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I was watching the first round of the Carling Cup last night and the unthinkable happened, my TV started to go on the fritz (I say my TV, it’s not, my TV has been borrowed by someone else and this TV belongs to another person again) very confusing I know, but the fact remains that I’m down a working TV.

Now, I usually buy a new TV just before every World Cup, which would put my TV buying ritual into action some time next May. However, this may have to be brought forward somewhat.

Cop on the EdgeI have been thinking though; do I really need a TV, when a data projector might be better? We used a data projector when we screened our film Cop on the Edge in the cinema in Newport way back in 1998, and despite the technician at the college claiming that he didn’t have any projector lamps powerful enough to project the film onto the forty foot screen, it still worked and looked great.

With this in mind, and coupled with the fact that projectors are much cheaper now, could I not make do with a data projector rather than a TV?

I’m not sure my front room is big enough, but that’s never bothered me before (I have an arcade machine in there) and I’d need a pull down screen, but what a way to watch movies and sport.

I shall have to take a look at the latest Sony and Toshiba projectors, see what they’re able to do and how they compare with an LCD Sony TV.

Darren Jamieson

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