Home Delivery Network to sack 700 people?

Great news for consumers who like to get their purchases delivered properly, as incompetent delivery firm, HDNL (Home Delivery Network Limited) look like they’re going to make 700 workers redundant, adding to the unemployment in the country.

Now, when this sort of thing happens to most companies you can expect a tad of sympathy, but with HDNL you’re not going to get any sympathy at all. I’m glad they’re sacking 700 workers, in fact, why can’t they sack all of them and just wind up the company? My original post about how Home Delivery Network botched a delivery has attracted well over 100 comments from angry customers who have also had their items lost, damaged or stolen by HDNL staff, and also comments from HDNL delivery drivers who have spouted racist abuse at customers via this website.

The post has become one massive advert as to why you shouldn’t use HDNL.

The news that HDNL could be sacking almost a thousand staff is great news for people who like to have their items delivered properly, as now perhaps Amazon will have to use a decent delivery service.

Julia Long, from the ‘Unite’ union, stated:

We have been working together over the last year putting changes in place to help the business move forward and become profitable after years of what we believe were bad decisions and poor management.

Irene Radigan from the Usdaw union added:

We are working with HDNL to minimise compulsory redundancies as a result of this restructuring. The home shopping sector has seen a steady decline over the last few years and these redundancies are not a direct result of the economic downturn.

According to the reports, HDNL depots in Basildon, Daventry, Newcastle, Eastleigh, Burslem, Sheffield and Edmonton will be closed, and the staff made redundant. HDNL has 59 depots in the UK, so there’s a few more to close before we can expect decent service once again.

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