I’ll love it if we beat them

For those who like their football laced with comedy and a topped with a liberal sprinkling of irony, Special K is back at Newcastle. This means more emotional, firey outbursts like this one without the restrictions of things like tactics to get in the way.

Expect Newcastle to be involved in more 4-3 losses and to entertain us all while still coming out empty handed at the end of the season. Can’t wait.

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535 thoughts on “I’ll love it if we beat them”

  1. [..YouTube..] SAFC biggest club!! dont make me laugh how many time have u played in europe, how many times have you finished in the top 4, how many times have you been relegated,how many times have you finished above newcastle,how many times have you beat us at home the list goes on lol

  2. [..YouTube..] Wow, Sunderland beat us by the narrowist of margins lol, we have no manager, no commitment and a long injury list.

    You lot are all quick to forget the other 20 games that we beat you in, I seem to recall a 2-0 a 1-4 and a 3-2 not so long ago…you lot should really get over the fact you won once, its really no big deal LOLZ

  3. [..YouTube..] Well id say its a good job others have put bids in then not even sunderland would accept being owned by the pound shop, but at least next time newcastle play sunderland we’ll ‘own’ them.

  4. [..YouTube..] 44000 and still higher than yous now the league table shows us above the scum you try and go on about attendance your lowest gate is lower than ours 🙂

  5. [..YouTube..] Just think if they had had SAFCs record over the last 15 years, up and down, 3 wins in one season, one small upset and the toon army disappears, if they get relegated the place will be empty.

  6. [..YouTube..] great news the annoying twat aka poshboyposh has deleted his account
    3 cheers
    hip hip……..
    hip hip……..
    hip hip……..

  7. [..YouTube..] PBP (he is no way posh have you seen the way he writes?) probably can’t pay his internet bills! Don’t worry he’ll find some scam to come back and bore us. He’s a sad fuck at the end of the day what else will occupy his day, you can only wank for so long!!!

  8. [..YouTube..] ha ha remember when the scum laughed when keegan walked now its are turn to laugh keane has gone you sad bastards you are going down ha ha ha ha ha

  9. [..YouTube..] i literally just came back to this page to give the mackems grief after what they said about kev months ago. at least kev didn’t blow 80 and threw in the towel mid season. classic keano!

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