Home Delivery Network complaints on BBC Watchdog

Home Delivery Network appeared on BBC Watchdog tonight, with a number of people complaining about their lack of service. Incredibly though, not one of the customers complaining about HDNL mentioned anything about the sort of stuff we’ve seen here on this website, such as the abuse from drivers, threats of physical violence, racist comments or the magical disappearance of parcels… except maybe for the woman who’s boyfriend ordered the laptop that vanished without trace. Tesco even said to the BBC, and is printed on their website:

Tesco customers rightly expect the very best service. We deliver to millions of happy customers every week so we were very sorry to hear about Ms Treacy’s experience and inconvenience. We sent the laptop out just a few hours after she ordered it so we are investigating with YODEL why it wasn’t delivered.

Well Tesco, if the thousands of comments left by angry customers on MrDaz.com are anything to go by, I think the location of that laptop is probably fairly easy to determine. I would indeed investigate with YODEL, formerly HDNL, as to where it ended up.

As most of the complaints aired on Watchdog tonight were fairly mild by comparison, you can read a more forthright and colourful collection of Home Delivery Network’s indiscretions right here on MrDaz.com.

Darren Jamieson, aka MrDaz, is the Technical Director and co-founder of Engage Web and has been working online in a career spanning two decades. His first website was built in 1998 and is still live today.

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38 thoughts on “Home Delivery Network complaints on BBC Watchdog”

  1. We have recently had 2 parcels delivered by HDNL. Both parcels were left behind our parked car, resting against the bumper, on our driveway, clearly visible to anyone walking past. One of the parcels was a playstation 3 packed in a cardboard box and it was raining. Luckily for us my son came home about 11.30am when the playstation was delivered so I don’t think it had been there too long.

  2. I have had several issues with this courier. I am bemused as to why companies use them. Everytime they mess up i contact the site/shop i bought off to stress my concern. Several times they have left parcels worth over £50 on my open porch in full view of the road. Luckily i live in a nice area but still. Also they have put items in my garage and set off my house alarm, my dogs also sleep in there so therefore risked letting my dogs escape.

  3. I placed an order with UNIQLO which uses HDNL for delivery. After sometime from shipping notice (3 – 7 days required), I looked up my tracking number on HDNL website to discover the parcel was delivered to the customer, but I never have it. HDNL says the parcel was signed for by my neighour whom I never heard (they say they don’t leave message if signed for by anyone) nor they can provide me with her flat number. More incredible is UNIQLO insisting HDNL delivered the parcel to me at the address I provided and signed for by this person I have never met. I hold both UNIQLO and HDNL responsible for my undelivered percel.

  4. hi, i have been waiting for a parcel form DHL from sheffield to north nottinghamshire since 2nd dec 2010, i know weather was bad first week but since then nothing. i have phoned to chase several times and been told its on its way to call later in the evening incuding tonight 11/12 that it again has been returned to depot because of bad weather. is it my imagination or do we no longer have bad weather. its a trip of about 30 miles. i have had family now visit from sheffield who say its not too bad now. so what can i now do?

  5. Today i had a parcel delivered – great i hear you all say!
    But….the delivery driver had let themselves in to my property and left the parcel in my vestibule!
    My partner was upstairs at the time of delivery and hadn’t heard them knocking.
    Although i appreciate them saving me from re-delivery hassle, i don’t find it right that they feel they have the right to enter somebody’s house without them knowing!
    This has left me shocked!
    But on the plus side i have recieved compensation from Tesco.

  6. Hi again,
    I finally located the mistery person HDNL insisted who signed off my percel. She says she never did. Then UNIQLO sends me a message my percel was returned. It appears HDNL never ever delivered the percel nor left a faild delivery message, but carried my parcel around and returned it to the retailer.
    UNIQLO refunded the purchase amount, but refusing refund of the delivery cost. I know it’s very small, but cannot stand HDNL renumerated for non delivery and lies and UNIQLO using HDNL but not being responsible for their service.

  7. After 3 cards left (I was in every morning but kept getting deliveries in the afternoon) I contacted Home Delivery Network to arrange for myself to collect from their depot on the Saturday morning. When I arrived someone went off to track down my parcel. After half an hour I asked if someone else could go in search of the first person. Twenty minutes later the first person came back to say that she couldn’t find the parcel. THEN THE SECOND PERSON CAME BACK TO SAY THAT THE PARCEL HAD BEEN DELIVERED TO MY HOME WHILE I HAD BEEN WAITING FOR IT TO BE FOUND. How disorganised can one company be. Not only had i travelled about 9 miles but had waited over an hour to be told it was not there !!!

  8. I’ve been waiting again for my parcel from HDNL & did anyone out there know that none their drivers have mobile phones to contact customers when the driver can’t locate the property. IT’S MADNESS

  9. Mind you…im pleased i left the Royal Mail !!! I found the public pretty disgusting.

    The memories:

    The man who lived on my round who ordered porn films by mail and whose squalid living arrangements left me with the odour of his greazy house in my mostrils for hours. Think fishy body odour ,grease and faeces and you are nearly there.

    The lovely lady who let her dogs attack me

    The junkies who would threaten me for possible girocheques in my bag.

    The lady who didnt even live on my round hounding me about the decay of the Royal Mail whilst my confused three year old son became upset as i picked him up from nursery.

    The lady who shouted abuse because i knocked too loudly

    The abusive man who shouted filth at me for knocking too gently.

    Oh those were the days

  10. HDN should be put out of business. Clarks shoes use them. Clarks are an efficient company but they are only as good as their weakest link. I ordered shoes in their sale and the first time HDN tried to deliver we were out. I rearranged an all day delivery 7am to 7pm. I live in a sheltered Housing complex with a security door and cameras. No one came all day but they tried to say that they HAD tried to deliver the parcel. I am sure they thought that they could get away with it by saying we wouldn t answer the door/were out etc. To add insult to in jury they are saying that they will not deliver to my address again. They are LIARS and I don t want to hear from them again. Their customer service is non existant. I am writing to Clarks, and asking them why, with their reputation, they use such a cr…p company.

  11. This is an update on yesterdays posting. I have contacted Clarks, who contacted HDN on my behalf. Clarks are angry because they have lost an order( the shoes I ordered were in the sale and are sold out) They told me that when their contract is about to be renewed they look at all the complaints about them. I assume that this also happens with other companys. I hope everyone who has a complaint against HDM does not bother to contact them. Instead, complain to the company you have ordered the goods from. HDL will just close ranks if you contact them( that is IF you can contact them!)

  12. I just had a small piece delivered.


    Was supposed to be a 24 HOUR OVERNIGHT DELIVERY.

    When I called the number on the Home Delivery Network’s website I was more or less told WE DO NOT CARE and NO YOU CANNOT TALK TO A MANAGER.

  13. Ordered stuff being delivered by Yodel these cowboys renamed. Terrible call menu system does not have options to speak to human being or redirect parcel!
    Will never buy anything using them again. Grr.

  14. I order something from Topshop and specifically asked for nominated day delivery so I could pick a time when I’d be at home.

    I waited for HDN to post my parcel and surprise surprise hear nothing.

    A day later I called customer services to be told that the driver swears he delivered the parcel and theres ‘nothing they can do.’

    So basically not only have I lost over £100 worth of cloths but I now have to find something else to wear and face a long argument with Topshop about getting my cash back.

    The service is appauling and they dont even have a complaints procedure (probably because they can’t resource the torrid of angry complaints) anyway they need shitting down- HDN are a joke.

  15. Oh what a wonderful company HDNL are. I ordered a laptop from Littlewoods, their tracking feature stated that I would receive said laptop by the 2nd of March. So, end of business on the 2nd and no laptop, I go to the tracking on Littlewoods which I hadn’t bothered keeping a check on because I assumed I’d receive it by the said date. Lo and behold, it says that delivery was attempted on the 28th of February and a card left …. Bullshine …. There were two people in my house all day and NOBODY can come to the door without the dogs going mad.

    So starts the long and drawn our process of phone calls. Three hours on and off to HDNL and Littlewoods on Wednesday night. HDNL couldn’t locate the parcel, not even with the postcode. Exhausted and frustrated, I left it to try again on Thursday morning. I managed to speak to a very helpful and patient young man who immediately located the parcel using the postcode (don’t ask) …. He told me that the parcel would be delivered on Friday …. No parcel … Phoned again and this time spoke to a supervisor, who after my ranting, told me I would definitely receive it on Saturday …. No parcel ….. Phoned again and spoke to another supervisor who said she couldn’t understand why they weren’t loading the parcel onto the van at the depot, and that she would personally call them on Monday morning to ensure that this time they did. Monday comes (today) I call and ask to speak to the supervisor just to confirm that I’d be getting a delivery ….. She called the depot and guess what? Yep, they’ve LOST my £1,000 laptop.

    So now? An investigation is taking place by Littlewoods and HDNL to try and ascertain exactly where it is …. Will I get a replacement? Nope, not until the investigation is complete.

  16. Tell Littlewoods to stick their bloody laptop; they haven’t delivered what you’ve paid for. It does look like it’s been stolen, which isn’t surprising.

  17. Yep, I’m under the impression that it’s been stolen, it’s the only explanation as to why they can’t find it.

  18. Gross incompetence or absolute corruption; take your pick with HDNL – it could be a case of either.

  19. I ordered £30 worth of coffee on 7th Feb from Tassimo, who use HDNL. If I’d have known they used them at the time I wouldn’t have bothered. I had problems with HDNL at Christmas with delivery problems, but that’s a different story altogether folks.

    I work full-time Mon to Fri; I’m sure you’re all well aware that they only deliver during these times (which I think is ridiculous), and I don’t drive to collect from depot either. So, I was left in a quandry about what to do. After a couple of weeks trying to work something out I rang the automated service to ask them to keep the parcel there until I could get a lift to Hull to collect it (I live 35 miles out).

    Last Fri I went to collect it and they unapologetically explained they’d sent it back to the supplier! The receptionist said they don’t keep parcels more than 15 days. I am very angry that I wasn’t told about this. There was no information on the tracking, automated service or on the calling card to say this would happen and it was a wasted 70 mile round trip for us. They said I’d have to contact Tassimo to get them to re-deliver. I told them I’ll only have the same problem in that I’m not in to sign for it. Why they didn’t just knock on my neighbours and get them to sign for it is beyond me. I’m still seething to be honest and I swear I’m never using them again.


  20. Clothing at Tesco use HDNL, which I only found out when it was too late.

    I have had problems with HDNL before, but never like this:

    Tracked my order throught Clothing at Tesco, dispatched and would be delivered Monday 11th April 2011. So my wife stayed in all day waiting, as it was clothes for our 4 month old.

    I got home at 6:15pm to find that they still hadn’t been delivered. Anyway we went out for dinner thinking that HDNL may leave the delivery with a neibour or do their usual chuck it over the fence at the back of the house.

    Anyway when we got home I checked the status of the delivery as their was no card. Their website stated “The parcel has been left in a secure location at the front of the property”, well thats a load of BS, the only things at the front of my property is a car parking space and a public foot path (hardly secure). Oh and it was supposidly delivered to the secure location at 17:26. My wife would have noticed someone outside the house!

    Clothing at Tesco have asked HDNL to investigate. The extent of which was they interviewed the driver, who said that he did deliver it to that location!

    HDNL = “£$”&^£$(“£$”(£$ (*$”£&$ ($ ( ((£$”!£$”^^£$£$

    I really do want to sware but that would just sink to their level.

  21. HDNL only delivered half my parcel. That was on Day 1. The courier estimated that the rest of my goods would arrive the next day. I asked for their depot number. He didn’t have it. Even more astonishingly, he claimed not to know the name of the delivery company! He was so bone-headedly evasive, as if I would just give up and accept that he didn’t know who his employers were. Close to losing my temper, he relented and suddenly found a depot number on his form.
    Anyway, despite numerous promises from both HDNL and the supply company, it is now Day 4 and no sign of the parcel. I feel the supply company are being messed around too and they have now decided that I can have my goods when they come, AND a refund. I’m very grateful for that but I also hope that if this is a regular occurance for them, they will give HDNL the push when it’s time for contract renewal.
    Apparently my goods will arrive tomorrow, Day 5. I’m not holding my breath. The depot is less than 5 miles from where I live but on Day 3 the driver apparently had my other parcels in his van but drove them back to the depot when his working hours exceeded the limit. Who’s to say that won’t happen again and again?

  22. I ordered some goods through Matalan on 19th April – Matalan assured me goods would be delivered within 3 working days. Tried to track through DHL to no avail, all it said on DHL site was ’21/04 no one at property card left’ no such card was left through my door! I rang DHL having been kept in a queue for 10 minuets only to be told their computers had gone down and didnt know when they would be up and running. I waiting until Easdter was done with, then I arrive home from work on 27/04 to a card left by YODEL ?? Never heard of them, contacted the mobile number and the person said once they had found my parcel they would contact me, they didnt. I rang again on 28/04 and spoke to the delivery driver who asked me to drive to his own home address to collect MY parcel of which I have paid for delivery to MY HOME ! He politely asked me to get to his address before 5.30pm that day as he was going out…so I drove straight there after work and got there at 4.50pm, he wasnt home !! I rang and rang his mobile number and it has been constantly turned off, I have left several irate messages and I am so peed off it is unreal. I just want my goods which the money has been taken from my bank account, it will be 2 weeks on Tuesday and I doubt I will have received my parcel. Tuesday came and went, no parcel so I rand YODEL who then took my work address as they said it would be easier to deliver in the day, they guaranteed my parcel would be delivered Wednesday 04th May, once gain nothing. I emailed my concerns and complaint to Matalan who replied but not one apology just to say my parcel was scanned onto the delivery truck at 08.05am on 04th May. Having had enough now, i have asked Matalan for a full refudn of my money. I cant be bothered to wait any longer. Just out of curiosity I rang YODEL again who then told me the driver could deliver to my home address this evening Thursday 05th May, I said I wasnt home yet and I refused to rush home just to wait in for nothng. They then took my work address AGAIN and said they would delivery my parcel on Friday 06th May now… i will have a coronary if I see this parcel tomorrow, Matalan told me to keep the goods if i ever get them and they would refund my money. Disgusting service and shame on Matalan for using such a disgusting delivery team.

  23. So I supposed to get my delivery today. Checked on their tracking website and this is the three most recent logs

    The parcel is at the incorrect Depot (for delivery) 20th Jul 2011 05:35
    The parcel is at the incorrect Depot (for delivery) 20th Jul 2011 05:35
    The parcel is at the incorrect Depot (for delivery) 20th Jul 2011 06:37

    How? I mean, seriously, wow!
    As if things aren’t bad enough they just have to logs same thing not twice but three times.

    I have had quite a good experience with HDNL. My local HDNL people are quite decent. Once it got through the guy before them that is.

  24. I have been waiting for a clothes delivery for 4 days. My husband and I were both home all day Monday and Tuesday. I was tracking delivery, which was on drivers van, so I hoped the parcel would be received during the day on Tuesday. Nothing all day. We went to bed at midnight, and the next morning at 8am, I again checked the tracking, and it stated – Parcel delivered to front of house at 10.40pm!! There was no ring or knock at the door, the lights were all on, so driver would have known we were home, and there isn’t a safe place at the front of house, we’re on a main road! We do have a drive and back access, but there was nothing left at the back, so my parcels are now missing!

  25. On Friday HDNL stated that they had attempted delivery. I knew that I was in, so I queried this with the depot. Sure enough they tracked where the driver was when he was supposedly outside my house and he was infact in another county! Parcel arrives Monday. Signed for it, as box was secured in a green bag. On opening green bag, box badly damaged as though been kicked. Item slightly dented, so sent back. This time courier who collected was Yodel. I know that this is HDNL rebranded, but collected parcel at a reasonable time and was very professional.

  26. Couldnthis all be a scam to get us to all call their 10p a minute phone number? They must be making a fair bit of money out of that with so many people having to call.
    I’m waiting still for a delivery from Amazon UK via Yodel. Totally disgusted at having taken 3 days off work so far due to the online redelivery system didn’t work despite saying it had been arranged for today. I resorted to phoning today when a hire van with a Yodel driver pulled up next door to deliver who are away and asked if he had mine. Nope! He didn’t even ask if I would accept my neighbours parcel, just stuck a card through the door.

    This company does not deserve to be in business and for the sake of the employees I hope they get some decent management and it gets sorted before they go out of business.

  27. HDNL failed to deliver yesterday for me as I was told by supplier they would. Phoned them at 6.45 last night and girl told me it had only just been received by them and was actually due for delivery the day after and gave a tracking number.

    I waited in again today, until at lunchtime I thought of trying the tracking number. When I did it said that the parcel had arrived in their depot yesterday morning at 7.20 and at 6.48 last night have been sent back to supplier and had left their depot last night at 6.52. On phoning up to enquire about this I was told the supplier had put a ‘stop and return’ on it and it was nothing to do with them. I asked why they would do that at that time of night and why the previous girl told me it would be delivered today and was told ‘not our problem, contact supplier’.

    On contacting supplier they said it made no sense for them to do that – which is obvious to start with – and that they couldn’t even if they’d wanted to since they all go home at five thirty. They thought the girl at HDNL had hit the wrong key and somehow arranged for it to be sent back. They apologise profusely and said they’d take it up with them. I also got their complaint e-mail and postal addresses.

    Had other problems with this company but this is the worst. It was an LCD tv being delivered and I’m not keen on it bouncing back and forward hundreds of miles from the south of england on more journeys than it needs to. Now I have to wait a further four working days to get it – it going back to supplier with 48 hours then another 48 coming back to depot again. Hope I get it next time and get it undamaged.

  28. I order a new coat off the NewLook website and paid extra for next day delivery so that i would have the coat for my husbands Infantry ceremony in catterick.
    I waited in all day and called at 7pm i was told my parcel was with the driver and would be with me by 9.30 pm latest.
    Suprise suprise 9.30 comes and goes so i call again and their staff tell me that the driver let them know that they came to my property and i was not in so they left a card. Now i was in my lounge waiting with the curtains open and a plain view of my cul de sac. Not one car or van even entered my street. I had no calling card, no one rang the bell no one even knocked. in fact (yeah suprise suprise again here) No one even came on to my street.
    I am furious, i have logged a complaint with the company and with NewLook as well. This company reflects badly on them! To top it off its not like i can even go to the shops and buy it from there as im disabled and my husband is in Yorkshire! (im in northampton)
    They wouldnt even give me a rough time of redelivery on Monday despite me logging a complaint with them.
    This company should be put out of business they are awful.

  29. I was told by my supplier that my beauty products I ordered would arrive on the 31st or around of Aug. I waited until the 9th sept then contacted Yodel> After being told that someone would get back to me. ( they Didn,t ) I left a message on Yodels website a few days later. yet again no one got back to me. I then phone a further two times over a period of a few days each time being told that somone would get back to me. After thew ntog vei

  30. Yodel is the worst company I have ever dealt with. Lousey service and a cunning way of avoiding dealing with customers by having only automated phone systems and premium rate numbers.

    I have now taken 2 days off work to wait for a delivery and it hasn’t turned up again. I would have collected myself but the depot is a 100 mile round trip. (Further away than where the parcel was sent from in the 1st place)


  31. Another complains for Yodel:
    I was home all day to receive a parcel, the tracking site said they tried to deliver and left a card. Both were not true! I called and texted the mobile nr they had texted me to contact the driver. It’s never answered.

    I called O2 where the parcel came from, they arranged for Yodel to deliver again same day. Again Yodel website said they tried and left a card. Call centre gave me the number of the depot, I called several times, no answer.

    I drove to the depot the next day, driver had fallen ill I was told, but parcel still on van. When I mentioned about the 2 missed deliveries he sais there were teething problems. Other customers there were complaining about similar experiences. It seems parcels are left in vans, even when drivers are off; one driver was shopping for Christmas gifts we were told. Fantastic news, as we were waiting for ours.

    The Wrexham depot was a sight to behold, thousands of undelivered parcels and only 1 staff. Many Amazon parcels there, so I alerted them that they will be getting complaints.

    I emailed Yodel 3 times over 2 days to get a response: No reply. O2 have now requesed the parcel will be delivered to my work, I hold little hope it will ever arrive, as its an iPhone, and after reading the comment about the missing laptop I am doubtful I will ever see it.

    Just use Royal Mail, at least their depots are within easy reach, and not 20 minutes drive.

  32. I ordered 5 items from Matalan Online Website for an Office X Mas Party. The order was made on 30/11/2011

    Standard Delivery of the order is 5 Working Days

    On the 5the I was informed that the items had been delivered to a Yodel Warehouse in Borehamwood

    After making several complaints today (08/12/2011) they managed to deliver 2 items

    I am still awaiting delivery of the rest of the items and my party is on the 10th

    When I called customer services they said that the best option they could provide me was a cancellation of the order… Lovely Customer Services from Matalan… and great delivery service from Yodel

  33. I ordered items from Presents For Men as Xmas gifts for my son. Ordered them in plenty of time as he lives and works away from home, but has taken holiday over the festive period and will be coming home on Sunday 18th Dec. After waiting in for 4 days with no sign of delivery and no movement at all according to hdn website, I finally contacted the retailers. They were very helpful and are re-sending my items out to me, this time via Parcelforce, and not charging me for next day delivery. However, this parcel won’t be with me until Tuesday 20th when my son will be home. So thanks for nothing hdn, you’ve managed to screw things up for yet another consumer.

  34. What a lot of shit sorry but if i could find the idiot driver i would stick parcel down his throat DO NOT USE THIS BUNCH OF IDIOTS. they could not locate my address but want to deliver tomorrow ?

    Borehamwood nuke it do us all a favour

  35. Same as everyone else…ordered expensive headphones from amazon, signing up for Amazon Prime to ensure they arrived next day….someone definately in each day but every day the tracking said undeliverable…no cards, no phone calls hust tracking saying undeliverable for a week…HDNL impossible to contact website not expecting tracking number…profuse apologies from amazon, but still nothing, and Im not now expecting anything….how the hell can such a cowboy operation win the trust of so many large respectable retailers..they’re v. clearly crooks, and need to be stopped.

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