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As you know I’m renting my house out in Cwmbran. I’m looking to make some alterations to the house to maximise its rental potential (been watching too much Sarah Beeny) and one of the things I’m hoping to do is to fit a new kitchen. The current one was there when I bought the house in 2003.

For this I was looking at the kitchen company Kitchens Direct. The problem is that I’ve done a little reading up on Kitchens Direct and they seem to have some bad press online. Websites such as seem to be brimming with negative comments from customers who have had awful experiences with Kitchens Direct.

Now I know that reviews online can be somewhat biased one way or the other, so I’m not sure whether to believe any of the comments posted online about them. Kitchens Direct either have awful reviews from supposed dissatisfied customers, or they have glowing reviews which look like they may be a little too glowing.

Does anyone have any experience of dealing with Kitchens Direct? If you’ve used them I’d like to know about it, whether I should get my kitchen from Kitchens Direct or not?

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  1. I got my kitchen from Kitchens Direct. It was a few years ago now.

    In retrospect, the kitchen was way too expensive for what we got. It was only after i ordered the kitchen that i searched on the net for them and found loads of bad press. It scared me considering i just spent near 9k on a kitchen with them.

    But…to be fair..they did exactly what they said they would. They installed it on the days they said they would, they did a good job, the installers were polite and tidy. And, after about 3/4 years, i can say that the kitchen is still there and still looking good and feeling solid.

    Im not sure if i would risk using them again as i feel i am very lucky to have had a problem free installation compared to some of the stories out there.

    The choice is yours!


  2. I’m very interested in the feedback as I was considering using Magnet or KitchensDirect. I’ll be watching your blog with interest. Long live consumer power! Karen

  3. Thanks for the feedback Jase, it does look like you may have had a lucky escape with Kitchens Direct from what I’ve read elsewhere. When you Google Kitchens Direct you get loads of horror stories, though no one has contacted me with any yet.

  4. My kitchen was started at the beginning of Feb 08. It still has not been completed. They never return your calls nor do they respond to recorded delivered mail; apart from to acknowledge it. The snag lists are endless but are never completed. Quality is not good at all. More to the point I paid extra as I was told that it would be project managed from A-Z, this was far from the case. I am now going to take them to court!

    Thanking you

  5. Hi there Mr Daz the best thing i can advice is call them out and see if the “sales” procedure matchs what the reviews tell you, if that matchs most likely there after sales procedure will be the same. Problem solved

  6. I booked a design meeting today but now I have read so many bad things about them, now regretting it and intend to cancel in the morning. I should have listened to my first instincts when they said I would need to leave a deposit to get the current offer prices, and after I gave my address (which is the first thing they ask for!) they wanted to know if my partner would be at home at the same time! This is a blatent hard-sell technique as the perception is that the woman is the gullible one (Ha! – not in my household!!)

  7. Hi there,

    I’ve just had a visit from one of the Kitchens Direct planners. She was a delightful lady and there was no hard sell save the transparent nonsense of special offer only available today and the ridiculously high initial price which was knocked down.

    I wanted to write on here because even if I decide not to go with Kitchens Direct, the planner who came around was excellent and really put in a massive amount of effort to redesign my kitchen in a very, very awkward space.

  8. Hi

    We had a planner around today and I have got to say she was very good. Price was fairly high but we are not committing yet as we need to make plans with a builder.

    Can anyone offer any tips about knocking them down in price ?

    ROB – reading your comments I feel you are wrong to say they want the female there as well because she “is the gullible one”, the kitchen historically is a predominantly female domain in the house so it makes sense to include them in the decision process. Nothing sexist, just common sense, especially in such a high cost expense.


  9. I think they want the woman there because more often than not she is the decision maker with regards to home improvements. The man will tend to agree with what she says.

    The other angle is that they’ll definitely want both partners there. There’s nothing worse for a salesman to be pitching away and then find out that they’ve pitched to someone who then has to ask permission from someone else. The impact of their pitch will be lessened by you relaying it to your wife. They want both people there to make sure they’re pitching to the right person.

    In terms of haggling, depends on what part of the month you’re in. If you’re lucky you’ll be close to the end of the month and your salesperson will need the sale for their target. If you stall over price you might get it knocked down, you might get more thrown in. One thing’s for sure, don’t sign off on on the day, wait for their closure team to call you a few days later, they’re empowered to offer you more of a discount.

  10. Hi there,
    I bought my Kitchen and solid Oak flooring from them and managed to get the cost down by simply asking also if it helps they do supply only!! which is where it makes it a lot cheaper this is what we did. Went for a solid wood kitchen as well as work tops, items are good quality and very pleased with them. Now for the negative they supplied some stuff damaged, items took ages to replace and they never answer calls or letters sent when you do speak with someone they aren’t very polite and it did take us a few months to sort. But overall we have a very good solid kitchen and flooring and a very reasonable price, JUST MAKE SURE when the items are delivered that you check them no matter how long it takes even though the driver says he can’t wait and DO NOT HAND OVER THE MONEY if it isn’t!!!
    Hope this helps..

  11. 6th June 09 – Please please read this if you are about to use Kitchens Direct. I nearly cancelled after reading the reviews on the web that state how awful they are and that they are pushy etc. I’m a mum of 8 month old twins and recently contacted KD. The guy that came to quote was genuinely nice and not at all pushy. He gave me a quote of 7k7. The manager called me several days later. I told him I would only pay 6k5 which they accepted. The original sales guy came out to me on a Sunday, on his day off as I wouldn’t pay a deposit without seeing the contract. I told him I was worried. He said 20 or 25%? of the money goes to some standards company who won’t pay it back to them if I make a complaint and that it comes back to me. Anyway, I signed the contract (nervously). The kitchen was delivered bang on time. The fitter turned up bang on time, was absolutely lovely and took 4.5 days to fit the kitchen. The kitchen looks amazing and it’s excellent quality. I couldn’t be more chuffed. He even boxed in my boiler pipes without me asking. I honestly believe that the really bad reviews are probably written by rival kitchen companies. If KD were that bad, wouldn’t they be on Watchdog? I would 100% use them again and refer them to my family/friends. I can’t say how your experience would be but I can only say I’m seriously skeptical about the awful reviews on here.
    Leigh – Sawtry

  12. Well, guess I must be dim, slow witted, stupid, and completely unable to make any decisions….
    A few days ago I booked an appointment for a Rep to visit. Appointment made and a few days later received a call (presumably from a call centre) to confirm the booking time and date and was asked a few brief questions. When asked if my partner would be present at the appointment I said he would not be and was subsequently bombarded with why? And that they prefer us both to be at the property and they would reschedule the 2 hour allocated appointment time for the weekend when said partner would also be available. I said that was actually acceptable and I wished to keep the appointment as arranged….
    So appointment day arrived (today) and approx just hour an hour before the Rep should have been standing on my doorstep, another call was forthcoming. This was to inform me that due to illness they had to cancel the appointment, but would be pleased to arrange another one for the weekend when my partner would be here. I mentioned that that was totally unacceptable and what was the pressure for US to be present? I was rather rudely told that this was because they were travelling out to see us and would be giving us a free quotation! I retorted by mentioning that in this day and age most reputable companys do. When I enquired further for an explanation, none was forthcoming…
    I told them to poke it basically.
    Little were they aware that I own my property outright, would be purchasing the kitchen and actually AM the main earner and not the ‘little woman’ indoors who doesnt have a brain cell and would be unable to coherently negotiate with any person they cared to send on the said appointment and possibly execute a deal.
    Their attitude is disgusting & appalling.
    So glad a rep didnt arrive as I don’t deal with people with that attitude and any hard sell would fall on deaf ears as I will not tolerate it in any form….the Rep wouldn’t know what hit him/her and would have immediately been shown the front door, possibly prompted out by my size 6 foot!
    However, I really only wanted a comparison quotation to those I already have…and Im afraid Kitchen Direct…my pennies will be going elsewhere to an Independant kitchen supplier…..
    End of novel – LOL

  13. Ah – after sales ‘phone call. Apparently (yeh right) I was asked “how did it go?”

    So, after my speel and going off in a tangent, she asked oh so politely if there was any chance of KD visiting – NOPE , NOT ON YOUR NELLY!!
    B;ess, it wasnt her fault

    me xx

  14. we arranged for Kitchens Direct to come out, the rep didnt even show, no phonecall whatsoever so we didnt bother chasing up as to why they didnt show…
    few months down the line received another telephone call from KD and we explained what had happened before the lady on the telephone was very apologetic and very nice and said she would (if we accepted) arrange for another rep to come out and offer us an amazing deal… so we agreed…
    the rep came out (elderly guy) was very nice and chatty spent nearly 3.5 hours with us designed the kitchen to suit what we wanted looked amazing on the drawing he advised us on the best way to achieve maximum space in the kitchen and we were impressed….
    he then worked out all the figures etc and came back to us gave us the overall cost including appliances etc fitting etc etc and then listed the discount he would give us and the final figure was very good for the kitchen we wanted
    The quality of the samples shown where good and the rep seemed to know what he was talking about… (this is where it turns ugly )
    the rep after he gave us the price said what did we think “we said yes seems acceptable but we would need time to consider it all / discuss it” he replied “ok i,ll give you ten minutes” and proceeded to walk into another room !!!! we said we need more than ten mins, spending 20k on a kitchen we needed to make sure the design was what we wanted etc… the reps attitude then turned very arrogant, unpleasant, sarcastic and very very rude….. the atmosphere in the house went from pleasant to awkward…!!!!
    the rep left in a huff with his samples
    we telephoned KD to complain and spoke to a Manager who again was very apologetic and sincere and said he would come out and go through it all again with us and give us further discount…..
    but having read the reviews on quiet a few forums, websites it appears the KD give the first impression as good and great and competent etc but is this a ploy to get you to sign the contract and handover your money !!!!
    we had arranged for KD Manager to revisit us but i think we will go with instinct and cancel….

    there are alot of cowboys and companies who will “butter” you up to get your money and then thats when the problems start, installations, delivery of goods etc….

    The lasting impression the rep gave us was not very good and regardless whether we would sign a deal or not, his professional approach should be the same as when he walked through the door…

    it just gave us the impression he wanted a sale and a deposit and that was it….

    There is alot of bad feedback on KD but the experiences we have had with them so far have been 50/50 and i suppose all companies have some bad feedback at some point… but there are just too many on KD….

  15. I have not used KD and will never do so after seeing what they did to my poor grandmother. The demanded all monies upfront and gave her a poorly made kitchen that two years on is falling apart. They have no shame really and refuse to listen to her or to come around and see the problems. It took over a month to install and arrived with completely different work top, when my grandmother informed them that it was not what she picked they insisted that she did and implied she was losing her marbles and told her that it was too bad it was already cut and ready to go. Awful awful people. please please please look elsewhere.

  16. Can anyone please confirm whether all the negative comments are really from Kitchens Direct or from a company called Direct Kitchens? The latter is a company owned by Vance Miller the rogue trader who has appeared on Watchdog, been in prison etc.

    I’ve placed an order (supply only) with Kitchens Direct and am assured by the sales rep that they have nothing to do with Direct Kitchens, or Vance Miller and have never been on Watchdog.

    However I’m now really nervous and considering cancelling but want to make sure as the sales rep was good, polite, knew her stuff, designed a reasonable kitchen and is now trying to find me a local reference site to visit to put my mind at rest. I have just a couple of days left to cancel my contract, so would appreciate a comment.

    Thank you!

  17. In responce to Fran’s comment:
    “Can anyone please confirm whether all the negative comments are really from Kitchens Direct or from a company called Direct Kitchens? The latter is a company owned by Vance Miller the rogue trader who has appeared on Watchdog, been in prison etc.”

    I can reassure you that Kitchens Direct is nothing to do with Vance Miller. Kitchens Direct is owned by the HomeForm Group who also own Moben Kitchens, Sharps Bedrooms, Dolphin Bathrooms and Technik appliances.
    HomeForm Group Limited Cornbrook 2 Brindley Road |Old Trafford Manchester M16 9HQ
    Registration Number: 01632417 (England) VAT Reg 902 1945 47

  18. Please,please keep away from them!!!! They are hungry sharks. I just signed yesterday the final contract (survey document ) for the kitchen , date for feating is in 10 days….and today had a phone call from them asking me for extra £1.500.I was simply told by a clever sounding lady that my kitchen won’t be deliver unless I pay that money. What a shock!!! They are keeping my 25% depsit since the begining of February…and not a small amount – £2.200! They have wasted my time and now I want my deposit back. Now the battle will start! I will keep you inform with the outcome.

  19. sorry, may be I am not very clear on this £1.500. That amount they want now is an extra on top of agreed price on the contract. Now is a little blackmail…if you don’t pay you will not have the kitchen.How about that? Of course I refused to pay any extra money. Frankly I don’t want any more that kitchen from them, all I want my deposit back and FORGET ABOUT KITCHENS DIRECT.

    I just hope that this will be some warning to people that are about to order a kitchen from them . I do regret that i never did bother to see the reviews before.

  20. Hello again with the good news about Kitchens Direct!!! They actually now doing the kitchen without charging an extra money! Had a phone call today and I was assured that all be good. I honestly hope so, as the person that actually was selling this kitchen to me, was a very nice person.
    I will definitely let you know how it went and whether I am happy.
    At the moment I love Kitchens Direct for being in my case professional in the end and they are doing the kitchen for the agreed price.

  21. I’m in the process of ordering a new kitchen and I’ve decided to try Tesco. I’ve already paid my deposit of £1.300.00 refundable if I decide not to go through with it. Another company named Kitchens Simply have also contacted me but I’m not able to get any feed back on them. Just wondering if anyone has had any dealings with “Kitchens Simply” because their kitchens are advertised at rock bottom prices.

  22. KITCHENS SIMPLY!!! Or as the case may be Kitchens not-so-simply!

    Don’t touch these sharks with a bargepole! I paid my ‘Cash Deposit’ and was left with nothing! When I called on numerous occassions, I didn’t get a company name, just….
    …’Hello, Complaint or Spare parts?’
    No one knew what they were talking about and everyone I spoke to tried fobbing me off!

    The kitchen style was not specified on the order form yet I kept getting told everytime I called that someone from deliveries would contact me tomorrow to arrange delivery! Unsure how they would know what kitchen to deliver and if in stock.. I got told to shut up and listen or she’ll put the phone down on me! After a few days of getting nowhere, i ended up telling them to canx the order, although the manager I spoke to wasn’t capable of doing this! I could go on forever… but have to count my loses as I have wasted so much time and money on this company already!

    From research, this company is connected by Britians Worst Rouge Trader… Vince Miller! Just type in the phone number into google and watch all the sister companys appear! If they were such a good company, why would they find the need to trade under sooo many different names!

    Avoid!!! xx

  23. Do not use Kitchens Direct!! They delivered the wrong kitchen, then when they attempted to fit it for the first time, they made so many mistakes that the initial fitter had to be taken off of the job. Then we had to send them a solicitor’s letter and have another fitter to do the job. The correct items still had to be delivered and he did not finish the work and again we had to be visited by the regional manager for the second time. He agreed that the work was sub-standard. 15 weeks later the work is still incomplete and so we are sending another letter to Susan Kinnaird (Managing Director) to say that we are demanding our money back and for them to come and collect their 2 kitchens!! If they do not pay us then we will be making a claim to the Small Claims Court and we will run a personal mission to bring people’s attention to this terrible company!!

  24. Hello again, My kitchen since 29th of March is finally finished but I am warning you – it was a hell!!! The surveyor was a nightmare, made a lot of mistakes and only due to a very good fitter, that had to change everything, my kitchen is now ok. During the last month I have made hundreds of phone calls and was getting no were. The whole month was frustrating and I was continuously very nervous.I would NEVER RECOMMEND KITCHENS DIRECT!!! In the end is not cheap, so please don’t be full by them that you are getting good deal.They will promise anything before you sign the contract and after that you are on your own. They will be avoiding your calls and the nightmare will start. Please don’t make this same mistake as I did.

  25. One more advice. If you are going ahead with Kitchen Direct, ask for my fitter – Russian man – Vladivir…he doesn’t speak a very good english, but you don’t have to talk to him….he is there to do the job! And what a job! He is fantastic! No silly breaks for coffee or cigarets, he works non-stop and long hours. The result is amazing!

  26. Hi has anyone had a good experience with simply kitches?? I have had someone around to give me a quote which seems to good to be true!! so any comments would be gratefully received !!

  27. As an ex employee of Vance Millar and without malice the above named companies as kitchens direct and Simply Kitchens are both owned and operated by ole Vance.

  28. Be very very carefull. Numerous companies – you will see outlined above are owned by ole Vance. I am currently trying to deal with Kitchens Simply also ole Vance and it is terrible. Parts missing. Holes not drilled. Cannot get through to customer service. Nightmare. Do not touch this company.

  29. As an ex KD designer I would not advise anybody to buy a kitchen from them. Once they have your money they simply do not care. STAY AWAY FROM KITCHENS DIRECT!!!

  30. Kitchens Direct are part of the Homeform group, as are Dolphin, Moben and Sharps as well apparently as the Tecnik appliance manufacturers. Moben were appalling and I would never ever trust them again. Installers were botchers whose only aim was to get in get out and quick. Don’t take the financing option as Hitcahi Capital will pay your money to them without authorisation and then state that your claim is against Moben not them. Try to ring Tecnik, nobody home ever, answer phone is taken and then you just get passed to a non answered dump.
    Avoid Moben at all costs
    Avoid Kitchens Direct at all costs
    Avoid Sharp at all costs
    Avoid Dolphin at all costs
    or the costs will be your time, money, frustration and anguish

  31. Whatever you do – avoid this firm. It is part of the Home Form Group which is Dolphin, Moben and Sharpe. Check Dolphin Bathroom reviews – they are horrific. My bathroom has been ripped out and refitted and I’m still without half of it plus shower over 3 months later. The work is not only bad but dangerous. All my electrical items were badly fitted, didn’t work and one spotlight had to be removed because the connection was scorched. They go for weeks without working and the parts are always out of stock. they are a disgrace.

  32. I had a kitchen direct kitchen fitted around ten years ago. I was happy with the service at the time, however, within three years, the laminate was all coming away on all the doors, every single one! We paid for a luxury kitchen and got one that lasted less than 5 years.

  33. They have just ripped off my mother aged 71 and her husband aged 70: they have tried everyday to call they get so far with the call then get cut off !!!!

    The Unit carcasses are substandard with bits missing.
    Unit carcasses are marked and damaged
    Unit carcasses are poor quality
    The hinges are poor quality
    Most of the doors are missing.
    What doors are there are not drilled out for handles
    What doors are there are not drilled right for hinges
    Worktops of lowest grade.
    Instructions missing
    Corner unit carousel poor and ill fitting
    No water strip for kick board
    No instructions/bar to fit corner doors
    Sink does not fir unit


  34. Can you tell me which loan company is used by KD as I may be able to get PPI compensation.

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