HDNL employee to customers: You are all morons

Since my post just over two years ago about how a HDNL driver threw a parcel over  a gate, into a puddle, the post has received over 250 comments from angry HDNL customers, and arrogant, racist drivers who work for Home Delivery Network and insist on insulting their customers. The latest comment is by no means the worst, but the abrupt way that the imbecile chose to call all HDNL customers morons in his opening tirade is indicative of the attitude of the company towards its customers.

I particularly like the badly written line that reads: “Get off you fat arses and walk to the fucking shops”

The comment can be read below, and here, and you can read the original post (with the 250+ comments) here.

HDNL Employee
Submitted on 2010/01/23 at 1:39am

You are all morons. Do not use a 7am-7pm delivery company if you are going to be at work. I got an idea for you… Get off you fat arses and walk to the fucking shops…? Makes sense. If you order something be in for delivery! Hell its not hard people. What are you gaining bitching on this website? Why not just pick up a Thompson Local and ring the depot if you have a problem?? HDNL has a 99% delivery sucess rate, and with customers like Amazon moving more parcels through our network than in the past due to failures by other companies its hard to believe we’re as bad as you lot make out.

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40 thoughts on “HDNL employee to customers: You are all morons”

  1. I think you’ll find he isn’t calling ALL HDNL customers ‘morons’ at all, just the handful of the ungrateful, unreasonable whiners who congregate on this forum.
    As for ensuring you’re home to receive goods which you have ordered beforehand, he makes a very valid point. It’s simply a matter of common sense.

  2. Thanks for clearing that up Andy. So the Home Delivery Network driver is calling all of the customers who have posted on this website ‘morons’… that’s much better 😉

  3. It’s companies like Amazon I feel sorry for. They’re associated with Home Delivery Network, whose drivers seem to flock to this website calling their customers all the filthy names their intellect can muster.

    It’s a great PR lesson though; wonder when it will be learnt?

  4. Do we fail to mention that certain suppliers such as Amazon and Play.com are bloody based in India and customers are calling up wanting a delivery service to rectify the problems that the suppliers have made.

  5. I too have fallen victim to this company. I had a parcel collected for me and delivered to me. When It arrived the driver was holding it like he had fake arm and letting it drag just short of the ground. He put it down on the floor and said sign here and legged it smartish. I turned the box round and there was a massive hole in the box. The goods were broken inside as was the quite substantial foam packaging. I contacted their depot and was informed that a manager would contact me. They didnt. I wrote to them. They contacted me two weeks later. I was advised to contact the company on ebay whom had arranged for them to be the couriers on my behalf. This company said that a claim for compensation was unlikely as they had 14 days to submit a claim. So thanks to this useless company I have not only had to bin th damaged all in one scanner and printer, but have had to bin about a hundred unused ink cartdridges for the printer, and buy a new printer. I can descibe this company in two words. Fu**ing Useless. Sadly this appears to be the case with a lot of couriers. Once they get your money the dont give a fu** about your good or what state you get them in. The governement should be fining these companies heavily, and the companies should be sacking useless employees. After all the item could be invaluable for sentimental reasons to someone or be something a young kid has dreamed of owning. Nobody wants a pile of sh*t to arrive and then to be ripped off.

  6. Oh and thanks Andy, you are right. After reading these posts you can understand why both parties are irate. But at the end of the day, posting on this morons blog will not help get a parcel to you.

  7. lol, just another point. Mr. Daz. claims to be ‘Ruler of the Internet’. Does this give him the right to post e-mail addresses that are given in confidence? I request the e-mail address posted is removed. I also notice my IP address has been posted! Good luck with that people… does Mr. Daz really think I pay for a static IP? What a moron!

  8. I too have had issues with HDNL – I ordered a pair of trainers from Size, had the day off work especially to get the package, waited all day but to no avail.

    When i went to check the hall in the block of flats where i live, a calling card had been left saying they’d attempted to order the package, yet they’d never rung the door buzzer! (i’d not miss it, it’s very loud and my flat is only small!)

    I subsequently asked if i could change the delivery address and they refused, so i asked for it to be left with a nieghbour who then refused to accept the parcel.

    The package is now back at the suppliers.

    I can’t believe that a delivery company would be so unhelpful as to not allow an address change, and i can’t believe that Size would use such a poor delivery company.

    I have contacted Size customer service and I await their feedback as to what my options are. Not happy at all!

  9. I’ve had problems with this company too, ordered from topshop.com last tuesday, it was express delivery before 2pm which is a fiver but i wanted it in the next couple of days so just figured it would be worth it. They apparently “attempted” a delivery on the following friday, which isn’t even express delivery anyway, and according to HDNL the courier left a calling card at the reception desk in my student halls, they didn’t. Rang up to rearrange another delivery for the following monday, didn’t get delivered again, they said they left a calling card again, which they didn’t. Rang up again on monday, rearranged the delivery again for tuesday, and once again, no parcel, and no calling card. Completely useless.
    The person I spoke to on the phone said that the courier had tried to deliver it, i.e. realised it was student halls they were delivering to and thought there would be noway of getting in so decided to bugger off and not bother at all, when there’s actually 24-7 security guards that would have signed for it. I still haven’t had my parcel, never again will I use this shite company.

  10. Having found that they’re my delivery drivers, I’m a little worried. Still, we’ll see.

    Quick question – Has anyone managed to work out their tracking system? All I’m told is that the package data has been received (Depot: Web Customer, apparently :/ )

    Anyway – to the irate delivery drivers saying that people should be in… I can only recommend reading the previous comments. There are plenty of examples of people saying they were in and the delivery driver didn’t even ring the buzzer or knock on the door.

    Perhaps you guys (I.e. the posters) don’t do this. But unless you can speak for every delivery driver in the company, then I suggest you consider that maybe the hundreds of people who have logged complaints with them may have a point. The story of expensive packages getting tossed over the fence are a little too common to be a coincidence.

    Also common are examples of customer service reps lying on behalf of the drivers (“It couldn’t be delivered, no-one was in” when talking about a business with a 24-hour reception was one that struck me as hilarious).

    Finally, I’m sure the vast majority of packages get delivered just fine. No-one is claiming that every delivery is flawed. However, what’s memorable in situations like this are the times when it goes catastrophically wrong. Even if its just 1% error as the commenter claims, then its still probably 1,000s of packages being destroyed or lost.

  11. I just won’t shop from any company that use HDNL anymore unless I can specify or pay for my items to be sent by Royal Mail or any other courier. HDNL’s attitude towards customer service is frankly poor especially considering you have to call a premium rate number to talk to the customer helpline.

    I would rather pay a bit more for delivery than recieve my parcel in a damaged state (or not recieve my parcel at all in a few cases recently with HDNL – I’m curious where the 99% figure comes from as I’ve heard a 17% customer complaint rate quoted to people looking into using them for their business. I’d als be interested to know if either of these figures include the parcels that never make it to the customer but get returned to the vendor)

    Handily the HDNL website give a useful list of at least a few of the companies to avoid shopping from online and there are plenty of alternatives who offer value for money and a much better service.

  12. I too have experience three months of hell from HDNL, they have a rip off 0871 prefixed phone number which costs 10 pence a minute and this is for you to listen to their useless nasty full of attitude tone of voice, I don’t mind staying in to receive a delivery as s long as I know when its coming and I don’t mind giving them another delivery address after I have been carded if only they delivered it correctly to the named address to which they did not. I don’t mind calling in the am to make sure I am getting a delivery because they are so useless and incompentent and can’t email you but if only they told you the truth and could find the delivery on their system to which they cant. My phone bill is phenomenal and its all down to HDNL they are all useless the suck at customer service, they talk to you with an attitude, they think you are there for them when in fact “hello HDNL” you are actually there for the customer. They have fed me lie upon lie upon lie, I get exasperated with them I have moaned at Esprit about them and Esprit have said they received many complaints about them. Luckily my delivery guy when I actually see him is a friendly chap but little does he know that the people behind all the actual deliveries suck at customer service and need to find other jobs, yes HDNL I hope your company directors reads this and does something about it.

  13. (Friday) Just got off the phone to HDN customer services… my item was ordered through Prezzybox on Tuesday night, i paid £5.95 for express next day delivery and was expecting it Thursday. i got it delivered to my work address as i knew there would be no one at home. nothing appeared on Thursday. I tracked the parcel through Prezzybox and HDNL online thursday night, it said attempted delivery and card left… invisible card perhaps? i’d stayed in all lunch time to await my parcel, which I needed for Saturday to give as a birthday present, so i know no one came to the door. The driver could have left the parcel at a neighbour’s, we have plenty! As i said, I’ve just got off the phone to them. the guy was very polite and tried to be helpful, he told me that they depot had admitted it was miss-sorted, not sure what that means, and that it was guaranteed to be delivered tomorrow (saturday). that’s great, but we’re shut tomorrow!!! I told him that and he said (very confidently) that i could have it delivered to my home address. i kinda knew it wouldn’t happen because i’d read the comments from previous people but nonetheless, i hung on for 10 minutes while he found out about changing the address… no can do, its guaranteed for delivery and so cant be changed at all… 🙁 sorry Uncle John, you cant have your presents cos they’re in Southampton…
    Anyhoo, they cant change the address but they can change the date! my parcel will, apparently, be at my work address on Monday… let’s hope it gets through the front door this time…

  14. Hello there!

    Upon reading this article, I recall using this service quite some time ago to deliver a router issued by my ISP, which they failed to deliver and was sent back to the ISP… they’re too incompetent to ring a god damn door bell (I live in an apartment).

    This time, they’ll be delivering a larger product, which I’ve been waiting for, for some time, and which is not only valuable but very large. I’m slightly worried on how the hell they’re going to deliver this product if they aren’t even competent enough to deliver a router (which is a hell of a lot smaller).

    I’m camping downstairs, which means, if I do see a HNDL van pop up then I’ll have to run downstairs as fast as I can to retrieve the package, it’s already 12 and the package left a centre which is based only 31 miles from where I currently am and which left their office at approximately 9am.

  15. I have waited in all morning (monday) for a delivery of an order I made on Thursday. I paid extra for next day delivery. I received a text from HDNL to say delivery would be between 7-noon. It’s now 13.30, and have just called the depot to be told it’s on the van and could be here anytime between now and 7pm. Can they leave it next door? No – because the recipient has to sign……and I thought internet shopping was meant to save you time….Jeez !

  16. Just to add my piece….

    my parcel is a week late and ‘lost in the warehouse’ – although they told Amazon they can’t find my address…a large business park near a university in a small village. Can’t be that hard can it?

  17. Just to give both sides:
    I have waited in for deliveries all day to no avail not necessarily from HDNL.
    However as I am currently out of work I recently did some deliveries for HDNL:
    Received call from agency about 2pm asking if I was still looking for work and how quick could I be there.
    Depot is about 45 minutes from where I live and as i wasn’t at home had to call home to pick up my PSE.
    Arrived at depot 15:10.
    Given a van (my own sat nav) and 20 parcels to deliver. with itinerary sheet for signatures.
    Now I should have checked the sheet against the parcels as after deliverin most of them on the itinerary I realised I had more parcels.
    Whilst the itinerary is in post code order this does include some doudling back if you are not familiar with the area.
    However now when I checked the addresses on the remaining parcels I had to double back even more.
    Of the 20 parcels I had i did not deliver 2, one i could not find the property as this was in the sticks somewhat and as you are all aware sat nav’s are not all that accurate. I asked at three properties in the postcode area and none new of the property. One of them aws actually indicated as the property by someone I asked earlier however when i tried to deliver nobody was in, i later called in on one of my doubling back scenarios only to have it confirmed it wasn’t them.
    The other i couldn’t deliver as it was to a establishment for naughty people and they wouldn’t take deliveries after 7pm it was now 8:30 pm.
    Many of the addresses were housenames with no numbers which can at times make it difficult to find the property especially if the name is not visible from the road!
    I had one that shared the name with a pub on the same road, the pub was relatively easy to find however the actual propert was behind a large hedge which made it difficult. Also there was nobody at home so I left the parcel with the property next door (No10) why couldnt the people use this information to make it easy to locate their property.
    I got back to the depot at 9:15 pm and home at 10pm.
    I am still trying to decide if I should go back for more.

  18. Oh, I’m so pleased to have found your blog. HDNL are AWFUL. The worst thing about them is that even Amazon don’t know if your package is going to use the Royal Mail or not. I tried asking them if it was possible to specify “NOT HDNL” when ordering, but it isn’t.

    Fair does – if you know you’re ordering from a courier, you expect to be under house arrest till the package turns up. But Amazon have turned ordering into a crazy Russian Roulette where your book may come by post (yay!) or by HDNL (boo!) with the customer choice ripped out and stomped up and down on.

  19. Hi everyone,

    I woke this morning (Sunday) to find a HDNL card had been stuffed under my front door. Not only had the driver not bothered to press the doorbell, but, having gained access to the building and then walked up two flights of stairs to my apartment, he didn’t even knock on the door!

    The number on the card is a fake. Both HDNL’s premium rate lines automated systems tell me it is not the correct number for my address, and there the trail goes cold. No other means of contacting them apparently, so I just have to accept that my parcel has been stolen by their employee!

    Obviously my next call will be to the police.

  20. I have too had bad service from this courier. Iv ordered something from JD sports which guarantee delivery in two working days. It has now been over a week and the selected courier JDs use (HDNL) still messing me about. I rang JDs who said the courier could not enter property on several occasions to leave card through my door (I live in a flat) I told them I have a buzzer and if im not in all my neighbours would let them in if they buzzed and they would sign for me.
    I arranged a day for delivery where Id be in. I even gave them my number incase there any probs! I waited in ALL day with my toddler who hates staying indoors allday. No show. I rang them up and I was told there was an attempted delivery at 1:20 but they couldnt enter building!! Iv got a fucking buzzer that works perfectly well! I dont think they even bothered turning up to the property.

  21. I was a driver for this and other companies I am not sticking up for them bur people forget they have the radio/tv on and cant always here a buzzer. When we take parcels back we get told off why we take them back.

  22. Hey moronic HDNL Employee, I made sure someone was in all day for my collection, your moronic colleague still managed to not pick it up, I found a card behind the door. If the tosser knocked he must have used a forced akin to a flies fart. If it wasn’t for us ‘moron customers’ you wankers wouldn’t have a job. As for collecting from the depot ‘it’s a fucking DELIVERY/COLLECTION service you idiot, that means you come to our houses DUH, it ain’t rocket science. Then again, looking at some of the drivers of your vans, they have knuckles dragging on the floor.

  23. Missed a delivery yesterday and had a card through the door. Re-scheduled it for delivery today using their automated telephone service. Waited in all day, but no delivery. Called customer services, who said my re-delivery request hadn’t been processed by their system, and that my parcel was still sitting in the depot. Asked why driver didn’t try leaving it with a neighbour and was told he had tried (rubbish: both neighbours had been in all day and nobody called). Discovered that depot is 20 minutes from my house and asked if I could collect today in person. Was told that the depot requires 24h notice for ‘Health & Safety reasons’. I know these guys are not exactly towering intellects, but imagine being so monumentally stupid that you can’t be trusted to open a container during office hours unless one of your colleagues runs you over.

  24. Sorry just have to point out, he’s telling us to go and get things ourselves….thus putting him out of the job? Oh again, if trying to ring the company please checkout saynoto0870.co.uk and ring on a local or free rate. That way they don’t squeeze more money out of you and you get into direct contact with the depot.

  25. Found a parcel on my doorstep first thing this morning – damp but fortumately it had not rained and contents (all electronic) look OK a least. I checked the tracking system which tells me it was delivered at 10.08 pm yesterday. At that time, I was sitting watching the 10’ocock news about 5 yards away from my front door. We have both a bell and a heavy duty door knocker – so there can be no excuse for not trying to let me know. I have complained via Amazon and would like to do so directly to HDNL. However their website does not refer to any complaints policies or procedures. In my experience, all good companies do provide such information.

  26. I too have had bad experiences with HDNL. So I found it interesting hearing about the post above of someoen who actually worked for them, called up by a temping agency. So they don’t use full time drivers and out source to meet demand. Maybe that’s how they keep their costs low, which is why others use them.

    The key point was in your own post you arrived at one job at 8:30pm, which is late by the way, you were supposed to be at your last one by 7pm. You rely purely on a sat nav and don’t have a back up Ato Z apparently and you yourself showed they gave you inadequate training and sent you on your way. As a result you had to back track many times which put you behind schedule and you missed 2 deliveries because you couldn’t find the place.

    Basically you just proved how awful they are, untrained drivers called in to fill gaps with no care as to the quality they do. Oh and to the other post, when you fail deliveries you get ‘shout at’, maybe if they docked your wages we’d get our deliveries on time.

    HDNL by far worst courier in existence, bar none. Try finding similar forums about companies not linked to them.

  27. I also have had a problem with the company, my parcel is
    ment to be being returned to the original source as apperently it
    was scanned return to sender by mistake. Mistake what a joke yet
    the sender not recieved it yet and there been no update on the
    track and trace from the 24th december, However so many lies and
    everything later still no sign of parcel now one know’s where it
    is. I THINK THE LIARS HAVE STOLEN IT OVER 500.00 worth of stuff.
    There so rude on the phone then have cheek to tell you that you can
    not speak to a manager and that you should stop shouting at them,
    Anyway still no closer to finding out where my parcel is. They have
    a head office number search this on google there not much more help
    but if we all complain maybe we can make a difference.

  28. Update on Parcel looks like they have been fibs all the
    way. However a break threw at last. forget the monkeys go staight
    to the top, here is the telephone number i called looks like after
    all there mistakes i may still get my parcel these people are very
    helpful. visit saynoto0870.com all numbers can be found here from
    head office to the depots themselves, the numbers that do not
    exsist apparently……………. just search where is says search
    alterenitve numbers put DNHL and they all pop up better still there
    not even 0845 or 0871 numbers. tel 01512908501 excusive head

  29. An update, looks like I was right from word go someon e has
    stolen my parcel more or less confirmed today………………..
    what they said it they do not know where it is, could have been
    misplaced, lost or even sent to the Isle of Man, Reading between
    the lines it has been stolen. So these People are not only Liars
    but Thiefs as well something really needs to be done about this

  30. Just to let you know, HDNL are still throwing parcels over gates in Reading. I sent my daughter a gift fro Amazon. It was out on the HDNL van in the Reading area all day. There was someone in all day. Some time after 9pm it was thrown over the back gate into a pool of mud! The parcel was clearly marked KINDLE with care etc. It was only by chance that I checked to see if it had been delivered and rang my daughter, who then went outside to find that the delivery person had not even tried to ring the doorbell but had just thrown it over a high back gate onto a muddy concrete path. This is not a case of being out when a parcel is expected but of a driver who is too lazy to ring a doorbel !!!!

  31. Having read many of the post regarding HDNL service it is quite clear that many of the recipients have had a poor service. In fact it is also obvious that some have had hardly any service at all. However, to make sweeping, derogatory generalisations about the company and its employees I feel is neither accurate or helpful.
    The company has a lrage workforce and is responsible for delivering many millions of parcels each year. To suggest that it and its employees is totally useless is irrational and consequently not accurate.
    Clearly very company makes mistakes, it is inevitable and I would be very surprised if all the posters haven’t made mistakes at work sometimes. Some more than others.
    I have just completed a period of employment as a temporary driver with the company and can assure you all that I cannot relate to many of the negative comments. Whilst employed with HDNL I found the drivers to be hard working, bright and well motivated. They have a very difficult job to do under what is ever increasing pressure and in sometimes harsh, (and dangerous) conditions. In fact, many times I have wondered just how they manage to deliver that number of parcels. I think the answer can only be through hard work. I know I worked hard, was never rude to people and always tried my best to get the parcel to the right person.
    Actually, my main gripe was always delivering to houses where the occupiers had not bothered to attach either a house number or a house name. You might be surprised how many properties, ( including very expensive ones) do not have this facility.
    Howver, I do agree with the the posters who state that it is unaccepatble for the company to not have either a telephone number or complaints procedure. This does seem to be a helpful element that is lacking.
    In summary, please do not tar all with the same brush even if you have a genuine complaint. I know I certainly treated cutsomers individually – and politely!

  32. im rather pissed off at HDNL im waitin for a package to come i paid 1st day delivery on and no sign yet i ordered it thursday its now monday and it may only have been a few days but surely they gat paid for deliverin this stuff so why the fuck dont they do their jobs properly and as for the customers walkin to the shops to pick it up how about the HDNL poxy fuckin employers walk and deliver it here they get paid we dont. Get it fuckin sorted wankers

  33. A response to Michael Ives. As you rightly state you cannot make sweeping comments however this is company wide, my experience using them as a service for my business I held on as long as I could. I had 3 different area managers, ALL incompetent and ALL could not do the job properly.

    We moved office in this time switching depots, both depots were as bad as each other.

    So yes you cannot make sweeping statements as there will (to flip your comment round) always be individuals who are up to the task as you seem to be in this case, however as with yourself you were a temp. They get their prices down using temp unqualified drivers and sometimes get lucky with the odd golden nugget who cares but on the whole they wree very bad and I used them long enough to know.

    No one wants to switch souriers and even though they were the cheapest service I could find and I negotiate hard with my delivery companies, the cost in poor service greatly out weighed any savings.

    Since switching I have seen my customer service issues with delivery drop to near none, previously I was overwhelmed by it. Cost savings are massive and easily out weigh the extra cost of courier to have someone who can do their job.

    I used to have to check or call HDNL EVERY DAY, my new courier I realised today I had forgotten to do my routine track and trace check on my parcels as I never get complaints.

    It is a simple job. Pick up packages, put them in boxes, load on van and ring a door bell. My new courier proves it is that simple, HDNL prove they are incompetent. Worst company I have ever had the mispleasure to deal with and yes they are rude, especially the depots.

  34. I was a hdnl driver! Its all good people complaining about there parcels being left, but at the end of the day being a parcel courier isnt exactly the easiest job in the world especially when u have timed orders to deliver!
    Its simple make sure u are home to receive ur goods or get a saturday delivery arranged! The drivers have every right to come onto this blog and explain the situation, until u have been a delivery driver u will never understand some of the pressures we have to go through all in the name of customer service

  35. It’s all well and good saying ‘be at home’ when they arrive. I was at home, by the time I got to the door he’d already gone. No info written on the card except on circle around..a signature is required. I may not be the fastest mover at 6 months pregnant, but I moved as fast as I could. It’s not difficult to wait a few seconds for the person to answer the door.

  36. quite amusing your website is actually advertising parcel delivery companies that use yodel(parcel to go)the reason all these companies use any delivery service is all about profit,They dont care about customer service,they have no regard for the customers or the over worked drivers,just abou their money.

  37. It’s unbelievably hard isn’t it? You order a parcel and damn! It doesn’t get delivered in the half an hour you’re in your house during normal business hours. God darn it! If only all deliveries occurred between 8.00am and 8.30am! If only there was a way to get your item dispatched to a different address that you might actually occupy for most of the working day. What’s that you say? The function called “Dispatch to a different address”? The function that most retailers such as Amazon, Tesco etc provide? God no? Surely you don’t think? Oh no….Yes, I am afraid so. I have never in my life worked for a company that doesn’t allow it’s employees to order personal products to their place of work. No wonder half of these complaints are in broken Jeremy Kyle-esque pig English, idiots.

    A UPS driver.

  38. It saddens me and shocks me that at a time of economic hardship, and at a time that all companies and individuals of working age are feeling the pinch, that such stories continue to plague the Home Delivery Network. It equally saddens me to see ’employees’ of the company, openly attacking customers, calling them names, insulting the very people that inadvertently pay their wages, AND give enough information to the wider internet public which can reveal their identities to their employers.
    In relation to the contents of HDNL employees comments on this site, as a customer I am extremely concerned; And thanks to such comments, I have printed off all comments and information relating to the employees on this site, and I have already initiated a senior management complaint to the HDNL\Yodel board with a view to identifying the individuals who are stupid enough to tarnish the company name, and for the appropriate action to be taken against them.

    It is not acceptable for an employee of ANY company to openly and with such verocity attack the customers of their employer. Perhaps if these individuals (One of whom has been very vocal and has confirmed he works at the Heathfield Bovey Tracey depot) had an ounce of sense in their brains, they would value the fact they have jobs at these times, and refrain from such behaviour rather than bring their company into such disrepute.

    I can confirm an investigation is already underway at HDNL, and rest assured that as and when (and they WILL) these employees are identified, the appropriate action will be taken against them.

    Thank you.

  39. I have had many many deliveries from HDN/Yodel, and they often disappoint. And it’s not always the drivers. I had to wait 3 weeks for a parcel to be delivered, it was a birthday present which, when it arrived, was 2 weeks too late.
    The driver parcel took 1 week to deliver, but it was to the wrong house. It took a further week to get a date to arrange for the driver to collect it from the wrong address. I then got a call on a Tuesday to say the driver will collect it Wed, and it will be available for me to collect by Thurs ( I offered to collect so it would not go missing again!) I went to collect on Sat AM, and arrived to be told that my parcel was not there, and the driver hadn’t even been notified to collect it from the wrong address. I was fuming, I just had to walk out of the office otherwise I would have exploded at the assistants. They then called me on Monday to say the have the parcel and they would delivert that afternoon.

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