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As I run a number of websites I often get emails from SEO companies looking to build links for their clients – a practice which has died out among reputable companies, but some of the older, ineffective agencies still do this. I have just received one such link request for TheTransformers.Net which was so irrelevant I felt honour bound to share it.

Someone from the company sent me the following request to link to their website:

—–Original Message—–
From: Daniel Roberts []
Sent: 03 April 2014 18:21
To: *****@******.net
Subject: Question about


I was wondering if it would be possible to suggest a link for your website at;

Our site Frixo ( is a road travel reporting website, that provides our users with the most up-to-date road traffic information. Our data is updated every 5 minutes using sensors placed on motorways and common A / B roads.

I feel it might be a useful resource for your readers.

Many thanks for your consideration.

Kind Regards,

DanielĀ  Roberts

Why, when Google is actively cracking down on dodgy link building (the very thing this Daniel is doing), do people still send emails like this? If Frixo continues to send out emails like this, building links this way, they’ll soon see any rankings they haveĀ disappear – and rightly so.

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