HTC Touch HD

htc-touch-hd-001I’m looking at getting a new mobile phone to replace my Windows Smartphone (which is the size of a small car and is getting quite slow). The phone I intend to get is the new Windows Mobile 6 HTC Touch HD, the one without the keyboard. I’m not getting the keyboard version because my fingers are huge and I can’t operate the tiny keys anyway (I can’t even use the keyboard on the Eee PC properly).

One thing I need to check out though is the best place to get one, as obviously I can’t buy from Carphone Warehouse, as they’re likely to rip me off the same as they did the last time I used them, where they lied to me repeatedly. Their staff as bad enough too, as one of their former store managers proved when he emailed me just to abuse me. Quality customer service from Carphone Warehouse.

So, where do you think is the place to buy a mobile phone?

I might get lucky and hang on a few months as I’m due an upgrade on the Nokia N95 I had from Vodafone, but not sure I can wait that long.

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