Littlewoods recharge customers for online discount vouchers

High street store Littlewoods have committed some PR suicide today by retracting a £25 online voucher that was redeemed by customers some months back. It seems the voucher was intended for a small portion of customers, but as is the case with these things was passed around like a cheap tart.

This code was then circulated, without our authorisation, through a number of websites resulting in around 3,000 customers obtaining a discount for which they were ineligible.

As a result, in accordance with clause 2.3 of our online terms and conditions we have re-charged this discount back to their accounts and have written to them individually to explain.

Recharging the customers for the extra £25 ensures that no one will ever trust any online vouchers Littlewoods offer in future. I certainly won’t. You never know if they’ll simply recharge your account some weeks, months or even years down the line if they need to increase the profit margins.

This all seems highly murky to me as obviously Littlewoods wouldn’t have had these sales had it not been for the voucher.

Putting their customers first? Not bloody likely

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2 thoughts on “Littlewoods recharge customers for online discount vouchers”

  1. Littlewoods are a disgrace! Not only did they reneg on a sales contract months after the sale was accepted (and after the goods could not be returned). They have also charged a £12 “administration” fee for infoming me that that they have added an extra £25 to my account. This cannot be legal?

  2. It sure doesn’t sound legal to me. I’d suggest you seek advice from Trading Standards, they have a website. I’d certainly make sure you don’t use Littlewoods again!

    If this had happened to me there’d be a whole website set up telling people about it.

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