HDNL driver wants comment removed

Ever since I first posted a solitary blog about the idiot at Home Delivery Network, now called Yodel, who launched a parcel over my gate on that fateful cold, wet Manchester evening this website has been bombarded with quite literally thousands of comments from dissatisfied customers and unsavoury delivery drivers.

Some of the drivers have been abusive, sinking to the depths of racism against customers who’s names appear to be of ethnic origin, and some have even been open and honest about the poor infrastructure at HDNL, blaming their impossible workloads for the poor service.

One such driver recently emailed asking for comments to be removed, even though what he had said was, in my opinion, fair comment. He asked:

Please can you delete my comment i made on 23rd october as i have been in trouble at work for making a comment. Thanks.

Of course, he hadn’t actually said what his comment was, or on what post it was made, so it took a while to find it – there have been many HDNL posts and thousands of comments about them. Anyhow, find it I did, and this is what he had said here.

All i can say is – Ive worked for HDN for several weeks now. Every morning at 6am it is madness, at the Wrexham depot we have 70 vans where only 16 fit in the depot so you can imagine the cue outside of all the vans waiting to load! They do their upmost to get every parcel out and delivered. The company has just invested £11m on a new system called Quinteg which tells the company where every parcel is and where the exactly the property is and what parcel is to be posted / collected on time and most importantly making sure the drivers do their job properly! They have also bought the other courier company DHL so together they will become one big company called YODEL. The Wrexham depot is also increasing in size to fit all vans on and they have just won contracts with M&S, Tesco and Argos. So…before you go knocking the HDN..watch this space….a massive improvement 🙂

Now what’s wrong with that? His comment is almost intelligent when compared to comments from other drivers, such as ‘Redman Nottm’ who threatened to knock off someone’s ‘wrag head’ for complaining about a delivery.

Good on Welshlloydy for his comments – it’s a shame more weren’t as honest as him.

Now, while I’m on about HDNL, listen up because I’ll only say this once. I have something to say in their defence… I know, make sure you’re sitting down. While there’s no excuse for the language and offensive nature of their drivers on this website, you can excuse the level of frustration they must feel dealing with ‘some’ customers if a recent email I received was anything to go by. I actually received an email, to MrDaz.com, from someone complaining about the fact they kept getting parcels meant for another address.

And no, they weren’t trying to enlist the help of a blogger to expose the mistake… they believed this website WAS Home Delivery Network.


The email read:

Mr Daz Enquiry: Wrong Delivery Address

I seem to be getting a delivery always for Thomson of 48 ******** Street Helensburgh. The delivery van on two occasion this week left at card at my door which my house clearly states “Arden” which is part of my address of 46 ********* Street no house number shows because of a Ivy tree that grows around the pillar. Your delivery person has broken this tree down in order to look at the house number. I am extremely angry as this tree is part of my feature to the entrance of the house. Please make sure that the delivery address for the Thompson’s should have all the appropriate delivery instructions. I will also in turn speak the the Tompsons of 48 ********* Street, they should also be using their house name. I will also send you on your reply a photo of the damage tree. I can be contacted on ***********. I would appreciate a reply soon. Yours Truly, Maria ****** ****

Please do send the photo Maria; I’d love to see it out of curiosity.

Darren Jamieson

Darren Jamieson, aka MrDaz, is the Technical Director and co-founder of Engage Web and has been working online in a career spanning two decades. His first website was built in 1998 and is still live today.

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