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Now I don’t usually buy from outlets that are frequented by the proletariat, but I made an exception when I saw a nice pair of trainers on the JD Sports website. So I ordered them online in good faith, submitting my payment details. They even allow for a separate delivery address from the billing address, great! (I thought). I promptly recieved an email saying they had been dispatched.

Once they arrived I found to my dismay that they had sent the WRONG trainers in the WRONG size. I immediately rang their customer help line and was told that they would collect my trainers and deliver the correct pair the next day.

I was fairly impressed with their handling of this cock up so far…

So the next day came and guess what, no trainers arrived. So I rang up again to be told that they “hadn’t found my order and that they couldn’t contact the person they had incorrectly sent them to”. They also refused to send out another pair, meaning that I am getting a pair that some cretin has had their filthy hands on.

They advised me that the trainers should be with me by Saturday (morning) but couldn’t guarantee it. I am not holding my breath!

This video shows JD Sports don’t have the best rep online at all…

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