HDNL redundancies my fault?

It was suggested to me this week that the 700 job losses at Home Delivery Network were my fault. I of course rebuked this claim, but after some consideration there may be an element of truth to that.

For example, if you’re distribution manager for a firm such as Littlewoods or Vodafone, and you’re looking to cut your costs by switching from Royal Mail to another delivery company, you’d obviously Google the company first to check their reputation. By Googling ‘Home Delivery Network’ you’ll find MrDaz.com on the first page, right behind their own site, with the story of how they tossed my parcel over the gate into a puddle. You’ll also read over 100 comments from other dissatisfied customers who’ve had the displeasure of dealing with HDNL, and also comments from HDNL delivery drivers who are proud of their lack of care and attention, openly racist and abusive towards customers.

For example, here’s one comment from a Home Delivery Network driver, and this is one of the more intelligent ones:


Wow, “Mr” Daz, I’m really in awe of your incredible intellectualism and well-honed debating skills which mean you would NEVER, EVER have recourse to childishly using four-letter words.

Now “Mr” Daz, I suggest you take a long, hard look at yourself and ask yourself if it was REALLY such a big deal that the packaging of your silly little toy got a little damp?

Also, reflect upon the FACTS that

1) You’re NOT the only person on this Earth
2) The world is an imperfect place.
3) Real people who do REAL jobs (ie – they get their hands dirty and actually SWEAT) such as driving for HDNL are NOT on this planet solely to wipe your sweet, perfumed backside.

Would you want your brand associated with that sort of company, when their staff don’t care that they throw parcels over fences and they’re openly abusive towards customers? Of course not.

Therefore anyone looking at hiring a delivery firm would discount HDNL (quite rightly) perhaps accelerating the company’s decision to cut back on staff.

Darren Jamieson, aka MrDaz, is the Technical Director and co-founder of Engage Web and has been working online in a career spanning two decades. His first website was built in 1998 and is still live today.

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12 thoughts on “HDNL redundancies my fault?”

  1. Since my post yesterday has got you so rattled that you have decided to start a new blog page to slate the employees of HDNL, I thought it was only fair to repost my reply to you on it! So here we go again, Mr Daz …

  2. Yes, that’s right Chris. Your post has me ‘rattled’.

    Er, no. Plus, don’t post the same comment on different pages. If you have something new to say, say it. Putting your fingers in your ears and saying the same thing isn’t constructive.

  3. I think it’s YOU who is the one putting his fingers in his ears and trying to Grandstand to the other readers of your Blog.
    Clearly my post has you rattled otherwise you’d have no qualms about posting it, in context, here.
    Here is a direct link to it for any other readers of the site who wish to read it. I doubt Mr Daz, champion of free speech that he undoubtedly is, will post it though, and will probably delete it as above, but here goes anyway –

  4. You really are a moron.

    I deleted that part of your comment because it was duplicate content. It was the same comment you posted on another thread.


  5. Job losses should not be blamed on the messenger. As the company acts in a shambolic and calamitous manner towards it’s customers, it is always going to be doomed to failure.

    Harsh on those that have lost their jobs, but this is hardly a vendetta by MrDaz, as there are other websites where people have vented their understandable anger at HDNL.

  6. Google and you will find several websites which slate ANY national delivery company you care to choose.
    People who have had (or THINK they have had) a “bad experience” with an organisation are far more inclined and motivated to post their opinions on websites than those who had a good or satisfactory experience – it really is as simple as that.
    It’s all about context. Of course, our mutual friend Daz is in denial about that particular fact of life. Recognition of it would, after all, sink his whole raison d’etre.
    Still, at least he’s good entertainment – little more than a slightly younger version of Victor Meldrew of course, but quite entertaining nevertheless. We love him!

  7. I would have thought that a Distribution Manager of a firm as big as the ones you’ve mentioned here would do a bit more reliable research on a potential delivery company than ‘Googling’ the company name

  8. My God in heaven, is this really what they’re like when they actually reply?

    I’ve fired quite a few emails at them in the past and never had a response. I wouldn’t like to either if that’s the way they behave towards customers.

    Well done you for giving them a showing up in public. I do wonder if you are responsible for the job ‘losses’.

    Best Wishes,


  9. I’m afraid this is what they’re like yeah. It seems that most of the Home Delivery Network drivers who use this website are racist morons who are too happy to blame their heavy workload for them not doing their jobs properly.

    It’s a good job the rest of Britain isn’t run this way. Imagine if doctors blamed too many patients for them lopping off the wrong limbs and not bothering with surgeries.

  10. If 700 people have been made redundant because of this blog then it is probably a blessing in disguise for them. I have no doubt that unless HDNL is placed under new management soon the company will not be here long and so eventually all staff working for them will be forced to find another position and better to get into a professional organisation sooner rather than later for their staff. Surely they can see that this company has made the worst start to any business since Deutsche Zeppelin launched the Hindenburg!

  11. Can I just ask if you never recieved the package on the day it was delivered would there be a blog saying HDNL can’t deliver on time?? Also if you had somewere safe and dry to place the package why didnt you let the company know?? now im no genius but if a 10 year old boy can understand this why cant you??? really it not rocket science

  12. I am about to be made redundant after 20 years driving for hdn before that it was called reality before that white arrow. Never had a complaint against my name, never lost a parcel so i must have done something right.
    If you and all your friends hate the service now just wait till next feb when they shut 37 delivery depots down and make thousands redundent. And why are they doing that you ask. B ecause part time couriers, owner drivers, immigrant workers will do this job for peanuts. Then you will know what piss poor service really is.
    Me i dont care what they do to the company i will walk away with 50 grand and i have already sorted another job. Like any other job out there its just a means to an end.

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