HDNL Complaints

The delivery company Home Delivery Network (HDNL), who deliver for Internet retailer Amazon, have managed to annoy a great many people online. My posts on the subject have received hundreds of comments from outraged customers and idiotic, vulgar and racist drivers for HDNL alike. Most of the customers have been trying in vain to get hold of someone at HDNL to locate their delivery, but there is no phone number on the company’s website.

Luckily, I have it. The phone number for HDNL is 08448 111 816 – but don’t expect to get anywhere when you phone it.

One thing I did notice in Google when I searched for HDNL (besides this very website of course) was the website reviewcentre.com. Anyone who runs a dodgy business like HDNL will know all about reviewcentre.com, the website shows up on the first page of Google for searches on every dodgy company you can think of (try it ;)).

The funny thing about the site is that when companies like HDNL get listed on there, and get awful reviews from their customers, they all tend to react the same way. They go onto the website themselves and submit fake reviews of their business, with really obvious made up comments. You can tell they’re fake because the real reviews all give them 0/10, whereas the staff of HDNL give themselves 10/10… that’s quite a discrepancy!

Plus, the idiotic staff of HDNL who have reviewed their own company have all tended to add reviews as ‘guest’ writers, rather than having the good sense to create an account, log in and write a few genuine reviews for other companies before spamming their own listing.

Don’t any companies know how to perform reputation management online?

I guess not.

So again, if you want to complain to HDNL, you can ring the Home Delivery Network phone number: 08448 111 816. Mention this website for extra annoyance factor!

Darren Jamieson, aka MrDaz, is the Technical Director and co-founder of Engage Web and has been working online in a career spanning two decades. His first website was built in 1998 and is still live today.

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279 thoughts on “HDNL Complaints”

  1. Completely pissed off, hdnl are utter shite! I checked the tracker to find: “loaded on the van” update later that day saying it is back in the depot, i was home all day waiting for it, no knock, no card no nothing. Online companies really need to stop using hdnl, so many people have slagged the company off its obvious they don’t know how to do their job. I see people who post here saying “i work for hdnl, we try are best stop fucking complaining and you come and do a 12 hour work shift” these people really need to get there head out of there ass, I would love to have a fucking job and I know damn well I could do better than these fucking idiots. Now I’m without my parcel from BANK which means I am now fucked because I don’t have any decent shoes to wear to town. I spend £53 on a new pair and I expect them to be delivered, I will be putting a complaint into BANK aswell.

    Moral of the story? HDNL: useless fucking pricks.

  2. I am not sure where you are getting your info, but good topic. I needs to spend some time finding out much more or figuring out more. Thank you for wonderful information I used to be on the lookout for this info for my mission.

  3. I have parcels delivered regularly by HDNL and it must be a different company to the one you complain about.

    They have been late once in the last 2 years (deliverys roughly twice a month) and that was because of the heavy snow – we couldn’t get out so I don’t expect them to be able to get in.

    It has been the same driver who is always polite, friendly and helpful. When I’ve rung the depot (having found the local number rather than 0870 one) the depot staff are equally helpful and polite.

    I don’t doubt some people have genuine complaints, but don’t tar them all with the same brush.

  4. i work 4 this shower!!! drivers under 2 much preasure 2 cover 2 big a area!! its all down 2 senior managers trying 2 save there own arse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they dont listen 2 there own employees so i dont hold out much hope 4 any-body else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Just to say that I’ve just had a parcel from Republic delivered by HDNL on time, no hassle.

    Did a search as I’d never heard of them, found this website and got a bit worried. It turns out that I needn’t have been.

    Got an email from Republic saying my parcel was on the way, gave me tracking details. The information was clear and said my parcel was with the driver.

    I even got a text saying it’d be delivered between 9.30 and 12.30 and received it at 11.45.

  6. hello guys i work for hdnl/yodel and all the others as a customer service advisor,we at the call centre have a very hard job as we rely on drivers being honest and actually trying to deliver.what i will say is alot of customers totally lie and give us dogs abuse which sometimes is understanable if they need there parcel asap.

    there is a number of reasons why your parcel might not be delivered acts of god etc accidents on roads or drivers actually crashing etc can cause delay of a parcel.i do apolgise that you have had bad experiences of the company and when you ring us im sure we will sort the best possible option for you guys.

    also you always hear the bad storys most of are customers are very happy with the service.i do apolgise to the people that have had bad experiences.



  8. Did a search for “HDNL Complaints” and discovered this site – Most amusing reading!

    As for my own experiences… I’ve just had a “delivery” which didn’t happen. Managed to contact my local HDNL depot, who spoke to the driver who swears blind it was delivered to MY address, over the white door besides the front door.
    “That doesn’t describe MY house”, I tell them.

    So, I walk up and down the street, and find out that the parcel (a box maybe 20 inches by 12 inches by 8 inches) has been dropped over the top of a SIX foot garden door, at a house 4 house up from me.
    The driver has no idea what is IN the box, but is happy to drop it over a 6ft door, into the garden onto a hard path.

    Of course, there’s no-one IN, so I can’t get the parcel.

    All this time, I’m talking to the lady at the depot.
    “Ooh, that was a bit naughty of the driver. I’ll ask him not to do that again”.
    “So what if I can’t get the parcel back this evening?” I ask.
    “Well, the driver will have to come out tomorrow, and climb over the doorway to retrieve it”.


    The same company has also previously delivered a parcel, but rather than knock the door (again, I was in all day), decided to leave it inside the green wheely bin. No note posted thru the door to say it’s there.
    Late that evening, I’m putting the wheely bins out for collection by the binmen early the next morning, and I happen to glance into the bin, to see how full it was.
    Imagine my surprise to find the parcel inside.

    Pure luck that it didn’t go into the crusher…!

  9. Got to be honest – we have loads of deliveries from this outfit and they are usually OK. Just had a delivery from Amazon (regular driver out of Stoke) and no problems at all – in fact about 6 days earlier that the Amazon supersaver estimate. I think this problem occurs with all courier companies, probably through drivers being pushed to do many deliveries in a given time. With DHL I recently had a “customer not in” experience when I was actually looking out through the front window at the claimed attempted delivery time. Best thing about Royal Mail is that they will leave at the local Post Office, although again unbelievably they will leave parcels in our recycling bins (recently lost something – will never really know what now – that way whilst we were on holiday). I guess these guys are on pretty poor wages too, which won’t exactly motivate, you get what you pay for ….
    So it’s not all bad news with HDNL and thumbs up to the Stoke depot in general.

  10. It is currently 17:53, I have not recieved my package from Amazon (delivery courtesy of HDNL).

    29/09/2011 23:06:00 DROITWICH2 The parcel has been sorted at our hub
    30/09/2011 06:38:00 ST NEOTS DEPOT The parcel has been received into depot
    30/09/2011 08:59:00 ST NEOTS VAN The parcel has been loaded on to the drivers van

    Package has been in the van since 9am, 9 hours ago pretty much. Have had 1 delivery today (courtesy of UPS) which were prompt and pleasent. I am sick of waiting for my package to arrive. This company is a complete shambles! What sort of courier service do they think they are? After reading a lot of the complaints on here, I can safely assume that IF my package ever arrives, I should greet the courier with a banana and a tire swing. Seems like monkeys working for this company!

  11. still no response from hdnl…..i still do not know what has happened to my parcel……..any ideas as to who i contact (tried loads)………..is there a phone number of a human being………any help would be appreciated.

    Many thanks…….Paul

  12. I have just tracked a parcel I didn’t even know I was waiting for, until today!! (open uni materials) It states they have been to my house on 9 different occasions when nobody has been in and they left a card!! I have no cards, not even 1. Apparently they even attempted delivery this morning at 7.02am. That’s funny as I have a 16 month old son who was up since 6am!! What i find astounding is that all the delivery times are between 5.30am – 7.30am. Where else would I be with a young baby???? Found a number on their site (took forever to find)!! Will ring tomorrow and see what s**t they reel off. I wouldn’t usually slate a company, like I said i didn’t know a parcel was on it’s way until I went on OU site tonight but why lie?? Clearly nobody has been here & there’s plenty of places they could have left it if they had been! RANT OVER 🙂

  13. This is apparently what has been going on with my parcel!! Surely you’d give up delivering after a few attempts and leave a card to reschedule????

    Delivery tried,awaiting instruction 27/10/11 07:21 GATESHEAD SERVICE CENTRE
    Delivery tried,awaiting instruction 26/10/11 07:02 GATESHEAD SERVICE CENTRE
    Delivery tried,awaiting instruction 25/10/11 06:23 GATESHEAD SERVICE CENTRE
    Delivery tried,awaiting instruction 24/10/11 06:30 GATESHEAD SERVICE CENTRE
    Delivery tried,awaiting instruction 22/10/11 07:43 GATESHEAD SERVICE CENTRE
    Delivery tried,awaiting instruction 21/10/11 06:28 GATESHEAD SERVICE CENTRE
    Scanned as part of secure process 20/10/11 GATESHEAD SERVICE CENTRE
    Parcel returned to delivery depot 20/10/11 13:06 GATESHEAD SERVICE CENTRE
    Held – Awaiting Booking-In Date 20/10/11 11:15 GATESHEAD SERVICE CENTRE
    No One To Receive Card Left 19/10/11 10:07 GATESHEAD HOME DELIVERY
    No One To Receive Card Left 18/10/11 09:11 GATESHEAD HOME DELIVERY
    No One To Receive Card Left 13/10/11 16:20 GATESHEAD HOME DELIVERY
    Parcel with courier for delivery 13/10/11 GATESHEAD HOME DELIVERY
    Out for delivery 13/10/11 08:41 GATESHEAD HOME DELIVERY
    Passed to delivery courier 13/10/11 05:56 GATESHEAD SERVICE CENTRE
    Arrived At Depot 13/10/11 05:42 GATESHEAD SERVICE CENTRE
    Departed Depot 12/10/11 19:45 HATFIELD TERMINAL
    Arrived At Depot 12/10/11 19:42 HATFIELD TERMINAL
    Parcel data received awaiting coll. 12/10/11 NORTHAMPTON SERVICE CENTRE

  14. OK, so i actually HATE HDNL with a passion… i order from littlewoods and unfortunately HDNL work with them. Ive always had problems…simply because the drivers seem to be so damn lazy they dont even bother leaving their van and pressing 4 buttons on the intercom to deliver my parcel. I am actually sitting at home waiting for them to deliver a parcel they should have delivered over a week ago…. and each time, the driver hasnt even bother pressing those 4 buttons to ring the intercom…. this is 8th attempt. So far it hasnt even been loaded onto the van but they have assured me it will be delievered today. Also, doesnt help that this parcel was a birthday present, which is why i paid like £6 to have it delivered on a specific day… that birthday has passed and my partner is still waiting for his present. I am sick of taking time off work, ive lost a weeks pay already through their w****r drivers laziness. And if i hear “ill get a manager to call you back” once more i will punch someone. Anyone know who the ombudsman is for HDNL?? As they reckon they dont have to tell me and wont. P*** takers is an understatement

  15. The biggest issue for me is a fundamental problem with HDNL’s (myyodel?) business model.

    They will turn up (often unannounced) sometime between 7am and 7pm. Guess what, people have lives and might well not be in.

    I ordered something the other day. It’s too large to fit in my car so it needs to be delivered in a van. I had no idea who would be used to deliver but it seems HDNL tried to deliver (unannounced) sometime between 3pm and 7pm on a Saturday – I’m guessing at the time because there was no card when we went out and there was a card when we returned.

    We rearranged for today. My wife has been in since 7am – no sign of them yet. She’ll have to go pick up the kids from school soon. Not something she can choose not to do. HDNL are no help – in this day and age can they really not have any idea where their vans are? Surely they’re all hooked up to some GPS system?

    If we were told the driver was 5 miles away, my wife could hang on. If we’re told he’s 50 miles away, she knows she has chance to go pick up the kids. If we have no idea then she may well not be in.

    And in that case, the driver will have to stop by again. That must cost money.

    Whay do amazon and like use a firm which appears determined to irritate their customers?

  16. why do all these big companys use this s..t company home delivery .littlewood use them .i have had four times my parcel not delived ..each time they said no one is in … home delivery also work with yodel . yodel is the same the deliver parcel for argos but the do the same ”” this is a qustion to yhese companys why dont you get out off your office and do some work checking your drivers .

  17. Hi all, I have been buying online for 4 years and have had hundreds of items in all shapes,sizes and prices delivered to my door.
    In all that time I only ever had one hiccup, and that was with my first ever purchase. I got hit with the old “you were out and we left a card” excuse. Of course no card was ever found but it does not matter as I called them and arranged another delivery next day which arrived OK.

    That was with “City-Link” but I have had all the couriers deliver to me in the 4yr period including HDNL and have always been satisfied with the service. I have had PC’s, laptops, large screen LCD TV’s and games consoles to name a few of the more fragile items I got dropped off to me, and I have also never received a damaged product (touch wood)

    I am just waiting for a set of Razer Megalodon Gaming Headset from Amazon for my sons christmas. It was part of a bigger order but these came from Germany for some reason.
    HDNL delivered the other items in the order very quickly but I just checked the tracking online and it said the item was back in the depot after being out for delivery today! I called HDNL up and was told driver could not gain entry to the building so I arranged another delivery for tomorrow so here’s hoping.

    I guess what I am saying is by far the majority of drivers are good hard working folk that get tarred with the same brush as the other guys who try and take short cuts to make their quota for the week or whatever.

    It is true what they say about “no news is good news” as it is a fact that no one starts a blog to tell the world that their “3 pack of Y-front briefs” arrived on time do they now??!


  18. I am really disappointed HDNL.
    They are obviously very busy at this time of year but do think they have bitten off more they can chew taking on new clients from big businesses. I have have called company several times and keep getting told different stories. Promises that are not met! I work full time and so arranged for parcel to be sent to Aunt’s house, she has had to wait in 3 days straight bless her and still no parcel! And they are still unable to even give an estimate of when they will deliver my parcel.
    I cant understand why it would take a full 48 hours to search for a parcel unless it is disorganised chaos at the depots.
    At end of day, if its lost just let me know so I can sort something else out other wise I’m going to have one very disappointed husband on xmas day without a pressie!!

  19. Hi, despite my many purchases and good experience with shopping online with Amazon, I have to say that HDNL are RUDE, INCOMPETENT and should not be in the delivery business. I ordered an Internet Tablet on 8th Dec with a delivery estimate: 15 Dec 2011. Information on Amazon.co.uk says the item has been dispatched. However I tracked the package online and through the Home delivery network website which stated that the item had an Arrival Scan at the Wembley Depot on 12th December. So I waited in all day on the 15th dec, and no one turned up and no phone call. I called them, to be told that the item was not loaded on the van as they have too many packages to deliver. I was told that it would be marked as “urgent” and delivered the next day. So I waited in for another day…. and guess what, no one turned up and no phone call. So I called the Wembley branch to actually inquire about picking the item up myself, but I was told that the item has NOT been located as of yet and therefore no point coming down, and that someone would ring me back. No one rang me back. So the next day (17 Dec) I called them in the morning to be told that wait until 10 O’clock as the drivers are loading, so I told them I’ll just drive down to the depot if I dont hear anything by then…….They called me at 9.59 saying “your item is lost” you need to contact Amazon …At this point my blood is boiling. WORD OF WARNING TO ANYONE BUYING FROM AMAZON, IF YOU SEE HDNL ON YOUR DELIVERY ORDER, DO NOT ORDER IT…..

  20. Hi guys,

    I saw this and my heart immediately fell. I ordered a phone from ASDA direct, the HTC evo 3D none the less. It was to be delivered by HDNL yesterday!! On my Birthday as I specified named day delivery. Nothing showed up and now I have lost all faith in the company. I don’t even get any tracking information. Thanks to the site Parcel2Go.com I know it is at the depot, and it arrived on the 30th!! And still nothing. If I ever see HDNL as my courier again I think I might rethink my decision on purchasing it. This has been an awful experience and ruined a perfectly good day.

  21. Mr DAZ, brilliant forum, thanks for creating it.

    I recieved a parcel from Amazon, delivered by HDNL yesterday(Saturday) at about 10:00am. Guaranteed for Sat delivery – so that was VERY GOOD (Excellent in fact as we are a named house that is not easy to find). Three of us were in and the bell did not ring – instead the driver forced the parcel through my letterbox, breaking it in the process – so that is VERY BAD

    I am in the early stages of trying to get a replacement paid for. I found this site in the process of scratching around.

    I have had issues with other companies before, not just HDNL (although I think they top the league table). I would say that there will always be a few problems and, as many people have said in their reviews, people will always complain but will rarely spend the time to praise. So even a 98% satisfaction rate for tens of thousands of parcels delivered every week, can look bad if the 2% of failures number in the thousands.

    HOWEVER, the real test of these companies is how well they deal with the complaints and issues when they arise. And, when you cannot find contact details on the paperwork or even the websites, that is a very worrying start. In the case of items ordered through Amazon and delivered by a third party (e.g. HDNL), the customers (me/you) contract is with Amazon and it is their LEGAL reponsibility to sort it out, irrespective of whatever 3rd party supply-chain is in place that results in the item getting into your hands. Amazon do have a complaints system that works and sometimes you have to be persistent to make it work for you.

    I am a DPD delivery driver and I sympathise with both the drivers comments on this site and the customers (being both). Some customers can be a pain in the ass – and so can some drivers. On the whole, the assholes are in the minority.

    However, I do not sympathise with call centre/customer service comments – my view is that they sit on their backsides in their ivory towers and have little or no idea what goes on in the outside world of the companies that they represent. Each time that I have to try and deal with them to get something resolved (such as now) I dread the forthcoming experience.

    Amazon do try to help – but often only after you get someone to talk to at supervisory level.

    I wish you, me, all of us, luck in our forthcoming battles!

  22. Hi All,

    Was expecting delivery yesterday. Didn’t turn up. ‘Unable to deliver no access to property’. Now i’m a fair man but when someone lies to me, I dunno. I feel kinda angry. No access? THE ROADS ALL AROUND ARE FUCKING CLEAR!!!! ON my door are BUTTONS. Press them!!!!

    Now I don’t like being made angry by blatant lies. Afterthoughts. Any ANY COMPETENT driver, with a desire to do his fucking job, in an event there were issues, would call the person…

    I called up the wembely depot this morning. What a fucking idiot. The fact he’s a customer service agent, is fucking laughable. He has no cs skills what so ever. The fact he managed to pick up is a complete joke.

    I asked him twice about the issue, the delivery issue and he didn’t answer. He just asked for a ton of info and said it’d be delivered today. Well, it had better be. If it’s not I’m going to ram my foot up their fucking ass. Do. Your. Fucking. Job. You think you’re the only ones that go through shit you complete and utter retards?…Idiots.

  23. Fucking HDNL, Yodel whatever they call themselves. No delivery, no card, no information on their cunting website. Whats the point of paying for next day when HDNL have a mission to fuck that up. So to mr chairman of HDNL your a cunt as are your children and your mother…..

  24. Hopeless Delivery Network Ltd !!

    Ordered small part from Eurocar parts, HDNL lost it despite confirming it was in their depot. New part sent 24 hr delivery but 3 days later, Ican see it has been loaded onto their van twice and returned to depot twice. We were in both days.
    No notification of anysort.
    Wouldn’t recommend any company to use them.

  25. Been ordering stuff off Amazon for a while now and on checking back, every item has been delivered by Parcelforce/Royal mail with no problems. Noticed my recent order on thursday of this week, for saturday delivery, was to be sent by HDL. Waited in all day saturday as the update on their site was ‘out for delivery’ @ 08.49. Was in the front garden from 09:00 to 12:30 and when checking on status…’delivery attempted @ 11.00′.Lying twats. Checked later @ 20:00 and yet again ‘delivery attempted @19.01’. Again, lying twats as I’d been in the front room with my daughter from 16:00 onwards. No cards…nothing.Why? Because they didn’t attempt delivery, that’s why .I’ve even got video evidence that no one came to my house at those times or half an hour either side of those times. What a bunch of lying tossers they are. To all the workers on here saying we should feel sorry for the delivery drivers….fuck off. I paid a premium for a saturday delivery. I’m not going to waste my time on monday morning ringing up for a supposed redelivery. I’m going to let them send the item back to Amazon and then ring Amazon and demand that the item is resent by Royal mail/Parcelforce because HDL can’t be trusted. HDL….you pay peanuts, you get monkeys, or lying imbeciles in this case..

  26. Ordered a new DVD player on boxing day from Amazon and PAID EXTRA for GUARANTEED DELIVERY by Fri Dec 28th. The parcel was dispatched from Amazon on boxing day and HDNL updated the tracking status to “Borehamwood Depot Arrival Scan – 27 December 2012 1:20:00 AM”. Since then nothing has changed.

    I chatted to HDNL staff on Sat Dec 29th, requesting an update of the status of my parcel. The customer service rep didn’t have any more information but said they would request a “rescan and delivery” of the parcel. Today is Friday Jan 4th and I still haven’t seen or heard anything about this parcel.

    I have been in contact with Amazon (I must say I’m very impressed by their response times and efficiency). They have organised a new parcel for me to be delivered by tomorrow. Hopefully it won’t be delivered by HDNL this time, because then it’s GUARANTEED NOT TO DELIVER by tomorrow.

    I expect a lot more from a “delivery” company. They even have all the information available in their systems. How about monitoring the amount of parcels being stuck with status “arrival scan” in a depot somewhere. Surely you could automatically monitor this and take action to resolve any issue a lot quicker.

    I have just signed the following petition to get Amazon to stop using HDNL…


  27. Ahhh the smile of revenge and stupid HDNL drivers…
    Been waiting for three days past delivery date for a couple of parcels…no surprise nothing has come, so today i said i am not staying in today i have a life that doesnt evolve around them….anyway i have 5 German Shepherds who have free run on my land, there is a 6ft fence and gate to the side of my property that clearly states “Do Not Enter Guard Dogs “…who in the right mind doesnt go to the main door of a house, who would be so dumb to just reach over and unbolt a locked gate and let themselves in ???????
    The stupid HDNL driver thats who, guess i am to blame for him being 4 hours behind on his deliveries as the dogs wouldnt let him out again…so a big sorry to anyone i may have caused an extra wait to but hell im smiling and i hope you are to……..

  28. Went on to amazon to track my order which was supposed to be delivered 1/5/14 to find the tracking said tried to deliver at 1 30 pm on that day and left a card to say so bullshit I was in all day and yes you have guessed it no card in letter box either how does this company get away with this because some van driver can’t be bothered if I did my work as bad as this I would expect to be sacked there should be a enquiry into these cowboys

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