchester and Lancashire.

Hopefully, thanks to the power of the Internet, I won’t have to look for long before I find the perfect antique desk in Lancashire, close enough to have one delivered and cheap enough that it doesn’t break the bank. Quality is important, but as I’ve seen them online for well over £4,000 I may yet end up disappointed.

This is the type of antique desk that I’m looking for, so hopefully I’ll find one within budget. I can just see myself sat at this, sipping wine while annoying people online in a professional capacity.

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2 thoughts on “Looking for a pedestal desk”

  1. Have you tried local auctions, the type that do house clearances that the riff raff (like me!) go to, not the upper crust type ones? This is the type of thing that can come up and, if nobody else who happens to be there on the day is interested be really cheap.

    Even if there is competition most people don’t want to pay much. Someone buying to sell will want to be sure of a decent mark-up for selling on so if something you like comes up you should still get a decent price.

  2. That’s a good idea, thanks. I used to go to a few low end auctions in Wales when I lived there, but haven’t tried here oop North in Manchester.

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