Indicators, not requesters

This is an odd rant, because I’m complaining about people who are being courteous and polite. You see, every day when I drive to work, I change lanes on the Motorway at opportune moments as certain lanes move faster in certain positions.

When I do this, I indicate. Notice the word there, ‘indicate’. Then the car in the lane I’m pulling into flashes me in. Now, while I appreciate the kind gesture, I’m not requesting his permission to enter his lane, I’m not asking for his approval, I’m signalling that I’m changing lanes.

That’s an ‘indication’ that I’m changing lanes, not a request. They’re not called requesters, they’re called indicators. I indicate then I move. Simple as that.

What really pisses me off is when people slap on their indicators then sit there waiting for someone to let them out, that’s called a begging signal and would be a penalty point on your driving test. You don’t indicate until you’re ready to move, and you don’t ask the permission of the person you’re cutting up to do it.

So when you see me indicate to enter your lane ahead of you, don’t think I’m asking for your approval, I’m merely giving you advance notice that I’m changing lanes. You don’t need to do anything, just get out of my way.

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One thought on “Indicators, not requesters”

  1. Your lucky, that at least in the UK they know where the indicators are.

    Over here in Ireland, they are an optional extra in cars, only to be used during in driving test conditions. Most are actually removed after the test, ripped out by the examiner himself as says, “s’okay son, you’ll not be needin them again”

    Absolutely no-one here (including the Gardai / Police) knows how to correctly approach or navigate a roundabout and it’s generally understood that the “funny white line” in the middle of the road on a multilane roundabout is decorative and points are awarded if you crossover it.

    Another “quirk” of the Irish road system is the setting of a speed limit on a windy lane barely wide enough for one car at 100 kmh (yes, the deffered to kilometres 2 years ago) yet have your average decent enough A-Road set to 60 kmh.

    But the best of all is that the numbber of provisional drivers awaiting tests is back to around 400,000 again with an average 3 month wait for a test… This happened in the 1980’s so what did they decide to do? Yes, award all those waiting for a test a full license with no test – obvious isn’t it. The chair of the RSA (Road Safety Assoc.), a Mr Gay Byrne (remember him? Used to present a chat show that gave Boyzone their first tv appearance) was one of those who qualified for a free license! So, the person in charge of road safety is not even a qualified driver!

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