ITV very nearly pissed me off

Let me set the scene. It’s Sunday, Easter Sunday to be precise. As you can imagine when you have 4 days off, you can easily lose track of what day it is, so you rely on institutions like ITV to at least get the days right.

Oh no, not bloody likely.

ITV4 put on a trailer for the Grand Prix, advertised as LIVE tomorrow morning at 6:00am. Hmm, I might get up for that I thought. Yeah, have an early night and wake up early for the Grand Prix. Good idea.

Then, as it turned out luckily for me, and for ITV, I checked my phone for the kick off times of the two football matches later that Easter Sunday, only to see the result of the Grand Prix on the front page of BBC Mobile.

Eh? What now? That’s just been advertised as being live tomorrow morning. Upon checking the TV guide I can see that no, it’s not on tomorrow morning at all. It was in fact on live that Easter morning. Some 8 hours ago.

So what’s going on?

Simple really. Those imbeciles at ITV left a sodding VT running from the previous day, advertising a Grand Prix that not only wasn’t on, it had been shown 24 hours earlier than they’d advertised it for.

If I hadn’t checked BBC Mobile I’d have gotten up at 6:00am on Easter Monday only to swear uncontrollably at the TV screen.

It’s a good sodding job that the BBC are getting Formula 1 back on their screens, ITV don’t even know what fucking day it’s on.

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