Jabula South African restaurant

This weekend I finally went to the South African restaurant in Ellesemere Port, called Jabula. I’ve tried to go here several times in the last few months but as they’re always booked up on a Saturday night, unless you book at least seven days in advance you won’t get a table, or you’ll have to make do with one very late in the evening.

So, once again I didn’t bother booking and instead went on Sunday morning for a breakfast cheesecake. I know you’re not really supposed to have cheesecake for breakfast, but we only went there for coffee and were offered something from the desert display. They had at least three different cheesecakes and I can never turn one down.

I opted for the summer fruits while my girlfriend had the baked toffee, and I have to say these were probably the best presented cheesecakes I’ve ever seen. They came with ice-cream, cream and fresh fruit.



It probably wasn’t the best tasting cheesecake ever, that honour goes to an Italian restaurant in Ealing (where I should have been going tomorrow morning after the Michael Jackson concert tonight).

The cheesecake at Jabula was certainly enough to make me want to go back and try some of the African food, such as the crocodile stir fry, which hopefully I can do soon.

In case you were wondering, yes this idea was John Chow’s and yes I did keep the receipt 😉

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