Home Delivery Network complaints on BBC Watchdog

Home Delivery Network appeared on BBC Watchdog tonight, with a number of people complaining about their lack of service. Incredibly though, not one of the customers complaining about HDNL mentioned anything about the sort of stuff we’ve seen here on this website, such as the abuse from drivers, threats of physical violence, racist comments or the magical disappearance of parcels… except maybe for the woman who’s boyfriend ordered the laptop that vanished without trace. Tesco even said to the BBC, and is printed on their website:

Tesco customers rightly expect the very best service. We deliver to millions of happy customers every week so we were very sorry to hear about Ms Treacy’s experience and inconvenience. We sent the laptop out just a few hours after she ordered it so we are investigating with YODEL why it wasn’t delivered.

Well Tesco, if the thousands of comments left by angry customers on MrDaz.com are anything to go by, I think the location of that laptop is probably fairly easy to determine. I would indeed investigate with YODEL, formerly HDNL, as to where it ended up.

As most of the complaints aired on Watchdog tonight were fairly mild by comparison, you can read a more forthright and colourful collection of Home Delivery Network’s indiscretions right here on MrDaz.com.

Darren Jamieson

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