Lambrini girls just wanna be original?

I saw this advert on TV today and by Christ it made me chuckle. Firstly, it’s for Lambrini – which is just about the most disgusting alcoholic drink ever made.

Secondly, it uses the song ‘I am what I am’ which is always played by people who are trying to avoid criticism for being shite because they want the world to accept them for what they are. Something Lambrini can certainly empathise with.

So we have an advert that wholly admits that the product is crap by the nature of its song, and then finishes it off with the tagline ‘Lambrini girls just wanna be original’… be original? Quite how is singing ‘I am what I am’ in any way original? How is drinking Lambrini original? It’s as much a cliché as white stilettos and Ford Escorts.

No, what they should have gone with is ‘Lambrini girls just wanna get pissed as quickly as possible; taste not an issue

What made this ad even funnier is that Lambrini’s brand manager, Sue Beck (probably a Lambrini girl herself) commented about the shite campaign:

“Lambrini is enjoying a good year with loyal and new customers buying into the range of Original, Peach, Rose, Cherry and Light varieties. The new campaign created by BJL, captures perfectly just why hard working, down-to-earth consumers love Lambrini, now one of the nation’s most iconic wine style drinks brands.”

wine style drink brands’? … wine style!?! It’s more like malt vinegar than wine.

A director at the ad company BJL, Charlotte Thompson, commented on the awful advert as though it were one of great originality:

“The new ad tells the story of Lambrini Girls’ lives to the iconic soundtrack, ‘I Am What I Am.’ They’re down-to-earth divas and the new commercial, beautifully directed by Kezia Barnett, literally places them in the spotlight. Celebrating the originality and character Lambrini shares with its consumers, the ad shouts out that being on a budget shouldn’t stop you enjoying life.”

Where are they getting this originality vibe from? It’s women drinking the cheapest shit they can buy and singing in the streets; no wonder this country has a bad image when it comes to alcohol – and yes, I realise the irony of me saying that.

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