HDNL rebrands to Yodel to escape bad online press


It appears that Home Delivery Network has finally given up on trying to repair their shattered online reputation (just Google for HDNL or Home Delivery Network and you’ll see what I mean) and they’ve opted to change names instead, to Yodel.

The CEO of Yodel, Jonathan Smith, claims the move is to help the company move forward and become the biggest delivery firm in the industry, but we know the real reason. In a comment that made me chuckle, Yodel CEO Jonathan Smith says that Home Delivery Network’s rebrand will allow them to become more customer focused!

“”We are delighted to be unveiling this new brand, which represents our ambitions to be a truly customer focused business offering a full suite of services that others in the market cannot match.”

The combined business is already growing faster than the market and we are excited about our future potential.”

I guess this means that when people come home to find parcels lobbed over fences or packages shattered into pieces and a note from ‘Yodel’ – they’ll struggle to find them online in order to complain – at least that’s what HDNL will be hoping.

Fear not though; already on the case!

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97 thoughts on “HDNL rebrands to Yodel to escape bad online press”

  1. I’m now on my 3rd day off work as they failed to deliver again yesterday. I went online to rearrange for today which was all ok. Not happy I need more time off but needs must. Saw a hie van pull up outside with a driver wearing a Yodel uniform. He went next door, I asked if it was for me and he said no. I then politely asked if he had a parcel for me. Nope! That was it. I then tried to speak to an actual person after ringing Yodels 08 number. Eventually managed to get through to a human being only to be told the redelivery date hadn’t been set. I couldn’t believe it. The online system said that it had been arranged for today. At this point I lost my temper when he asked what would I like to do. My reply was for them to just f***ing deliver my parcel I have been waiting 8 days for. He replied he can send it tomorrow. And I asked if it could be early as they have caused so much inconvenience. He replied it would be anytime tomorrow between 7am and 7pm.
    I have complained to Amazon UK who I purchased the goods from and their response has been hopeless too. I am now an ex Amazon customer all the while they continue to use HDNL/Yodel.

    It would be great if there were a list of retailers that use them so I can avoid purchasing anything from them just so I don’t have to deal with this awful company.

    Sorry for going on but I am rarely so annoyed by such poor service. I have also contacted BBC Watchdog about the poor service.

  2. I’m so glad I stumbled across this complaints section for Yodel. They are, in my humble opinion, the most MORONIC delivery service on the planet (nobody could be worse). Useless morons. Had my phone upgraded by carphone warehouse, put in my tracking number on the day it was supposed to deliver got a rather curious ‘customer refused to sign’ strange as I was at work during attempted delivery and nowhere near the parcel. Left no calling card AT ALL. No attempt to contact me as a customer either. Next day it said: ‘possible delay as problem with address’. Umm… excuse me!?? And why not contact me or carphone warehouse if so??? Sent complaint via their only available method (online email form) and lo and behold – 4 days later, no response. THEN they send the phone back to sender, without even getting permission from carphone. Morons with a capital M. This company should get it’s act together or be closed down by the watchdog. Comletely unacceptable level of so-called ‘service’. Disgraceful.

  3. Yodel or is it NODEL, checked tracking system incomplete address, consignee can not be reached and so on. spoke to customer services chap on the end of the phone was a waste of time gave him 2 contact phone numbers and he assured me parcel would be delivered on monday. monday came and wen’t nothing came, manged to get hold of the depot witch was WREXHAM spoke to driver he said he had been to the address but couldn’t see the house name so he wouldn’t deliver. I asked him had he got my phone numbers he said yes. well why didn’t you ring them cause i fort no one was in he said . but i will ring you tomorrow thou he said, we will weight in for the 4th day and see, I will never use Nodel nor will i buy from companys that use them. maybe Watchdog will do a week long program on them because you will not get all Nodel’s cockups in 1 hour.

  4. Unfortunately a parcel was sent via Yodel recently and after spending two weeks trying to get it redelivered I have now had to cancel my order which meant I lost the goods I had purchased. They won’t allow redirections to an alternative address or recalls back to the supplier which I find ridiculous! And they only deliver Mondays to Fridays so basically anyone who works hasn’t a hope in hell of getting their parcel without a world of pain!

    I would strongly recommend avoiding Yodel wherever possible!! Not only is their actual service terrible the customer service is even worse!!

  5. I have just had my 1st experience of the delivery firm Yodel.
    The driver was fine, but on seeing the 1st of the 6 boxes being off loaded from the van was heavily damaged I opened said box to inspect the contents and as I thought the contents were damaged.
    The driver then phoned his office and was told to tell me that I either except all 6 or send all 6 back !
    When I spoke with “the boss” he told me I was at fault for opening the box before signing, ” what a lot of rubbish” was my reply as most items that need to be delivered actually state “do not sign any paperwork before inspecting the contents” which he also stated that I was again in the wrong.
    He said they hadn’t damaged anything, when I asked him how was he too know what could happen in transit he insisted that his drivers couldn’t damage any goods, is this bloke living on another planet !
    I for one will not be using Yodel again, that’s the way to let them know you are dissatisfied with them and when all their custom goes elsewhere maybe they’ll take note.


    I phoned that stupid 0844 number and waited over 18 minutes to be told that “All our advisers are busy with customers, your call will be answered shortly.” Well, I could HEAR the lazy staff members TRYING and failing to be quiet, there were staff there not on the phone, they just want to waste your money. Eventually the answered the phone just so they could not utter a word and put the phone down, just as they had done to my sister.

    I tried again but to no avail. Finally, I figured out if press 3 INSTEAD of 4 (3 is meant to leave feedback not for enquiries but stuff the greedy lazy slobs, anything that gives them less in the kitty for their expensive donuts is good), you get through to an advisor almost straight away.

    They hadn’t even bothered to try delivering my parcel after the first time, despite what it says on the card. 3 attempts to get them to redliver and still nothing.

  7. Offering a little balance…

    I’ve had quite a number of orders completely screwed up, the worst of which was for a reasonably sizeable amount of computer components. The day of delivery I’m in all day listening and discover a card, no bell or knock (knock is for when the bell doesn’t work or doesn’t provide the courier with audible feedback that the bell sounded, which is was doing so fine) I re-order delivery, next day, nothing. I check website and it says they carded it, but I had no card this time. Ring and get told delivery following day.

    Following day again nothing and ‘carded’ on website, I phone them and get bumped around the company to some place where the guy has no real idea of what’s happening or clout to get anything done. I finally get told that actually it shouldn’t have been marked as carded, because….

    They LOST the parcel. But don’t worry, they found it 2 hours after the van was packed for the day. So it will be delivered again, but after the weekend. I request Saturday delivery as they should rectify their persistent mistakes and poor service. But alas, this isn’t company policy!

    At the end of Monday, still having not been delivered and nobody contacting me, I phone the depo and get told item has been returned two days ago to sender – WTF!!!

    Fortunately the sender was really sympathetic (must have had other complaints) and got the order turned around quickly. I finally got the order 1 week after placing a 24hr request. The company changed courier a couple of months later.

    The punch line is that it was City Link. I’m pretty sure it’s just down to bad drivers with a range of scams for nicking stuff they like the look of, keeping stuff ‘hidden’ hoping it’ll drop through the system, missing out drops due to buzy/lazy and maybe just for kicks, who knows. The real problem is the drivers being the weakest link in the business from a QA perspective, with little management oversight it’s down to them to… deliver.

  8. having tracked a parcel its been loaded into the van from the fina hub depot and back out 3 times! what on earth is going on? this was over a saturday and sunday. i’m not sure how the drivers get paid. i can understand the ones on a price per parcel delivered banging my door down but for those on an hourly rate you have no moral obligation to knock the door hard enough or as I suspect even bother getting out of the van!
    you could load up and only bother delivering half the parcels that day, you still get your wages. I actually reckon there is a chabce that its not wholly the drivers. What if I wanted to just collect parcels and delivery just enough to get by on with the rest being picked up by customers in person? that would save me and my company a lot of fuel and time wouldnt it?
    why the 24hr notice if according to the tracking the parcel is sat at the depot. I just rock up with my ID.
    when you stay in all day listening out for the door bell and never receive a calling card or knock at the door how the hell can they say theyve tried to deliver? some of these drivers must be 5 stone weaklings who couldnt give a door a good hard knock if their lives depended on it.
    about time courier companies came under the scrunity of BBC watchdog.

  9. This service is AWFUL!

    I paid extra money to have my parcel delivered on a specific date. It didn’t turn up, tracking simply said “Consignee cannot be reached” at 16:40 (nearly a whole hour before the drivers “finishing time” despite it previously saying it was “Out for delivery” at 09:44 and the depot is a 15 minute drive away so unsure how they could say a whole hour before that I was unreachable. No explanation or details whatsoever.

    The person “delivering” cannot have even attempted to come to my property as I was in all day, no card was left plus the package was small so could be posted through the letterbox.

    When I telephoned the goods company that my package had come from the following morning they refunded the special delivery charge (despite it being the fault of the courier company (HDNL/Yodel).

    I tried ringing the “Yodel” company on an 0844 number, who were no help whatsoever and rather rude – even hanging up on me without speaking the first time. No explanation was offered just that the driver might have got lost/broken down/couldn’t find where I lived (after I insisted I had been in all day and the parcel was small enough to be posted).

    When I asked why they hadn’t informed me by telephone of a problem they said “we don’t do that” and also “I can’t help you much, I’m in a call center in Manchester”.

    I called again (3rd time) and asked for a number for the Eastleigh depot but was told it wasn’t allowed. The girl I spoke to said someone would ring me but they haven’t.

    Both times I could hear the call center staff members chatting to each other and laughing loudly in the background – something that I think signals not a lot of “work” is going on, but then this seems to be the overall lazy attitude of the company.

    I tried emailing “Yodel” directly but got no response.

    The complaints box on the website has a 200 character limit which is useless. When I tried to cut my complaint down to 200 characters it STILL wouldn’t allow me to send.

    I still don’t have my parcel.

  10. Yodel are an absolute joke. Received a card through my letter box with no name or information marked on it other than a parcel number. I don’t know if this is for me, my partner, my next door neighbour! Parcel number not recognised online or by phone. Automated phone service has cut me off x 4 when transferring to local service centre. Impossible to speak to anyone who has a clue what’s going on. I don’t know where the parcel is, if it’s for me or if it will ever be delivered. Total sham.

  11. Disgusting service. I am an Open University student, and the OU use Yodel as their courier. I have been trying to get some educational material returned for weeks, so that I am able to register for my next course (cannot register while I have the material as it counts as an “outstanding balance”).

    I arranged a collection last week – no one came. I called on Tuesday to find out why, and rearrange, and my reference number could not be found on the system. After being hung up on twice (when asking to speak to a manager I was put on hold and cut off), I managed to rearrange the delivery for Wednesday. Again, no one turned up.

    Called this morning to find out why, and discovered that they had entered the address wrong, and tried a house down the street instead of mine. I asked to speak to a manager and was (AGAIN!) hung up on.Called back and managed to get it rearranged and be picked up same day, got a reference number etc, and when I asked to get put through to customer care I got hung up on.

    Tried to call back again, now furious, and when I spoke to the guy on the phone he couldn’t find the reference number I’d just been given – meaning my equipment wasn’t being picked up same day after all!!!I’ve now rearranged delivery for tomorrow, but I don’t know if they will come. Asked the guy on the phone to speak to his team leader, he put me on hold and hung up on me again!!!I’m now in the process of trying to get a hold of their head office, but no luck so far.

    If anyone has a head office phone number, it would be appreciated. Horrible, atrocious company. Never use them.

  12. I’ve had numerous problems with YODEL, also when branded as Home Delivery Network.
    I understand there can be problems with such a big organisation, but every time they’ve found my house to leave a delivery note and I’ve arranged for redelivery, they’ve failed to come back. EVERY TIME. The depot is miles away, and I don’t see why I should take three hours out of my day, and a fiver’s worth of petrol to pick up something they failed to deliver through ineptitude. I’ve lost may a days’ holiday waiting in vain.
    The web site’s bad enough, only allowing 200 characters for your complaint and I’ve yet to have them ring back.

  13. I wrote to Yodel to complain about poor customer service etc etc and never received an acknowledgement let alone an explanation. I tried to find their head office address, to no avail. My parcel was returned to the supplier – they re-sent it using Royal Mail – and said they had tried 9 times to deliver it. What absolute tosh and what a shower!

  14. I have just found out about Yodel; unlucky for me. First of all I was unable to get through to them on the automated phoneline as they didnt leave my Yodel parcel number, eventually got through buy going via the different call options until I stumbled across a human. He kindly informed me that my parcel had been left with a ‘T. Cameron’ but was unable to tell me which address T. Camerson lives at. Brilliant!

    If anyone knows a T. Cameron in the greater Glasgow area could you please ask if he, or she, has my new boots?

  15. “Missing bike”

    I ordered a Koga Miyata bike from a reputable supplier in The Netherlands. It was posted on the 3rd September. I expected delivery on the 8th, and sure enough according to TNT Post NL tracking system the bike had been delivered.

    I excitedly rushed home after work to find that neither was there a bike, nor was there a calling card.

    I got on to my supplier who told me that Yodel were the company in the UK that dealt with delivery. Unfortunately I couldn’t chase them, as I wasn’t supplied with a calling card. I didn’t have the tracking number.

    A week went by, with me contacting the supplier of the bike, TNT Post in the UK. Between us, we managed to ascertain that The Home Delivery Network were in charge of delivery. I contacted them, not realising that they had changed their name to Yodel. Obviously they had no record of the delivery.

    Fast forward to Monday 19th Sept. After much to-ing and fro-ing between myself, the supplier and TNT Post, we finally get a Tracking number for Yodel in the UK. Armed with this number I give them a call.

    I am confronted by a really rude customer services adviser at Yodel who I tell the whole sorry story to. She then tells me that my parcel has been delivered to an address 2 doors down from me. I question the sense in them doing this, as I don’t know those neighbours, I also never got a calling card. She told me to contact the supplier. I then told her that my neighbours had not popped the package round to me. She said it wasn’t their responsibility. Not convinced, I went on to say that if the package had not been delivered to me, then they were liable for the value of the package. She said not so. It’s the supplier who is liable.

    I then asked to speak to her supervisor. She told me that the supervisor would say the same thing as she just told me. I insisted. She then told me no supervisor was available. I asked her to put me through. She swore at me, then put me on hold. For over an hour before the phone cut off.

    I came home from work and checked with my neighbour 2 doors down. A middle aged couple, with BMW and Mercedes parked in their drive. Not the sort of people to steal a rusty second hand bike. Lo and behold, they hadn’t taken delivery.

    Livid I return home and call them again. After being kept on hold for half an hour (not a good sign) I tell them that the package has not been delivered to the neighbours. They insist it has and I’ll need to talk to my supplier. I then ask to speak to a manager. Again get told that the manager will say the same thing. I insist. I am put through to Craig – The night manager.

    He tells me that according to their records, the package was delivered to my neighbours. I say that it hadn’t, and that I hadn’t received a calling card (and that I’d wasted 10 days chasing my parcel due to this error) – He tells me that the driver had been reprimanded. I then ask for the name of the person who signed for the package. The driver hadn’t taken it, just a signature. I then say that in that case Yodel are liable for the value of the bike. Craig then goes on to say that the driver has been reprimanded twice about his mistakes (and that he’s sorry) – I reiterate that Yodel are liable for the value of the undelivered bike. Craig then tells me that as part of their terms and conditions they are within their rights to leave the package with a neighbour and that I should contact the supplier. I suggest that it is not the supplier that is liable and I ask him for the proof of delivery documentation. He tells me that only the supplier can request this, via TNT Post in the Netherlands.

    We to-and-fro for a while, all the time asking what has happened to the package. All Craig can tell me is that it has been delivered to my neighbour. I suggest getting the police involved – to send them to the depot in Mitcham to question the driver. Craig then says he’ll get their security team to look into it.

    The upshot of all this is that I have wasted 10 days (only God knows how many more from this point) trying to piece together what has happened to my bike. It seems to have disappeared into the quagmire that is Yodel’s internal processes. There is no end in sight and it has left me incredulous how a company such as Yodel can continue trading with such a poor record. I will be involving both the Police and the press (as I suspect the driver stole the bike)

  16. yodel are the WORST company we have ever had the misfortune of using. They “Misplace” at least 5 parcels a week for us, and at least 50% of saturday deliveries are never even attepmted, and again probaly 30-40% of our weekday parcels are late, and one more recent one that we had go missing we used the online service to request an update on the whereabouts of our parcel, and the response was as follows….

    Action By:LOUGHBOROUGH SERVICE CENTRE At:30-Sep-2011 10:33:16

    Message:Other: the drivers van got pinched with parcels on it

    This is an automated email.
    Please do not respond to this message.

    this is disgusting service, and we will not be using them anymore, if you want your parcel to turn up on time, or at all for that matter, I would strongly suggest using another courier service!

  17. Worse service ever from this company,
    I left them with instructions and my phone number, and they never managed to deliver my parcel! they said they couldn’t locate my address, when I work in one of the most visible buildings in the City of London!
    I had to re-order a new delivery twice after they kept sending my parcel back to the sender after the first failed attempt of them not being able to locate my building!!!!
    absolutely awful,
    worse service ever

  18. reading these comments has enlightened me a little, i purchased an item from a well known sports shop and they emailed me to say my order dispatched, i checked the tracking and …oh no its them dreadful DHL again ..i was lost though because it says they past the order to yodel for delivery today before 5pm, its now 3:10pm and im getting more and more doubtful its going to turn up, it was only a few months ago i purchased a hoover that they was delivering and i waited in for 8 days ..each day saying out for delivery..it eventually turned up with the box all taped up in dhl tape and the hoover scratched all over, each day was the same..could not delivery due to weather, it was only freakin rain fgs haha and lucky me its raining again today, internet shopping has its ups but when idiots like these are “delivering ” what you purchase it really puts me off

  19. I had a LOT of problems with HDNL before, so I’m dismayed to hear I’m now dealing with their ineptitude again through Yodel.

    I received a card from them last week, and promptly arranged redelivery for Tuesday this week online. I waited in all day Tuesday, sat working at my PC with no sound merely 3m from the front door. No knock, no doorbell ring, no card, no parcel, no attempted redelivery. Had I known they wouldn’t bother, I could’ve done some work elsewhere. A wasted day waiting for a redelivery that didn’t happen.

    Then, Wednesday, when I’m out all day, I return home to find, yep, you guessed it, a fresh new Yodel card. So, they don’t try redelivery on the day you arrange, they do it on another random day when you might not even be there. That’s just flipping brilliant.

    So, I arranged redelivery (again) for today, Thursday. I’m in all day again, close to the front door, with a working doorbell. Anyone care to place their bets as to whether they’ll actually try and redeliver today, or if they’ll try on another random day instead?

    Honestly, what’s the point of me arranging redelivery for certain dates, if they don’t even attempt delivery then and instead try dates I didn’t specify?

  20. Useless, Useless, ohh and more useless – total idiots!!!

    Their system said they tried delivering but yet someone was in all day….and their drivers don’t carry mobile phones…something which would take 30 secs to do…”sorry sir, where is your house? ahh, yes, I know where you are…see you in 2 mins” instead…just don’t bother trying. No mobile phones….come on, get with the programme idiots!!!

    JD sports…change delivery company otherwise you will lose customers by using these COWBOYS!!!!

  21. A-ha! Yodel = Home Delivery Network. Now it all makes sense.
    I shop online almost exclusively – have done for years and years now – so I was surprised to be welcomed by a brand new ‘you weren’t in’ card from a courier company I’d never heard of.
    Examining the card (which had no writing on it whatsoever beyond the printed tracking number) I realized that they didn’t offer redelivery at weekends (you know, when I’m actually in the flat), nor delivery to another address (like for instance, where I work), or even have a local depot I can pick it up from… “That’s frustrating” thinks I, “this courier doesn’t meet my needs or indeed those of a lot of online shoppers”… “reminds me of that shitty Home Delivery Network, my #1 least favourite courier by a looong margin, who charge a premium for a service useful to anyone without a stay-at-home partner”.
    One Google later and I am enlightened: the useless gits have changed their names in the hope that no-one will notice their crappy service still stinks exactly the same.
    The only way round these wankers is by Amazon, their marketplace sellers, etc naming the courier method you will be paying for. I will then know to avoid buying from those sellers, who will then change couriers.

  22. Yodel strikes again , paid for timed delivery (waited in allday thursday) nothing! .

    I had also arranged for a parcel to be collected by them on the same day ( they did this ok) , but no delivery of my new laptop , spoke to local office they could not find it ( shows on tracking at depot 04.33 am but thats it) , now they inform me after many phone calls ” Maybe on van and driver has not scanned it?? or home delivery person may have it? but theuy are on holiday?”

    what a waste of time !!! never again ! i will be contacting the laptop company for a full refund and advise them that i was going to order some more laptops , but not why they are using yodel ..

  23. My fiancé recently bought £70 worth of equipment to repair his car and we were wondering why it hadn’t turned up – even wondered if the site we’d used was a scam.

    Nope, the site was fine. The delivery company however was Yodel!

    Apparently it was signed for (funnily enough its the first we’ve heard of it!) at number 51 (we live at 41).

    We also happen to know the person at number 51 – they died 10 months ago and no-one has been there since! So what, a ghost opened the door and signed for our package?!

    The package will probably turn up on eBay in a few days…

  24. good god, its a parcel 50,000,00 a year we deliver and you cant be at home when parcel comes and its the drivers prob, not the 150 to 200 drops a day, but we only have one and it’s yours, 44 depot closed on the 20/10/11 and a lot of men and women will lose there jobs and homes and all they hold dear just becouse of a web site like this, i work in goole for home delivey network for 6 years and have lost my job, i have kids and a home, and on a web site that says i cant do enought to help, we are good and caring people, just some times dont get it right, same for all big bissiness, im sad to go and if this is any thing people we do care, lee scunthorpe depot (CLOSING SOON)

  25. I can’t remember ever having good service from HDNL/Yodel and have just received a jacket 3 weeks overdue. It seems the main problems lie with the depots/drivers. I don’t think the rest of the company is actually that bad. Although I have just spent 3 weeks and £15 on calls to them.

    HDNHLC@vx.myhdnl.co.uk is a good address to point your customer services queries to (also a good way to bypass the character limit on the website contact form). They responded to me promptly and offered a voucher to cover my phone charges due to me needing to call them unnecessarily. I think it just depends on which depot you live closest to. I can say with some confidence that New Cross and Hatfield depots are incompetent.

  26. I work for this company and can really sympathise with a lot of disgruntled people who have experienced issues.

    However, I have to mention that there are people that work for this company that actually care. Just like in other companies, we are just let down by people who take short cuts and don’t give a damn about the consequences on customers. For the position I work in, it is so difficult to repair situations and at times you feel helpless at the chaos that occurs around you.

    Yodel came about when HDNL acquired DHL Domestic (formerly Securicor Omega), so I knew things we not going to end well.

    I normally monitor the emails and am appalled at the amount of complaints, missing parcels and delay queries I have to answer. There is no concept of adhering to standards or addressing poor service/performance. Yodel have made huge staff cut backs, drafted in a host of self employed couriers (without doing background checks) but persist with them as they are cheaper than employing drivers and are continually restructuring the organisation as well as the systems we use.

    As a result, we have had IT issues, problems tracking parcels and the customer has suffered. We have lost so many customers in the past year, many of whom had been with Securicor Omega. I am someone that takes pride at what I do and really try my best so seeing this damage unfolding is depressing.

    Each employee is pushed to work harder and for less which kills any lingering bits of motivation anyone has. Working for this company for the last year has been demoralising and very frustrating.

    Like Lee Stevens (above), I will also very likely lose my job as the company looks to close sites and claw back money. With that decision they will lose a lot of employees with years of experience and many who actually care about what they do.

    For me though, it may be a blessing.

  27. Yodel – are using HDNL customer service staff based in Liverpool. This telephony centre only offers rude and self richeous staff who can not even complete the most simple of tasks. I’ve recorded all the audio phone conversations and have agents hang up – laugh at the customer – be highly unprofessional not to mention being unable to actually offer any customer service at all. In a reply to my complaint they sent the letter to the wrong address they were actually remarking about in the reply.

    I reported this behaviour to corporate level and it’s obvious this attitude is only cemented by higher managements attitudes and is filtering right down to the customer through the telephony centre.

    I’ve 20yrs managment experience and managed telephony – sales – marketing teams with 500+ staff and tried to offer my feedback but instead was ignored and my business refused. 😉

    I would not recommend their service as they loose parcels can’t deliver even with direct instructions – they lie and deceive customers and have physical proof of this.

    I was going to use their services with over 1M packages a year to deliver through the network but could not afford to loose my customers because of their inability to even be professional from customer services and when reported to their head of corporate sales he denied any problems after ringing me on a Saturday morning to give me a piece of his mind after reading my complaint. A COMPLETE UNPROFESSIONAL that shouldn’t even be allowed to manage a shopping list never mind a national sales force.

    DONT EVER USE THIS SERVCE – you will be sorry if you do. I’m forwarding a direct complaint to their CEO to offer the audio recordings – maybe they’ll accept their failures from the top if staff try to hide their complete incapacity to be professional or take feedback as it’s offered.

  28. I have had 2 major run-ins so far with ‘HDNL’ and more recently ‘Yodel’!

    The first, as HDNL, the courier for some reason decided to throw my brand new Bosch Router over my 6ft gate rather than knock on the door, as I was in waiting for delivery! This only just missed smashing the rear windscreen of my Toyota, im also glad that I decided not to let my dog out the back that morning!

    The second last week, as ‘Yodel’, the exact same courier/driver delivered a guitar I purchased on ebay (immaculate condition) until I received it!

    Upon opening what I believed to be more than acceptable packaging, I found that my delivery had in fact been thrown around in transit, despite large clear labeling “FRAGILE, PLEASE HANDLE WITH CARE!” the guitar was hanging in pieces!

    After fighting this case between the seller and themselves, they offered the seller a so called “good faith gesture” of £25 an no more!

    With plenty of time, money and attention I believe it to be fixable, unlike my experience with this so called ‘company’ who can change name time over, but to me they will never be more than a bunch of unprofessional, inconsiderate vandals!

  29. This concerns the farcical delivery saga of a TV from Hughes Direct.
    No communication telling us of the initial delivery meant we were unable to be present to receive the item.
    At least 3 further deliveries scheduled and notified to us by Hughes failed to materialise, meaning we had to take most of the week ending 25th Nov off work to cover each one in turn.
    Finally although we notified you via Hughes that we could not accept delivery anytime this week (comm 28th) before 18:30, it was actually delivered and left with a neighbour before 18:00 on Monday 28th.
    The neighbour was unaware that this item was being delivered and only by pure luck was she in and able to take delivery on our behalf. Having only just moved to the house, we do not know her and she would have been fully justified in sending it back.

    This was probably the most unsatisfactory delivery by any carrier that we have ever experienced, and in future, if we discover that a retailer uses Yodel, we will pull out of the purchase.

    Absolute disgrace

  30. Yodel claim to have delivered to my locked and inaccessible porch, would have been difficult, however since we were out the front of our house at the time putting up the Christmas lights, we can categorically state that no attempt was made to deliver at our house at the time stated. For those who wonder how our porch was locked when we were out the front, simple we rarely use the porch as we have a side door which we use most of the time, porch only gets opened to take deliveries, or occasionally to receive visitors who we don’t know well! Our friends use the side door too. Perhaps someone in the neighbourhood has my delivery sitting in their porch, if so would they kindly bring it round?

  31. We used Yodel for a while, so many of our customers were let down that we switched back to our old courier.

    We were told by one customer that a random passerby delivered their parcel after a Yodel driver had handed it to them half way down the street!

    Yodel also lost 2 pallets of our parcels, then after we told them we were replacing them and to credit us, they found the missing ones and delivered a second lot! It cost us thousands! Still not concluded.

    We had loads of problems calling Yodel, so we called the contact number on their website only to be told they dont deal with Yodel enquiries! And that they are still ‘sort of’ HDNL!! The customer service person at Yodel told us that their switch from HDNL to Yodel was ‘a total disaster and there’s been loads of problems’.

    AVOID YODEL AT ALL COSTS! They really don’t care what happens when it all goes wrong, which it regularly does…even if the reps say otherwise…don’t let them smooth talk you…if they offer low prices, consider how much time and money is wasted fixing THEIR problems with each parcel!

  32. The OU sent my course work out via Yodel. It took them 2 weeks to deliver it to me and 6 attempts. The course is only 10 weeks long. Grrrrrr.

    I ordered some goods from Pixmania, and they ended up being handled by HDNL/Yodel. 3 delivery attempts, hours wasted standing in the kitchen looking out for them. Countless phone calls. Eventually got the parcels today.

    Had another parcel delivered today via Interlink. Their driver found me first time without a problem. How come Royal Mail/Parcel Force/Interlink/City Link can all find me first time without issue, but HDNL/Yodel requires countless phone calls and wasted hours chasing them?
    They maybe the cheapest courier service but like everything in life cheap = shit. I wish companies would stop using them.

  33. I’ve been having an absolute disaster with these guys. I ordered a custom picture frame in early December, and it was dispatched out on the 13th. I received a tracking email from Yodel on the 14th, which stated that they’d tried to deliver it that same day (so no chance for me to schedule time off to be there). However, no missed delivery card was left at my building.

    Consequently it was returned to the depot, which is fine as I could arrange to be there for redelivery. Anyway, since the 14th, the tracking has basically died, and says it’s “with courier for delivery”.

    As it’s now the 20th (and with no attempted deliveries in sight), I called their national CS team, who actually were relatively useful. They said they’d ask for the scans to be updated. They also gave me the number for the Vauxhall Service Centre so that I could arrange to pick up the parcel, as at this stage I just want it and I’d rather get it myself.

    Well, the Vauxhall Centre simply refuse to pick up the phone. I’ve left the phone ringing for over 40 minutes – no voicemail, no answer, no nothing. So this morning I try to call back the main CS line but those numbers are now just dead – you can’t even get to a “lines are busy” message.

    The service, as far as I can tell, is an absolute joke. Nobody seems to want to take responsibility, and sadly it looks like I’ll have to cancel my order and let the merchant take it up with Yodel. It really is a disgrace.

  34. I have an idea do not order from any company that use’s Yodel to deliver their goods. They are f____ing useless !!

  35. Yodel are beyond useless, but if you think they are bad try Panther Parcels and Couriers. I bought a mattress before Christmas 2011 from Worldstores. Five times they failed to deliver it. The account manager at Panther was spiteful – Eddie – he refused to take my calls, I had to leave messages, he put the phone down on me consistently. I spoke to a lady in the office who tried hard to get my mattress delivered but said that without Eddie’s authorisation her ‘hands were tied’. The Customer Services Manager at Panther did not phone back. In the end Worldstores brought in a separate same day courier to collect the mattress from Panther and deliver it to me. Can you ever imagine an employee who refuses to help, puts the phone down refuses to deal with you and yet another employee who wants to help you cannot, because this guy is a bully? Thats what I had to put up with! Perhaps someone should start a forum on Panther because they make Yodel look like heros in comparrison!

  36. Ive experienced much the same but can’t be arsed to write it all again

    Please see my blog for an honest appraisal of yodel and dpd, beware, contains profanity.


  37. Joke!
    I’ve been waiting for a parcel from this joke outfit since Feb 1st…

    Sample of there tracking…
    Parcel returned to delivery depot (HAYES SERVICE CENTRE) 6th Feb 2012 13:25

    Out for delivery (HAYES HOME DELIVERY) 2nd Feb 2012 09:00

    So where has it been between Feb 2nd – 6th Feb! and still not arrived, they won’t stay in business long.

  38. How can this company LEGALLY operate? I ordered an item for delivery via an independent seller on amazon.

    Expected the item to be delivered in 1-2 days (Paid £10 instead of taking free delivery option). Guess what? It’s a whole week later and now I find all the info about Yodel and the company it used to be known as. I’m now worried I’ll never recieve my package. Surely, if they take money, then don’t carry out the service that was promised, this is no better than stealing?

    Jonathan Smith is no better than a criminal. It’s disgusting that the customers CLEARLY don’t have a leg to stand on, as this company has been getting away with this crap for years.

  39. Thought you might like to see this that I have just send to the Yodel complaints e-mail……. I await eagerly for their responce, HA HA.

    Hi There,

    I have spent since last Wednesday trying to get a parcel redelivered & I hope you can help???

    I am now on my 3rd day off of work to recieve a parcel that I was faithfully guarenteed would be delivered today.

    Wednesday 1st February afternoon I went to http://www.MyYodel.co.uk to rearrange for my parcel to be redelivered on the next earliest date which was Friday 3rd February,

    As the day goes on and when it reaches approximatley 4.30pm I decide to call the number on the green card that was left in my letterbox (0871 2440525) I spoke to a lady that told me the parcel is not in your possesion and I need to call another number to rearrange delivery (0845 2709888), which I did….. They had no record of my parcel and advised me to get back onto Yodel, Again I did & spoke to Adam who told me that the on-line process I went through was unsuccesful & he would try to arrange a saturday delivery for the inconvenience we had been through, after holding on the phone Adam returned to say that they would not deliver on a Saturday in my area but my parcel is in the Ipswich depot & I can collect it if I wished. From my address Ipswich is a 76 mile round trip that would take about 2 hours (traffic permitting) so I asked if he could get it redelivered for Monday, to which Adam replied that wont be a problem, I asked if I could stay on the phone while he arranged it on his system and made sure it was possible for delivery on that day as I would be taking another (unpaid) day off of work to wait for it. Monday the 6th is fine he replied.

    Monday 4.30pm comes and goes & after spending my day looking out of my window for the Yodel van to turn up I decide to call the 0871 2440525 number to clarify it was on its way…….. I spoke to Alan & guess what? It wasn’t, our parcel is still sitting in Ipswich Depot awaiting collection. As you can imagine by this time I am fuming, Alan asks me when I would like it delivered to which I reply in the next hour would be good, he laughs and says that is impossible, can somebody please tell me when it is possible for Yodel to deliver my parcel? Alan said he would arrange delivery for tomorrow (Tuesday 7th February) He also advised me to call at 9am on the 7th to confirm my parcel has been loaded onto the van.

    So this morning I wake up and eagerly awaited 9am to call. I spoke to Melanie and can you guess what I was told? Thats right, my parcel AGAIN is not on the van for delivery & Adam & Alan had both given me wrong information and because the Ipswich depot hadn’t scanned my parcel when it returned on the 1st I now have to wait 48 hours for someone to call me so they can tell me when you can deliver my parcel. I asked melanie if I could speak to a supervisor but apparentley they were busy and cannot call me back either. All I can do is write to express my concerns but couldn’t tell me were to write to?!?!?! (Seriously are these people trained??)

    When my Partner got home from work she called the 0871 2440525 and spoke to someone else to try and make a complaint about the service we have received but was told that in the 2hour gap from myself calling to my partner calling the parcel has now been lost & they have no idea where it is, as it hasnt been scanned for so long, they will now contact the sender and there is no more that we can do until we hear from the sender.

    Yet again we asked to speak to some kind of management and are told there is no one that can deal with complaints (but as you can see above I was told that the supervisor was busy??)

    I have been using couriers for a long long time within my company and have never come across such incompetence as I have over the last week with Yodel.

    I am dreading my mobile bill coming in as dialling 0871 numbers from a mobile doesn’t come cheap & as I have now lost 3 days work as well, I am not going to be that well off this month.

    I would like to make a suggestion for your company if I may, I have spent 17years dealing with the general public face-to-face (not hidden behind a phone) & my manager is always willing & able to talk to an un-satisfied customer, so I know how to treat people with the respect they deserve & I also make sure everyone in my team knows what they are talking about before I let them face the crowd so I dont have problems like we have here that of 6 people we have spoken to not 2 of them within your company have told me the same thing. Now you have to admit this seems very poor on your part.

    Firstly – If your call centres dont work then dont make out to customers that you are going to deliver a service when you clearly can’t.

    Secondly – If your web-site does’t work then you should get on to your designer and advise them that things that should be happening on your site aren’t. (I very much doubt it is the web sites fault at all, and it is down to the incompetence of the staff you are hiring).

    Thirdly – Try typing Yodel into Google and see what people really think of you & the changing of company name to avoid bad publicity, you should stop trading and have your staff & drivers fully trained & be happy with their performance before you start trading again.

    Forthly – Ask your customers what they want from you as a courier company.

    I have looked online for another contact number for yourselves to try and speak to some kind of management (if you have any) and all I can find is forums filled with complaint after complaint, even from Yodel/HDNL drivers and office staff that and are telling their stories about your company and they are not very complimentary on your behalf.

    I will be contacting trading standards/Watchdog on Friday 10th February at 9.30am if my parcel has not been delivered by that time.

    & on that note I look forward to your response, I can be contacted either on *****************or my phone number is ************

    Kindest Regards


    I will let you know what the outcome is if I hear anything……. lol

  40. We have been waiting on Yodel to deliver a mobile phone for 4 days. It was on their traking as out for delivery on 6th June!! We live 30 mind from the depot so it’s a he’ll of a drive they’re taking!! I have tried phoning but never any answer after staying on phone for 20 mins. I have sent 4 emails snd never got a response. If they were rebranding to Yodel 2 years ago to sort out their reputation you’d think they’d have made damn sure they gad enough customer service staff manning the phones. With the high unemployment at the moment I’m sure they’d get lots if applications. I will never order from the Internet again if their deliveries are by this company.

  41. Changing their name has made them no better.

    They carded us on a delivery, so we specified a new delivery date online; they delivered on a different day and carded us again; so we rang and specified another day, and they came again on the wrong day and left a card saying they had delivered to a neighbour. The address they gave is an empty property.

    Tried to complain: “Nothing we can do – contact the supplier.”

  42. Having read comments by disgruntled customers I would like to post a few thoughts from the other perspective – as a delivery driver. I am not unsympathetic to the problems people have had with non-delivery of items or damaged goods but please do not assume that all drivers are incompetent and unprofessional – I’m sure those that deliver poor customer service are in the minority but as is always the case it is the dissatisfied clients who speak out not the 1000’s of customers who are more then happy with the service they receive.

    I have been working as a self-employed driver for Yodel for a month now. I use my own car, have only 3rd party insurance (arranged through Yodel @ £3 p/wk) and have to pay for my own petrol. The items delivered are worth 60p, 50p or 80p to me for a SUCCESSFUL delivery – it is therefore in my best interest to ensure items are delivered promptly and first time. The local depot management with whom I deal are passionate about delivering good customer service and do their utmost to make sure things are done by the book.

    Some of the reasons items are not delivered promptly are beyond our control. Consider this; how can a driver deliver a parcel if the homeowner is absent and they are not on speaking terms with a neighbout so they won’t take the parcel in for them – you’d be surprised how often this happens. IS YOUR HOUSE NUMBER/NAME EASILY VISIBLE FROM THE ROAD??????? If properties in your road only have names and no number is there a guide at either end of the road to advise couriers where each house is? On the pittance we are paid just how long and how much petrol should we use driving up and down trying to find a house?

    How accessible is your front door? Is the path/drive safe – is it covered in green slime and/or leaves obscuring the edges of paths and steps? We’re not paid danger money and particularly in poor light some drives and pathways are downright dangerous. If you are aware your property location is difficult to find it would be helpful to advise this when ordering your purchase online and including some helpful directions – or your mobile number – in the address details.

    If you state you are happy for item to be left in a “safe place” do you actually have one?? We are only able to leave your package if it can be left out of sight of the front of the house – not always possible particularly with terraced properties.

    So please, spare a thought for those of us who are genuinely trying to do a good job.

  43. Yodel say they attempted to deliver a parcel 5 times but they only left 1 card. I was in hospital during this time. Now out of hospital they will not allow me to arrange a re delivery but despite me having no access to transport and having severe mobility problems at the moment I must go to the depot to get the parcel. And where its the depot God knows as it is not stated on the website. This is not the first time I have had problems with Yodel and if I had known that the supplier was going to use them I would have got my items from an alternate supplier

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