I have Michael Jackson Thriller Hospitality tickets for opening night!

Following on from my rant about people buying Michael Jackson tickets just to sell them on again and make money, I have to admit I was actually concerned that I might not be able to get any for this tour.

Luckily, through a mixture of luck, fate and contacts I have managed to secure some Michael Jackson tickets, and how!

I initially used my nephew’s access code to buy tickets as he had to go to school and couldn’t complete an order in time on the Wednesday morning last week. The tickets were for the 22nd July and were quite far out. I was told binoculars might be needed.

Still, tickets are tickets and I was happy.

Then I heard that my sister had managed to buy tickets, though for some reason had pressed the wrong button on the website and had ended up with VIP tickets. She’s bought the Michael Jackson Thriller Hospitality Package, for the opening night on July 8th.

Now I don’t mind saying that these are expensive tickets, but nonetheless, I’m having ‘em. The chance to go to the opening night, with a pre-show party, after-show party and a close up view of the stage is something I’m not going to pass up.

Package includes:
Champagne on arrival
Pre-show party in private facility
DJ and entertainment
Red carpet VIP check in and fast track entry
Goody bag
Souvenir tour laminate
After show party
Parking/Thames Clipper ticket

Furthermore, as it’s the opening night I can report on the concert right here, so if you’d like to know what Michael Jackson’s show is really like, you can read it here first.

Is anyone else going to see him?

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6 thoughts on “I have Michael Jackson Thriller Hospitality tickets for opening night!”

  1. Nice! I registered for a presale code, but didn’t realize it had gone to my SPAM folder until after the tickets were all sold out. Trying to get even a single ticket during the public sale was impossible for me, the site just kept crashing. So I’m without a ticket 🙁 But really looking forward to your review!

  2. Thanks Theo, I’ll do my best to get a review up straight after the show to let everyone know what it’s like… which will probably be awesome!

  3. “Is anyone else going to see him?”

    No, we’ve got lives – also, even most of his teenygirly fanbase had grown bored with him by 1990 so it’s kind of queer to see a grown man raving over him like this.
    Gazing into my crystal ball though Daz, I see damp squibs, disappointments and cancellations ahead – don’t say Mystic Christopher didn’t warn you :-))

  4. The only dissapointment will be is if HDNL are charged with delivering the tickets for the event, there’ll be thousands of empty seats and a load of dumped tickets in a skip somewhere.

    Nice too that you brand it ‘queer’. I think we all guessed you were homeophobic, that comes across clearly in your ramblings.

    Get back to dumping parcels you jerk.

  5. Oh, dear “Mr” Daz, please rest assured that you’ll get your ticket regardless of who has the misfortune to deliver it to your front door! Now, why do you think I’m “homophobic” just because I used the word “queer”?? You obviously need to consult a dictionary ;-D
    Mark my words though Daz – this “comeback/farewell” set of dates has “impending disaster” stamped all over it!
    Your friend, always…..


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