Home Delivery Network to sack 700 people?

Great news for consumers who like to get their purchases delivered properly, as incompetent delivery firm, HDNL (Home Delivery Network Limited) look like they’re going to make 700 workers redundant, adding to the unemployment in the country.

Now, when this sort of thing happens to most companies you can expect a tad of sympathy, but with HDNL you’re not going to get any sympathy at all. I’m glad they’re sacking 700 workers, in fact, why can’t they sack all of them and just wind up the company? My original post about how Home Delivery Network botched a delivery has attracted well over 100 comments from angry customers who have also had their items lost, damaged or stolen by HDNL staff, and also comments from HDNL delivery drivers who have spouted racist abuse at customers via this website.

The post has become one massive advert as to why you shouldn’t use HDNL.

The news that HDNL could be sacking almost a thousand staff is great news for people who like to have their items delivered properly, as now perhaps Amazon will have to use a decent delivery service.

Julia Long, from the ‘Unite’ union, stated:

We have been working together over the last year putting changes in place to help the business move forward and become profitable after years of what we believe were bad decisions and poor management.

Irene Radigan from the Usdaw union added:

We are working with HDNL to minimise compulsory redundancies as a result of this restructuring. The home shopping sector has seen a steady decline over the last few years and these redundancies are not a direct result of the economic downturn.

According to the reports, HDNL depots in Basildon, Daventry, Newcastle, Eastleigh, Burslem, Sheffield and Edmonton will be closed, and the staff made redundant. HDNL has 59 depots in the UK, so there’s a few more to close before we can expect decent service once again.

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19 thoughts on “Home Delivery Network to sack 700 people?”

  1. Think you are being a tad harsh there.
    59 depots and 100 complaints on your blog,do the maths!!!!
    And if you find redunancies a good thing you are an absolute wanker!!!!!

  2. Well Mr Daz, what a complete cretin you are!

    How is 700 people losing their jobs ‘great news’?

    I was an employee of HDNL a couple of years ago and if the company was so bad how did it have contracts for Argos, Tesco, Next, Amazon etc etc. Market leaders in their own fields?

  3. Glad you find it so amusing that HDNL may be shedding jobs. Is your life so monumentally fucking dull that you have to glean pleasure from other peoples misery? Granted, HDNL are not perfect but a lot of the blame lies with the suppliers of your goods not giving correct address details. I can only hope that the arse one day falls out of your business and you end up on the dole you ignorant twat!
    Only 100 complaints on your pissy little website when HDNL deliver millions of parcels each month? Sorry but statistically that isn’t a bad enough delivery rate to warrant your smear campaign! Get a life, get your head out of the computer screen and find yourself a proper hobby. You may think you’re funny or providing a service but really you are just a sad geek who’s only pleasure in life seems to be moaning.

  4. Hi Villanut. Yes I am pleased that HDNL have sacked 700 people. It restores my faith in Karma, a faith which was starting to waver.

    When a company is as incompetent, poorly run and carries a lack of respect for its customers it deserves to fail, thankfully HDNL is now in the throws of self destruction.

    As for your quip about suppliers providing incorrect addresses, get your head out of the sand you moron. The address on a parcel in no way influences a delivery driver’s actions in lobbing it over a fence.

    HDNL deserves to be ripped apart by the administrators and its idiotic employees thrown onto the bread line.

  5. Well lets just say if the stories coming from the current and ex employees are true then it would only be karma if the job losses are those of the managerial dept, not the drivers. By sounds of things the drivers take such a knocking and are given ridiculous targets and punishment for returning parcels to the depot, thats its actually the lack of staff that is causing the problem, getting rid will only make matters worse. So, as so many large online retailers use this delivery company you will be looking at even poorer standards than you have been seeing for the near future. Not nice for anyone…i don’t think its fair to be gleeful in peoples job losses. Sorry!

    Oh, and my service has been about 95% good from HDNL(so no, not 100% but overal good, i recieve about 10 parcels a week), so at least my local drivers are doing a good job. I can name one big delivery company who have cocked up on 3 out of 4 deliveries via them though – its not HDNL!

  6. This is the most heartwarming story I’ve heard in ages.

    Everything I’ve previously ordered through Amazon had been delivered by Royal Mail – never a problem. I wasn’t at home, they’d pop a card through my door and I’d go to my local post office.

    HDNL is fundamentally flawed. I work 9-5 Monday to Friday, plus Saturday mornings. This is also the time their depot is open, over an hour away from my house. I also work in a hospital, which they won’t deliver to. They insist I need to sign for the package, which means they won’t just stick it through the letter box or leave it with a neighbour. I can’t get my package.

    I suspect Amazon’s used to complaints about them – one call to their customer service number and a replacement was on its way, upgraded for free to Royal Mail. Hopefully my original package will be returned to Amazon at some point, instead of languishing in the depot.

    I agree with you 100% – 700 redundancies is the start of something beautiful. The sooner this company goes under the better. Because the opposite (becoming the UK’s biggest delivery company) is just too horrible to bear.

  7. Emma my darling, you’re commenting on very OLD NEWS from last January, and for your information only approximately 350 employees were made redundant in our restructure, the vast majority of them going voluntarily. Also, I hate to bust your bubble but we were, and remain, the UK’s largest carrier.
    Finally, I’d just like to say that anyone who considers 700 job losses as “the start of something beautiful” clearly isn’t playing with a “full deck”!!

  8. Norman, the only reason Emma might not be ‘playing with a full deck’ is if she ordered some of her deck to be delivered by Home Delivery Network. They’d have got the address wrong and tossed the parcel, as per usual.

    And yes, 700 job losses (even 350) when it comes to the racist bigots at HDNL who have been posting on this website is a jolly good start.

  9. MrDaz, Firstly let me congratulate you on a great site and some fantastic rantings/ramblings.

    Secondly, i work for this scum bag company, ohh the joy i felt when i was informed that we had won the Amazon contract from the royal mail ( you know, the OTHER guys who lose your parcels, leave them on door steps in the rain and so on) for i knew the sh*t had hit the fan and spread all over me! as clearly, people who order £4-500+ laptops from amazon don’t need to be in to sign for it, there books will magically materialize behind there door and all those other delivery magix that happen!

    Now i probably don’t deliver in your area, and the stealing parcel smashing night sorting man loving scum ( that was just one of out depot ops managers) who feel that putting 2 boxes of wine on top of an old ladys box of flowers is a good idea probably have nothing todo with your parcels either. dam now i’ve forgotten what i was going to type, anyway i think i was trying to say this company sucks more arse to work for than it ever ever possably could being on your end. your are talking about a company that slaps you around the head one day because your carded ( attempted delivery but you, your neighbours and the people at the other end of the street where all out at work, and no leaving a note saying leave with neighbours doesn’t work cause they’re at work too!) rate is to high and then smack your head into the table because your mode of delivery ( your not aloud to leave them over fences, in bin cupboards, recycling boxes, behind bushes, with neighbours with great aunty flo……)

    i’m so tired right now i can’t even keep enough concentration to bitch about my work properly, 12 hours a day i’m at work,, and getting paid for 10 of them, i love my life and this stinking wanker infested company, who have been claiming for years that it’s been making a loss of millions every year but is still here ( 20 something million last year i think?)

    feel free to delete this post, i wouldn’t blame you if you did infact, if you could delete Hell Delivery Nightmare too i would be greatly appreciated!

    Oh well, 8 hours and i can go back to work, to the ungrateful scum who order stuff to there empty houses, No racism, no slandering or slating you MrDaz or anyone else in particular just a driver, the bottom of the shit heap wanting a rant, a tired, incohearant, badly spelt but not drunk rant!

    Good night

  10. Whilst not wishing to be unduly derogatory about HDN staff, (nearly all my parcels are delivered in a pleasant & timely manner), I have to grumble about my latest delivery. The driver must have knocked on the door with a sponge, for I was in at the time. I then went on the website to rearrange delivery – no problem but on trying to speak to someone to leave a message for the driver to put a bit of effort into his knock – impossible. Equally I found it impossible to find where my local depot is for a collection. Back to Royal Mail PLEASE!

  11. Yes MrDaz of course those 700 job lossed were your fault… No really! of course when the company almagamated (sorry that’s a big word, Combined might suit you more) 2 parcel delivery companies that have been going since you were in nappies they had no idea that there would be job losses. damned idiots in head office!
    lol @
    A) believing that you had anything to do with any job losses at all. The guy that threw your parcel over the fence is still working for us 🙂 but if you would have complained correctly he may have been sacked or at least reprimanded
    B) believing that this sad little ranty blog will make amazon change their minds! Cost over quality… always

    @ ALAN. Yeh amazon go back to royal mail… so they can cock up all your deliveries next christmas and once again for the fourth year running we will endeavor to pull our backs out to get your parcels to the customers. The reason Amazon use HDN is that we are a parcel delivery firm and royal mail cannot cope with the amount of orders of parcels (not Letters!) over the christmas period which is why they keep skriking sorry did i say skriking i meant Striking… surely

  12. 700 people being made redundant with no discrimination is not a good thing. You lose the good with the bad and service levels fall. Now, picking out the worst 700 employees from across the country would be good; it removes the fence throwers and the package stealers.

    The loss of 700 employees will mean taking on temporary staff to cover (because i do not think for one second that hdnl management will be able to calculate staffing requirements properly). This will cause ineffeciency, poor service and even greater unaccountability (sp?) – so if you are outside in the garden this summer, watch out for flying parcels.

  13. LoL at the flying parcels.
    I do agree with what you’re saying. It’s a shame that a fair few of the better drivers would have been lost in the cuts, buts that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

  14. Mr Daz.
    The expression, “Dont judge a book by its cover” clearly does not apply here. Indeed, I echo the sentiments of many of the other people who have commented throughout this thread – you seem to be just as much of a petty little wanker as your appearance suggests.

    Really, there’s a lot more I could say to verbally bury you right here but my guess is that it would be wholly unnecessary. Someone who manages to wind themselves up to such a vicious level of resentment over something so trivial as a parcel not being delivered in the way they would prefer, clearly needs no help from me in leading a miserable life.

    Oh, and don’t just assume that everyone who responds to you in a negative manner works for HDNL. Frankly, your posts have the capacity to offend anyone regardless of whether they are employed in the courier business or not. You reap what you sow Mr Daz.

  15. randomd

    Your claims to be able to ‘verbally bury’ me don’t exactly hold much water when accompanied by your use of the term ‘petty little wanker’.

    In addition, you fail to have grasped the notion that, while my plastic toy being thrown over a fence may be ‘trivial’, it has merely acted as a catalyst for hundreds of other people (some would call them customers) of Home Delivery Network to voice similar complaints with the service, or lack of, they have received.

    As for my assuming that everyone who disagrees with me works for HDNL; that’s a misnomer – I do not believe that you work for them as someone of intellect clearly wouldn’t lower themselves to that level, no matter the state of the economy. Even if, in the unlikely event, they did, they certainly wouldn’t defend them on a public forum.

  16. What a load of rubbish, i work for hdnl and try my best to keep you lot of moaner happy but there are some people who are hard to please, as for Amazon they are the problem not us

  17. HDNL are utterly crud. (Alan Fairhurst, the ‘knocking on the door with a sponge is a corker’ by the way, love it!) I ordered a parcel last Sunday to be delivered to our office on Tuesday in advance of my brother’s 21st birthday (yes Phil, this is for you). They reckon they came on the 25th, 26th and 27th (yesterday). The parcel hadn’t arrived all day between 9am and 6pm yesterday, so as the office was closed from 6pm, I decided to actually sit outside of the office in my car like a total loser, until 7pm when the deliveries finish to await this 21st birthday gift. I waited, and waited, rang some friends, got really bored, got dodgy looks of passers by thinking I was casing the joint to break in, but come 7pm, no parcel and I was now also late for my brother’s birthday. Ideal eh?!

    When I rang them later last night to find out where it was, they said that there was an attempted delivery at 6.45pm earlier that evening. This delivery guy must have the skills of ninja as he apparently managed to walk past my car to get to the door of the office, knock on the locked door and then realise it was closed, go back to his van with the parcel and drive back to the depot. Wow. He should work for MI5, not HDNL.

    I can’t even muster up any more energy to tell you the rest of this story, but it’s now 1pm the following day, still no parcel. What a load of shite!

  18. I hope they sack all the drivers and go out of business! For the FOURTH time since February I have been let down by this Mickey Mouse company, let down and lied to! Today, I phoned up the Customer Service centre at 7pm to find out what time I could expect delivery of my parcel from Amazon. “They attempted delivery at 6:50pm but got no answer so they left you a card” I was told . . . a blatant lie by the delivery driver! Not only had that NOT attempted to deliver, but they had failed to leave a card.

    Furthermore, on the tracking record they stated that delivery was attempted at 6:50pm yet my undelivered parcel was handed in at their Warrington depot at 7:03pm – 13 minutes later – Warrington is 23 miles away from where I live – even when traffic is at a minimal the journey takes 50 minutes, yet their driver was able to complete it in 14 minutes!! Utterly useless company!

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