John Chisholm in interracial rape threat


John ChisholmThis didn’t take long did it? The saxperience crew are off again throwing threats across the Internet, safe in their own forum and completely ignorant of the fact that I’m a member, and can use the Internet. For example, member John Chisholm wants to get a big black man to rape me, for some reason.

You can see by his Facebook page that he’s got issues with interracial rape.

This idiot thinks by using a fake email I won’t find him.

The thread is a good read, very amusing (if you ignore the threats of rape and having a SaxP meet outside my house). I particularly liked these comments:

If he’s supposedly a web developer, he’s not a very good one! I could make a better website on that free Geocities thing!!


why dont you code a website about his car? tit for tat can be fun if you can both stand back and have a laugh. I think he’s laughing If his code is sloppy then you can easily get better google ranking

I don’t know, little boys eh? Keep the backlinks coming though kids, it’s all good for me. Don’t tell anyone, but it’s because you link to me that I rank #1 for phrases like Scott Newham. If you can easily get a better Google ranking than me, I must be shit at my job, cos that’s what I do.

Good luck!

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8 thoughts on “John Chisholm in interracial rape threat”

  1. Seems once again they’ve deleted (or rather moved) the thread, so as I have saved it here’s the threat of black man rape from John Chisholm:

    take some survalance pics of him doing every day things, start an annomous site, post them up for him to see.

    or just order a couple of tonnes of horse shite and tell them to dump it on the drive

    porn mags, dodgy dildo and sex catalogs, all the usual stuff.
    abuse his email addy, get loads of places to send spam there, you know the score.

    hitman of the contract variety

    big black dude to rape him

    kidnapp and dumping in the middle of no where?
    many different ways and means of revenge

  2. Wow, you Saxo drivers really are gay. All the talk of man love and ass raping shows what a bunch of faggotts you all are.

  3. hahaha who said I owned/drove a saxo? And I don’t seem to remember sharing my sexual orientation with you? Perhaps you want me, is that it? Do you want me bad? Do you? Do your deep-rooted homosexual desires for me play havoc with your conscience? Put the rope down man, it’s not worth it. It’s ok to be gay, really it is. I could lend you one of my women to try and wean you off the dark thoughts of men tumbling around in your tiny brain. However upon meeting a woman for the first time you may have to move away from your keyboard for a second, although I suppose you’ll be used to typing one-handed.
    Loser tbh tbf imho ftw ftw ftw ftw gtf

  4. Tosser, with as you go by the alias of ‘BlackManRapist’ I think it’s safe to assume you’re a queer.

    Not really going out on a limb there.

    As you’re from St Andrews Uni, you’re a student. No doubt experimenting with his first Internet argument. Be careful, you could get hurt.

  5. “As you’re from St Andrews Uni you’re clearly a student” – no shit Sherlock, you ever thought about becoming a CSO? At first I thought you were having a laugh, however you are clearly a certified nutcase who has one hand glued to his keyboard and the other glued to his nutsack. Bring on the internet argument you sad middle-aged virgin twat, I have been trained in the SAS, thats the Sad Arsehole Squad, go back to your playschool IT site, I hate to think what might happen to you if you ventured into the real world.
    If you REALLY want an argument by all means bring it on, this will be all over forums and you will be ripped senseless. Ciao mwah

  6. “sad middle-aged virgin twat”?

    Piss drinker, I have three kids, and yes, I have had sex. Would you like me to tell you what it’s like?

    You do know that this site ranks #1 for Scott Newham, and I’ll soon do the same for John Chisholm. It’s what I do, it’s called SEO. Look it up.

    If you’d like to destroy your career prospects in the eyes of potential employers, come back at me. I’m just warming up.

  7. looks a right nerdy tosser, hed piss his pants if you confronted him….right turd muncher!

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