For the last week I’ve had the ignominy, nay downright dishonour of driving a Ford KA. My Celica T-Sport was in the garage for a little work and all they bloody had to give me was a KA. How embarrassing.

The KA is slow as shit, seriously uncomfortable, corners like a barge and looks like it’s been in an accident. It’s a woefully bad car, and I can’t for the life of me work out why people buy them. In fact my niece has just bought one. Good work Gemma.

I was also a little worried about my Celica, as the last time I gave my car to a garage for repairs it was stolen from them, and I’m still paying for it now.

One good thing came of driving the KA though. I tend to get bored of my cars every ten months or so and think about swapping them. Driving this lump of shit around really made me appreciate the car I have. I won’t be swapping it anytime soon.

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